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In The Mailbox: 10.29.21 (Afternoon Edition)

Posted on | October 29, 2021 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 10.29.21 (Afternoon Edition)

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Before I get into this, I have a question: is it worth it to the Loyal Commentariat for me to do these catch-up link dumps with day-old news and opinions, or should I just do the daily posts and if I miss one, I miss one? E-mail or comment with your opinion.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Prosecutors Hate Self-Defense
EBL: How Are Things Between Jill & Kamala?
Twitchy: Adam Kinzinger’s Retirement From Congress Isn’t As Stunning & Brave As He Wants People To Think
Louder With Crowder: School Board Member Takes Kids On Field Trip To Gay Bar
Vox Popoli: “The Infernal Ideology”, They Are Monsters, and They Are Here To Destroy

American Conservative: Resurrect The Powell Doctrine
American Greatness: Is This The End Of The Republic?, The Ignoble Lie, and Va. Mom Says Federal Agents Infiltrated School Board Meeting
American Thinker: Navigating The Culture Wars – The Anti-Woke Rebellion, also, Why I Fear Red Chinese Dominance
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Other-State Politics News
Babalu Blog: Fidel’s Grandson Reopens Luxury Apartheid Capitalist Nightclub, The Cuban Hindu Goddess of Violent Repression, and Pope Francis – A True Believer In Cuba’s Communist Dictatorship
Baldilocks: Air Power
BattleSwarm: Supply Chain Update For October 28
Behind The Black:  Today’s Blacklisted American, Starliner Delays Have Cost Boeing Another $185 Million, and Major Solar Flare
Cafe Hayek: Avoid This Reductio
CDR Salamander: The Fine Line Between A Lie, Spin, And Your Soul, also, Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Where I Disagree With Trump’s Letter To The WSJ, also, The WuFlu Pandemic Is Creating A Zombie Apocalypse
Don Surber: Dear Bill Kristol – We’re Not A Democracy, also, School Takes Elementary Kids To Gay Bar
First Street Journal: Lexington On Pace For Record-Breaking 38 Murders In 2021
Gates Of Vienna: A Maverick Among Socialists, Mayhem In Ramallah-On-The-Spree, and Weaponizing Behavioral Psychology
The Geller Report: Fla. Has Lowest COVID Rate In America, also, NIH Covers Fauci’s Ass
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Two Views Of M83, and Taxing Unrealized Capital Gains
Hollywood In Toto: SNL Legend Schools Woke Reporter, also, Russell Brand On CNN – “You Can’t Use This As A News Source”
The Lid: This Halloween, Please Don’t Give To Terrorist-Supporting UNICEF
Legal Insurrection: Gen. Milley Finally Concerned With Chicom Hypersonic Missiles, CNN Frantically Carries McAuliffe’s Water In Final Days Of Dead-Heat Va. Governors’ Race, and RI Mom Nicole Solas Tells NSBA “We Don’t Want You In Our Schools Any More”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Halloween Reflections
Outkick: Every World Series Since 1982 Has Featured A Teammate Of John Smoltz, NBA Running Scared Of NFL On Thursdays, and Astros Even World Series With 7-2 Win In Game 2
Power Line: Hawley Rips Merrick Garland, also, Washington Post Lays An Egg
Shark Tank: “Democrats Don’t Support Veterans’ Choice In Healthcare”
Shot In The Dark: Let’s Go Brandon, You Logistics Whiz, also, Customer Service
The Political Hat: Banned Words In Academia – Freedom, Rigor, & Chinese Virus, also, Artificial Wombs – The Golden Mean For Abortion, Or A Way To Mass Produce Catgirls?
This Ain’t Hell: Politician’s Military Service Questioned, also, Thomas Cole – Phony Urgent Fury Commando
Transterrestrial Musings: Starship
Victory Girls: Amazing Race To Save Democrats’ Spendapalooza Bill
Volokh Conspiracy: Speaker Removed From Orange Co. Fla. School Boar Meeting For Reading From Book Found At School Library
Weasel Zippers: Occasional Cortex Threatens To Sink Biden’s Entire Agenda, U.S. GDP Evaporates To Just 2%, and I’m Hatin’ It – McDonald’s Increases Menu Prices 6% Due To Shortages
The Federalist: Our Degenerate Elites Are Losing Control & Lashing Out, Loudoun County Sheriff Rejected Superintendent’s Insane Plan To Weaponize Police Against Parents, and The School Board “Domestic Terrorism” Dumpster Fire Proves Parents Are Winning
Mark Steyn: Steyn In For Farage Today!

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