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In The Mailbox: 11.02.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

“Tragic Prelude” by John Steuart Curry

357 Magnum: A Restraining Order Is Just A Piece Of Paper
Red Pilled Jew: CDC Recommends Prophylactic Ivermectin For Immigrants & Migrants
EBL: Army of Thieves, also, Racist White Democrats Convict John Brown & Sentence Him To Hang
Twitchy: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Says “Right Wing Majority” On SCOTUS “Completely Illegitimate”, also, Decision Desk HQ Calls Virginia For Youngkin
Louder With Crowder: Before Elon Musk Gives UN $6 Billion, He Wants To Know About That Time UN Officials Demanded Sex From Kids For Food
Vox Popoli: Adjust Your Expectations, also, Monty Python Is Cancelled

Adam Piggott: Not My Church
American Conservative: Scandalous Silence About Red China’s Christians
American Greatness: The WSJ’s Shabby Rebuttal Of Trump Settles Nothing, also, Mediocre Milley Has A “Near Sputnik Moment”
American Power: “Biden’s Crappy Polling Softens, Becomes Loose”
American Thinker: Blame Public Schools For Transgender Bathroom Rapes, also, They Can’t Stand It when We Ridicule Them
Animal Magnetism: Hunt Week Totty Tuesday
Babalu Blog: America Should Remember – The Cubans Playing In The World Series All Defected From Communism, also, Pope Francis Slammed By Miami-Dade Lawmakers For Ignoring The Repression Of Cubans
BattleSwarm: Election Day! Go Vote!
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, Falcon Heavy Gets Another Contract, and Evidence From Nearby White Dwarfs Suggests Rocky Exoplanets Very Alien To Earth
Cafe Hayek: “We Are Facing A Pandemic Of…Compliance & Complacency In A Culture Of Silence, Censorship, & Institutionalized Bullying”
CDR Salamander: Nine Years Is A Long Time
Da Tech Guy: Fr. Leonard Mary Mass & Healing Service At Madonna Of The Holy Rosary Church, November Indulgence Calendars PLUS Big Papal Bonus This Month, and Coddling College Students
Don Surber: Why Twix Did That “Ad”, Why They Fear “Let’s Go Brandon”, and Fauci’s Medical Malpractice
First Street Journal: If You Won’t Pay For The Newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer Thinks You Should Be Taxed To Support It Anyway, also, What, Does Indianapolis Think It’s Chicago?
Gates Of Vienna: Fighting Crime Is WAYCIST!, Clan Wars In Gothenburg’s No-Go Zones, and Was Corona Psychosis Part of The Plan?
The Geller Report: Fauci Funded Research To Graft Aborted Baby Scalps Onto Rats, also, Large Percentage Of GOP Thinks Violence Is Necessary To Fix America
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Trigger Warning, and A Field Guide To Nebulae
Hollywood In Toto: Madonna Slams Cancel Culture, Connects All The Vital Dots In The Process, also, Users Target Home Sweet Home Alone Reboot, Trash Trailer 
The Lid: Saturday Night Deprived – How I Got Banned From Twitter
Legal Insurrection: Christian Student Group Sues University Claiming They Were Punished For Requiring Leaders To Believe In God, also, Univ. Washington Mental Wellness Program Includes Racism & Microaggressions
Nebraska Energy Observer: Reformation Day, also, Their Lips Are Moving
Outkick: Scottie Pippen Calls Out Jordan & Barkley In New Book, Raiders WR Ruggs Charged With DUI Resulting In Death After Early-Morning Car Crash
Power Line: Manchin Digs In, Minneapolis Keeps Its Police Department, and In The Virginia Race – Election Day Edition
Shark Tank: Jason Mariner Wins GOP Primary In FL-20
Shot In The Dark: The Why We War, also, Mostly Peaceful
The Political Hat: Critical Race Theory Vs. The Unwoke Tattletales, also, Gay Bar Trip For Elementary Schoolchildren
This Ain’t Hell: Tuesday With The Libs Of TikTok, WH Veteran Suicide Prevention Plan Pushes “Gun Safety”, and USS Connecticut Collision
Transterrestrial Musings: The Education Crisis
Victory Girls: Cori Bush Calls Joe Manchin A Racist Dictator
Volokh Conspiracy: Abortion Provides Seem Likely To Prevail In Texas SB 8 Case, also, More Shenanigans At Yale Law
Weasel Zippers: Minneapolis Resident On Today’s Vote To Defund The Police – Activists Have “No Clue”, also, Liberals Already Blaming Racism For McAuliffe’s Loss
The Federalist: Yes, It’s Fair To Frame The Loudoun County School Rapes As A Cautionary Tale, also, It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins In Virginia – Democrats Have Already Lost
Mark Steyn: Power & Office, also, The Wokestapo Comes For Margaret Atwood

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