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In The Mailbox: 11.12.21 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

“Nobody will understand this meme with five pictures of Gaige Grosskreuz!”

357 Magnum: Make Victoria Great Again
EBL: U.S. Armed Forces Medley
Twitchy: “It’s ALL Crashing Down”, also, Steve Schmidt Defends The Lincoln Project’s Honor From Kellyanne Conway, Get’s KO’d By Glenn Greenwald’s Falling Mic
Louder With Crowder: 2nd Grader Suspended For Not Wearing Mask 38 Times Tells School Board “I Hope You Go To Jail”
Vox Popoli: Hitting Them Where It Hurts, Three Million Views, and A Glimpse Of The Spy Game
Gab News: The West Is Burning

American Conservative: Peak Anti-Natalism
American Greatness: Rittenhouse Prosecutor Tells Witness his Riot Videos Are “Very Slanted Against The People Doing The Rioting”, also, History Will Grind Out The Truth
American Power: How Likely Is A Democratic Comeback Next Year?
American Thinker: Biden Is Waging Total War Against American Energy, also, Veterans Day Feels A Little Different This Year
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Parents’ Choice News
Babalu Blog: Handicapped 74-Year-Old Woman Vows She’ll Be Protesting On The Streets For 15-N, also, Cuban Dictatorship Steps Up Religious Persecution As 15-N Approaches
BattleSwarm: Joe Rogan & Ben Shapiro On The Virtual Metaverse
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, The Stormy Atmosphere Of Jupiter, and ISS To Maneuver Around Leftover Space Junk From Chicom Antisatellite Test
Cafe Hayek: We Simply Don’t Know
CDR Salamander: 11th Hour Of The 11th Day Of The 11th Month
Da Tech Guy: Joe Biden’s Jab Mandate Is Unconstitutional In The Extreme
Don Surber: Blacksplainin’ White Voters, also, Media Attacks Presumption Of Innocence In Rittenhouse Case
First Street Journal: Happy Veterans Day! also, The Dems Blew Off The Best They Had
Gates Of Vienna: The Belarusian Connection, Culture-Enriching Knife Jihad In Cannes, and Don’t Talk About Ter Apel
The Geller Report: Iran-Backed Jihadis Storm U.S. Embassy In Yemen, Seize Hostages & Equipment, also, U.S. Turns Against Israel At The U.N.
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Triton, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Tim Dillon Blows Whistle On Business Insider’s Failed Hit Piece Against Him, also, New Board Game Takes Ideological Fight To Antifa’s Goon Squad
The Lid: Jeffrey Toobin, Of All People, Says Rittenhouse Lucky “Being An Idiot” Isn’t Illegal
Legal Insurrection: Yale Now Has More Administrators Than Faculty, Azusa Pacific U. Hosts Seminar On “Gender Identity/Pronouns”, and La Crosse Wisc. To Host “White Privilege Symposium” In December 
Nebraska Energy Observer: Veterans/Remembrance Day
Outkick: Mich. AG Apologizes For Getting Hammered Before Michigan – Mich. State Game, If Tennessee Wants To Beat Georgia They Better Keep Their Foot On The Gas, and LeBron James Near The Top Of The List of Athletes Dividing America
Power Line: Minn. Gov. Tried To Pump Up COVID Numbers To Justify Shutdown, also, Biden Shocked That Inflation Isn’t Transitory; Manchin, Not So Much
Shark Tank: Fla. Democrat Leaders Continue To Whine About DeSantis’ Special Session
Shot In The Dark: Voting With Their Feet, I Was Told, and Walz – Rules Are For Suckers
STUMP: Movember Fundraising – Do It For Stu!
The Political Hat: It’s For The Living To Make Sure The Dead Are Not Forgotten
This Ain’t Hell: The Story Of The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, Not Your Daddy’s Trebuchet, and Another Of Jimmy Carter’s Greatest Hits Being Replayed By Biden
Transterrestrial Musings: The Race-Marxists, also, Longevity News
Victory Girls: Red China Bamboozles Kerry With Climate Change Deal, also, If We’re All Going To Be Called Racists Anyway, Don’t Back Away From The CRT Fight
Volokh Conspiracy: “Zombie” Voting At The FTC
Weasel Zippers: Jimmy Kimmel Blames “Sexism & Racism” For Kamala Harris’ Historically Low Poll Numbers, also, #BLM Promises “Bloodshed” If NYC Brings Back Anti-Crime Units
The Federalist: Sen. Johnson Probes FBI Aerial Surveillance After Rittenhouse Defense Suspects Foul Play, also, Joe Biden Could Bring Down Gas Prices Tomorrow – He’s Choosing Not To
Mark Steyn: A Soldier Comes Home

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