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In The Mailbox: 11.16.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

…and that’s the way it was.

357 Magnum: Felony Murder On The Left Coast?
EBL: Land, also, Schrödinger’s Kyle
Twitchy: Max Boot Is Terrified “We’ll” Lose “Our Democracy” When The GOP Wins In 2022 & 2024, also, Jen Rubin Endorses Beta O’Rourke & It Promptly Backfires
Louder With Crowder: Hero Cabbie Stops Terror Attack By Locking Jihadi In His Taxi Seconds Before The Bomb Went Off
Vox Popoli: Hundreds Of Troops, Desperate For War, and Was Kenosha A Failed Hit?
Gab News: Former West Point Cadet Speaks Out – Booted From USMA For Refusing Jab

Adam Piggott: Comments On The Podcast, also, No, The Bible Is Not An Israeli Book
American Conservative: Why I Joined The U. Austin Advisory Board, also, SCOTUS Should End “State Secrets” Shield
American Greatness: Retract Every Russian Collusion Story & Fire Everyone Who Wrote One, also, Why The Rittenhouse Case Has Changed Everything
American Thinker: A Word About Democracy From A Man Brought Up In A Dictatorship
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Charlie Fox News
Babalu Blog: 15-N In Cuba – The Dictatorship Exposes Its Fear Of The Cuban People, also, Dissidents Call For An Extension Of Protests For Twelve More Days
BattleSwarm: Beto III – The Betoing Officially Greenlit, also, Anti-CRT/SJW Roundup
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, Branson Sells Another $300 Million In Virgin Galactic Stock, and Arianespace Launches Three French Milsats
Cafe Hayek: The World Is Not Right, also, Thoughts On Democratic Choice
CDR Salamander: LCS – History’s Judgment Looms
Don Surber: EU Wants Americans To Die Defending Europe Again, NYT – Maybe We Shouldn’t Have Published Those Lies, and Libs Realize Biden Is Now A Problem
First Street Journal: Weathering The Storm, also, #MaskMandates And Fewer Fans In The Stands
Gates Of Vienna: Migrants In France Offer Their Thoughts On The Great Replacement, Death By Vax – A Numbers Game, and Ho! Ho! Ho!
The Geller Report: Two Jurors Holding Up Rittenhouse Verdict, Citing Backlash, Per U.S. Marshals In Kenosha, also, Ukraine Says Russia Massed 100,000 Troops On Border – Blinken Raises “Real Concerns” About Invasion
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, A Meme, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Twitter Schools Matthew Modine On His Absurd Rittenhouse Slam, also, Bruce Willis’ Films Now Border On Fan Abuse
The Lid: Former Chicom Political Prisoner Schools PBS Host On Trump & Authoritarianism
Legal Insurrection: Student Leaders At Syracuse U. Want Rudy Giuliani’s Honorary Degree Rescinded, also, Leftist Student Groups To Protest Ben Shapiro Speech At FSU
Nebraska Energy Observer: FIDO, The American Way, also, Call It By Its Name
Outkick: Cleveland Wimps Settle Suit With Roller Derby Team, Both Will Be Called Guardians, also, Enes Kanter Suggests He’s Not Playing Because Of His Red China Stance, And He May Be Right
Power Line: Inflation – Stages Of Disbelief, also, Wyoming GOP Gives Liz Cheney The Boot
Shark Tank: Diaz-Balart Slams Biden For Making The Situation In Cuba Worse
Shot In The Dark: Faith Noah More, The Shorter Rittenhouse Prosecution Summation, and Something Tells Me…
The Political Hat: When Public Schools Are Objectively Pro-Rape
This Ain’t Hell: Vietnam Vet Reflects On His Time There Through Letters Home, also, Racist Idiot Claims Hiroshima Bombing Was To Show Return On Investment
Transterrestrial Musings: The NASA OIG Audit, The Russian ASAT Test, and Plant-Based “Meat”
Victory Girls: Cori Bush Claims White Supremacists Shot At Ferguson Marchers
Volokh Conspiracy: Sixth Circuit To Hear Challenges To OSHA Jab Or Test Mandate
Weasel Zippers: State Dept. Flack Insists Withdrawal From Afghanistan Was “Extraordinary”, DHS Head Mayorkas Gives Himself An “A”, Claims Biden Border Policies “On The Road To Success”, and GOP Could Pick Up 70 House Seats Next Year
The Federalist: Whistleblower’s Documents Suggest Garland Lied About Targeting Concerned Parents, also, DOD Flack Says Climate Change As Big A Threat As Red China
Mark Steyn: Together Wherever We Go, also, A Bridge Too Farcical

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