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Speaker Pelosi Denounces ‘Outrageous Lawlessness’ of Her Own Constituents

Posted on | December 16, 2021 | Comments Off on Speaker Pelosi Denounces ‘Outrageous Lawlessness’ of Her Own Constituents

The advocate of “social justice” is shocked — shocked! — that Democratic voters are acting on her party’s anti-capitalist rhetoric:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted an “attitude of lawlessness” across the country Wednesday, decrying a recent surge in smash-and-grab crimes – particularly in her hometown of San Francisco – but refusing to admit it stems from police funding cuts and bail reform measures pushed by left-wing lawmakers.
“It’s absolutely outrageous,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said when asked about the crime spike. “Obviously, it cannot continue. But the fact [is] that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from I don’t know where … and we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm.”
“It must be stopped, and it’s not just San Francisco,” Pelosi emphasized. “It’s in our entire country.”
The brazen group robberies have made national headlines for weeks. Last month, for example, around 80 people raided a San Francisco-area Nordstrom department store and drove off in two dozen cars with up to $200,000 in goods, police said.
Similar thefts have been reported across California, as well as in Chicago. On Tuesday, a visibly frustrated San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced plans to crack down on retail thefts, home break-ins and other criminal behavior that has flourished during the tenure of progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin. . . .

Chesa Boudin’s parents are terrorist murderers. His mother Kathy Boudin (who had been valedictorian at elite Bryn Mawr College) became a fugitive after she survived the 1970 explosion that destroyed a Weather Underground bomb factory in a Greenwich Village townhouse. By 1981, she had joined fellow radical David Gilbert, Chesa Boudin’s father, in the May 19th Communist Organization, which helped perpetrate the infamous Nyack, N.Y., Brink’s armored car robbery in which a guard and two police officers were murdered. These killers are treated as heroes by the radical Left, of which Chesa Boudin is an unapologetic member. The people who elected Chesa Boudin as district attorney — that is to say, Democrats — knew damned well what they were thereby endorsing.

Or should have known, anyway. Attributing Boudin’s election to voter ignorance is only slightly more plausible than attributing it to deliberate malice. Really, what excuse can there be? “Oops, we accidentally elected a Marxist”? As a parent, one hears all kinds of flimsy alibis from children — who ate all the Oreos? — but people old enough to vote ought to be held to a higher standard of accountability. But even the Speaker of the House is playing the same childish game of pretending to be shocked by the entirely predictable consequences of her own party’s policies.

Democrats are playing the same make-believe games at the White House:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on [Dec. 2] said the COVID-19 pandemic is “a root cause” of recent organized looting incidents across the country.
Psaki gave the surprising remark when asked at her daily briefing about large groups that have for weeks been descending upon San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago-area shops.
“Big cities are dealing with smash-and-grab robberies, a record number of police officers have been shot and killed this year. What is President Biden going to do about all this lawlessness?” asked Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.
Psaki at first pinned the blame on former President Donald Trump for not offering more funding to local police before turning the blame on the pandemic.
“Well, Peter, I would say that when the president proposed additional funding in his budget over the funding that had been proposed by the prior president to increase in support local police departments, make sure we keep cops on the beat,” she said.
“Does the president still think that crime is up because of the pandemic?” Doocy further asked.
“I think many people have conveyed that and also one of the … root causes of crime in communities is guns and gun violence. And we’ve seen that statistically around the country,” Psaki answered.
“So when a huge group of criminals organizes themselves and they want to go loot a store — a CVS, a Nordstrom, a Home Depot until the shelves are clean — do you think that’s because of the pandemic?” Doocy pressed.
“I think a root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic, yes,” Psaki said.

Why is it that these “root causes” affect only certain “communities”? Why is it always Democratic constituencies perpetrating these crimes?

Don’t expect Nancy Pelosi to answer that, but she has plenty of time to launch a Select Committee to endlessly investigate January 6, because a bunch of people wandering around the Capitol taking selfies is a dangerous “insurrection.” It cannot be said that Democrats have no standards; they actually have two standards — one for them, and one for everybody else. Democrats want to put you in prison if you say they stole the election (friends of mine have been subpoenaed), but meanwhile their own voters are looting Nordstrom and Democrats pretend to be shocked.



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