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In The Mailbox: 12.21.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Consort Yu getting dressed up to discover Christmas with Xiang Yu.

357 Magnum: The Breakdown Of Order In Chicago
EBL: Asshats Of The Day, also, Scrooge Was A Woke Progressive
Twitchy: “Are You Really This Stupid?”, also, Glenn Greenwald Reacts To Retired Generals Writing “Borderline Fascist” Op-Ed
Louder With Crowder: Kyle Rittenhouse – “Media Accountability Is Coming”, also, Henry Winkler Wants The Lincoln Project To Attack Joe Manchin
Vox Popoli: Hospitals As Hit Men, CIPS+SPFS, and Sauron’s Mouth Speaks

American Conservative: “Hugging It Out” With Russia
American Greatness: Trump To Hold Press Conference On 1/6 To Discuss “Rigged” 2020 Elections, also, Pentagon Issues New Guidance On “Extremist Behavior” In The Ranks
American Thinker: Three Retired Generals Loudly Demand Military Coup In 2024, also, The Role Of Churches During COVID
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Enough Is Enough News
Babalu Blog: Where Is Cuba Headed?
Baldilocks: Expecting The Good
BattleSwarm: Ron DeSantis Unloads On Critical Race Theory
Behind The Black: Pushback Against Blacklists, SpaceX Launches Cargo Dragon To ISS Using New First Stage, and FAA Approves Application For Launchpad In Camden, GA
Cafe Hayek: Phil Magness On Collins’ & Fauci’s Assault On Science, also, Compared To Lockdowns
CDR Salamander: Germany’s Coming Cold, Expensive & Dangerous Experiment
Da Tech Guy: My Third Law Of Media Outrage Waukesha Wannabe Edition, also, Why Are Dems Losing Hispanics? Ask Maria
Don Surber: Manchin Shows Biden’s Dangerous, Monkeys Kill Puppies – Libs Side With Monkeys, and Democrats Blame Inflation On Stores, Not Government Policies
First Street Journal: Another Capitol Kerfluffler Sentenced, also, 97% Of NBA Players Got The Jab, But League Is Losing Players To Positive Tests
Fred On Everything: Another Bright Idea From The Yankee Capital, also, Tales About an LGBTQ Legal Landmark & Other DC Porn
Gates Of Vienna: Stop Zemmour – Postpone The Election!, Radio Gaga Teaches You To Love Your Slavery, and The Slow March Of Amorality
The Geller Report: DeSantis Says No, also, The Lancet Skewers “Pandemic Of The Unvaxxed” Narrative As Noxious Propaganda
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Just A Thought, and His Lips Will be Moving
Hollywood In Toto: Lost Daughter Lets Beautiful Performances Guide Us Through An Ugly Story, HiT’s Best Movies Of 2021, and Why The Federalist Went Hollywood With Meet The Parents
The Lid: Meaner Than Any Of Trump’s “Mean Tweets” 
Legal Insurrection: Alex Berenson Sues Twitter For Suspending Him, California’s Legal Pot Industry Warns It’s “Collapsing”, and Season’s Greetings From The White House – “You’re Looking At A Winter Of Severe Illness & Death”
Michelle Malkin: Say His Name – Lee Keltner
Nebraska Energy Observer: Deck The Halls, also, Tis The Season!
Outkick: Stephen A. Smith Admits He Has The Coof, Before Hosting Arizona, Tennessee’s Rick Barnes Has Stern Message For Memphis, and Cincinnati Has The Right Idea For Alabama
Power Line: Big Grocery? Seriously?, The Collins Crock, and Inside The Democrats’ Circular Firing Squad
Shark Tank: DeSantis Accused Of Promoting “State-Sponsored” Attacks On Women In Politics
Shot In The Dark: The Wrong Side Of “Right”, I Needed A Cool Symbol, and Loss Of Focus
STUMP: I Come To Bury Build Back Better, And To Dance On Its Grave
The Political Hat: Twelve Posts Of Christmas (Day 9)
This Ain’t Hell: Don’t Invade Ukraine, Build Back Better Instead, Bernie’s Home Town Realizes They Do Need Police After Defunding Them, and Fearmongering Retired Generals Warn Of Civil War, Coup
Transterrestrial Musings: When The Feds Won’t Do Their Job, also, Inside The Omicron Fear Factory
Victory Girls: Erasing Girls In The Name Of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Volokh Conspiracy: Things Get Worse At The University Of Illinois In Chicago 
Weasel Zippers: CNN – Biden’s Economy Worse Than Carter’s, Border Patrol Busts “Potential Terrorist” Illegally Crossing Into U.S., and Leftist Disinvited From Family Christmas After Demanding Everyone Wear Masks & Get Tested
The Federalist: Democrats Prepare To Dump Joe Biden Now That He’s Served His Purpose, Can The U.S. Military Still Protect Americans?, and New Videos Capture Pennsylvania Officials Hiding Evidence Of Alleged Election Fraud
Mark Steyn: No Wind Beneath His Wings, also, Fang Fang Says Vax Vax

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