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Aspiring Rapper Update: ‘5050 Chuck’ and Girlfriends Charged in Murder

Posted on | January 7, 2022 | Comments Off on Aspiring Rapper Update: ‘5050 Chuck’ and Girlfriends Charged in Murder

Say hello to Charles Berltran, a/k/a “5050 Chuck,” 31, who is behind bars in Texas for the murder of Marisela Botello, 23. The Seattle woman had traveled to Dallas in October 2020 to visit a friend, then went out to a bar where police say she met Beltran. She went missing until March 2021, when hikers found her body in a wooded area. Dallas detectives say they tracked her cellphone signal, which showed that Botello had traveled to a home in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite where Beltran lived with two women, Nina Marano, 50, and Lisa Dykes, 58.

Police aren’t commenting on the nature of this domestic arrangement. Marano is a lawyer licensed to practice in New York and Florida, and Dykes, a paralegal, was listed as a business agent of a law firm that Marano founded. According to various news reports, Marano and Dykes were married to each other, but a source told one Spanish-language publication that the two women were in a polyamorous relationship with Beltran, who worked as a nightclub bouncer. Marano and Dykes were reportedly bankrolling Beltran’s rap career as “5050 Chuck.” This is a scene from a video for his song “Picture Me This”:

That house in the background? It’s where police say Marisela Botello was stabbed to death. And that car “5050 Chuck” is sitting on? That’s the aspiring rapper’s 2014 Audi A6, in the trunk of which police say they found a strand of the victim’s hair. You may be surprised (but not very surprised) to learn the aspiring rapper had spent time in prison:

Beltran was convicted of aggravated robbery in Travis County in 2007; authorities said he pistol-whipped a man after taking his wallet. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but a judge released him on probation after about four months. Beltran was found to have violated the terms of his probation in 2009 and was sentenced to 2½ years in prison.

Beltran claims that Dykes stabbed Botello, but it’s a death penalty case, and of course he’s going to blame his accomplices, who evidently helped dispose of the victim’s body. When police caught Beltran, he had fled to Utah, whereas Dykes and Marano fled to Florida, where they were captured in April. Somehow, a judge agreed to let Dykes and Marano out on bond, on house arrest with ankle monitors, but guess what? On Christmas Day, the two women apparently cut off their ankle monitors and disappeared, and the cops didn’t follow up until 10 days later. So the (alleged) killer lesbians are now fugitives, whereabouts unknown.

Is there a moral to this story? I don’t know. Generally speaking, avoid aspiring rappers. Nothing good ever seems to happen in the vicinity of aspiring rappers. It’s almost as if there’s a pattern or something.




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