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In The Mailbox: 01.18.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

H/T The People’s Cube

357 Magnum: Carjack City
EBL: U.S. Buys The Virgin Islands For $25 Million, also, Democrats – Corrupt As Hell
Twitchy: Ray Epps’ Attorney Explains Why He Was Removed From The FBI Suspect Database, also. 150+ “Experts” Sign Letter Calling Joe Rogan “Extraordinarily Dangerous” To Society
Louder With Crowder: Carhartt’s Announces Jab Mandate, Customers Begin Boycott, also, After One Year Of Joe Biden, Voters Shifting To Republicans
Vox Popoli: The Great Barrington Declaration, Pad For Performance, and Don’t Trust The Corpocracy
Stoic Observations: The Expert Life

Adam Piggott: Switch Off Big Brother, also, Our Battle Against Effeminacy
American Conservative: Inflation Might Spell Doom For Wokeness, also, No, Eric Adams Won’t Save New York
American Greatness: Rand Paul Cancels DirecTV After Provider Drops OANN, also, New Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Ivermectin Significantly Reduces COVID Infections, Hospitalizations, & Mortality Rates
American Power: Democrats Have Long Perverted MLK Jr.’s Legacy, also, Michigan Democrats Poke The Mama Bears
American Thinker: Crumbling Narratives Leave The Ruling Class With Everything To Fear, also, The Political Timing Of The Epidemic’s End
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye Blue Monday, also, Animal’s Daily Corruption In Government News
Babalu Blog: Virginia’s New AG Jason Miyares Begins Fighting Corruption & Wokeism Immediately, also, Cuban Dictatorship Continues Violent Attacks Against Outspoken Priest
Baldilocks: Postmodernism & Her Lie-Babies
BattleSwarm: Virginia’s New Republican AG Gets Down To Business, NSBA Near Total Collapse. Good!, and Winter Of Discontent II – Biden Boogaloo
Behind The Black: Pushback – NSBA Facing Collapse After Calling Concerned Parents “Terrorists”, SpaceX Launches Another 49 Starlink Satellites, and Boeing & NASA Still Aiming For May Unmanned Starliner Launch
Cafe Hayek: Street Art That I Applaud, also, What Is The World Coming To?
CDR Salamander: Things To Learn From The Winter War, Making LCS Work The Only Way The Critics Said It Could Be, and DDG(X) Quicklook
Da Tech Guy: The Biggest Story Of The Day Bar None, SCOTUS Mandate Thoughts Under The Fedora, and Brandon By The Numbers
Don Surber: To Save Newspapers, Dump The Editorial Page, Steve Bannon Predicts 100-Seat Pickup For GOP, and An Indian Graveyard With No Bodies
First Street Journal: Philadelphians Are Fighting Back, also, Black Lives Don’t Really Matter In Lexington
Gates Of Vienna: The Next Fortuyn Will Be Baudet, Time To Brush The Wool Away, Boris, and Three Cultural Enrichment Tales From Germany
The Geller Report: MIT Scientist Warns Parents Not To Give Kids The Jab, also, While Shuttering Your Family Business & Getting You Fired, Fauci Made $1.7 Million On His Lies
Hogewash: Begala Channels Brecht, Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, and Don’t Know Much About History
Hollywood In Toto: Mike Rowe – “Comedians Have Let Us Down”, “Why Didn’t Rolling Stone Defend Me?”, and The View Veers From Idiotic To Borderline Dangerous
The Lid: Joe Biden Is Both Unlucky And Incompetent
Legal Insurrection:  Senate GOP Demands Answers From Education, Justice Departments Over “Domestic Terrorists” LetterIn George Gascon’s LA Smash & Grab Morphs Into Slash & Dash, and Poli Sci Prof Calls Out Biden Over Divisive “Voting Rights” Speech In Georgia
Michelle Malkin: Associated Press = Associated Propaganda, also, Open Borders = Election Sabotage
Nebraska Energy Observer: Oops! Epps!, Lying Signs, and Some Thoughts On Islam
Outkick: Bama QB Bryce Young Puts Manning Award Next To Heisman, Sen. Cotton Blasts Warriors Co-Owner For Uyghur Comments, and Vax Clearly Offered NHL No Benefit, But Mysteriously, NFL Suddenly COVID-Free
Power Line: Massive Shift From Dems To GOP, Midnight Trains & Daylight Crime, and Felony Murder In A Good Cause
Shark Tank: Florida Lawmakers Take Aim At CRT
Shot In The Dark: Panicky Elites, Resilient Normies, Legal Discrimination Redux, and Your Papers
STUMP: Have An Actuarial New Year! also, Happy Second Christmas! Epiphany, Data Visualization, & Sumo
The Political Hat: The Damage Of Puberty Blockers, Georgia Vs. CRT, and The Coming California Water Crisis
This Ain’t Hell: Hugh Jonson – Still Riding On The Phony Pony, “Randy Andy” Stripped Of Military Honours, and USS Kitty Hawk
Transterrestrial Musings: Boca Chica, Dirty Hippies, and Don’t Look Up
Victory Girls: Australia – Who Cares? We Should, also, Sheila Jackson-Lee Co-Opts MLK To Pimp Voter Fraud
Volokh Conspiracy: Martin Luther King On The Ethics Of Resistance To State Authority, also, Crime Victims Allege Baltimore PD Unconstitutionally Seized & Destroyed Their Property 
Weasel Zippers: Dem Rep Wasserman-Schultz Compares Voter ID to “Communist Suppression & Oppression”, also, Oil Prices Hit Seven-Year High Under Biden
The Federalist: Biden FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn Wants To Nuke Conservative Broadcasters From The Air, also, WV Treasurer Drops BlackRock Over Woke Capitalism
Mark Steyn: Swallowing The Codswallop, “My Blue Heaven”, and G-Men & Jihad Men

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