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In The Mailbox: 01.20.22

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Sinema is in no physical danger from Robert Reich, of course. She’s fit, healthy, and 30 years younger than Reich, who couldn’t even backhand a dachshund. – Jim Treacher

Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: England Ends COVID Tyranny
EBL: Robert Reich Suggests Democrats Should Give Kyrsten Sinema “The Back Of Their Hands”
Twitchy: Dem Rep Claims “White Nationalists Used Jim Crow Filibuster To Block Voting Rights Legislation”
Louder With Crowder: Jordan Peterson Resigns Tenured Professorship, Blasts “A Stunningly Corrupt Enterprise” On His Way Out
Vox Popoli: Bad News For Gamers, Evil Always Eats Its Own, and Chris Langan Sees Through Jordan Peterson

Adam Piggott: Beware The True Believers, also, Who Wants To Be The Next Adolf?
American Conservative: The Tide Is Turning On Gun Control
American Greatness: Is America Heading For A Systems Collapse? also, Senate Fails To Abolish Filibuster During Debate Over Bill To Federalize Elections
American Power: America’s Asymmetric Civil War
American Thinker: The January 6 Narrative Is Starting To Unravel
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Fur, Fish, & Game News
Babalu Blog: Kafka & The Traveling Cubans, also, Havana Dictatorship Buys More Buses For Tourists As Food & Medicine Shortages Continue
Baldilocks: Christmas & Kwanzaa – Let Not Your Heart Be Hypocritical
BattleSwarm: Semiconductor Subsidies – The Wrong Solution For The Wrong Problem
Behind The Black: Upper Stage Of ABL Rocket Explodes During Ground Test, NATO Issues New Space Policy Filled With Blather, and Radian Raises $27.5 Million For SSTO Spaceplane
Cafe Hayek: What Employers Buy
CDR Salamander: The Afghanistan Papers – On Midrats, Australia & Japan – When Your Friends Are Friends, and By The Numbers – The Ukrainian Russian Buildup
Da Tech Guy: The 49th Parallel & The Horrible Parallels This Movie Has To Today, also, We Owe Senators Manchin & Sinema An Enormous Debt Of Gratitude
Don Surber: Obamanaut On Price Controls – “Just Stop. Seriously.”, Midterm Blowout – GOP Has 13-Point Lead, and NCAA Finally Admits Transgenders Aren’t The Same
First Street Journal: Around $31 Million At Risk From Climate Emergency Scam, also, A Sad Update
Gates Of Vienna: The Muslim Brotherhood In France, Erdogan Triumphs As Putin Stabs His Best Ally In The Back, and Freakin’ At The Freakers’ Ball
The Geller Report: Biden’s Press Conference Panned By Critics – “Total Disaster”, also, Stop The Coming Democrat/RINO War With Russia
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, A Black Hole Ignites Star Formation In A Dwarf Galaxy, and Doom Clock
Hollywood In Toto: The Last Time Rob Reiner Mattered, The Tiger Rising Roars When It Should, and Tim Dillon Channels Virtue Bombs
The Lid: Stephanie Grisham Makes Wild Claims About “Secret Meetings” Ahead Of 1/6
Legal Insurrection: America Wins – Senate Filibuster Remains Intact, Gov. Youngkin Hires Anti-CRT Diversity/Opportunity/Inclusion Officer, and NYC Removes Teddy Roosevelt Statue From Museum Of Natural History
Michelle Malkin: Blundering Billionaire More Right Than Wrong
Nebraska Energy Observer: What Kind Of Society?
Outkick: Super Saturday Duel Set Between #2 Auburn & #12 Kentucky, Caitlin Jenner Says Lia Thomas Hurting Womens’ Sports, and Russell Westshook? Lakers PG Skips Presser After Being Benched
Power Line: A Senile Phantasmagoria, Biden Invites Russian Incursion Into Ukraine, and NPR Doesn’t Care About Truth
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Says Democrats “Desperate For Power” With Attempt To End Filibuster
Shot In The Dark: Urban Progressive Privilege – Only The Right Kind Of Compliance! also, Better Late Than Never
STUMP: Excess Mortality Among Working-Age Adults Way Up In 3Q 2021
The Political Hat: Climate Fascism – Civilian Climate Corps, Banning The Internal Combustion Engine, and “Climate Revolution”
This Ain’t Hell: NM Might Send Guard To Teach School, Your Parents Are In The Military? You’re Privileged!, and Family Of Fallen Marine Sues Alec Baldwin
Transterrestrial Musings: Democrats Warn…, The Mistake Of The School Closings, and Joe Biden’s Terrible Mistake
Victory Girls: Kamala Harris Takes Her Turn As Biden’s Janitor
Volokh Conspiracy: Shutdown Of Gun Stores During Early COVID Months Violated 2nd Amendment – Says The 9th Circuit
Weasel Zippers: FBI Raids Home Of Dem Rep Critical Of Biden/Harris, Dem Rep Hakeem Jefferies Says The Quiet Part Out Loud, and Ukraine Officials Shocked That Biden Gave Putin Green Light To Invade
The Federalist: Only 10% Of J6 Committee Subpoenas Relate To Capitol Riot, A Scandal For Every Month, and Liz Cheney Escalates Crusade Against Wyoming Political Opponents Persecuted By J6 Committee
Mark Steyn: Raisin d’Etre, also, Man Of Convictions

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