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‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ and the Censorship of COVID-19 Criticism

Posted on | January 25, 2022 | Comments Off on ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ and the Censorship of COVID-19 Criticism

In December, Dr. Robert W. Malone was banned from Twitter: “The account referenced (@RWMaloneMD) was permanently suspended for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy.” Using the vague concept of “misinformation” to justify silencing critics of COVID-19 policy is part of a totalitarian project that Malone described on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast. And guess what happened next?

A group of 270 scientists and doctors are pressuring Spotify to crack down on content from Joe Rogan, the most popular podcaster in the U.S. One of the group’s complaints? His interview with doctor and scientist, Dr. Robert Malone.
Rogan isn’t merely the most popular podcaster in the country — he is, by some metrics, the most popular figure across the entire media.
It was recently reported that Rogan gets an average of 11 million views per podcast episode. The podcast’s closest competitor is Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, which gets an average of 3.21 million views.
Like Rogan, Tucker Carlson is also frequently the target of censorship efforts, but these have not dented his dominating position in cable news.
The group of experts who wrote to Spotify asking them to censor their most valuable personality objected to Rogan’s interview with Dr. Robert Malone, a doctor and scientist who conducted some of the earliest research on mRNA technology, which is used in Pfizer and Moderna’s coronavirus vaccines.
Dr. Malone, who objects to the use of mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines, was permanently blacklisted from Twitter.
Malone’s interview with Rogan, which was released just a few days after his ban from Twitter, was one of the podcaster’s more viral episodes.
The doctor’s contention that western societies are suffering from “mass formation psychosis,” a kind of collective hysteria brought about by shared feelings of fear and manipulation from outside authorities, proved particularly viral, with clips of Malone’s discussion of the concept viewed millions of times on social media.

It should be obvious, at this stage, that vaccines have failed to “shut down the virus,” as Joe Biden promised during the 2020 presidential campaign. If the vaccines are not effective against variants of the COVID-19 virus, what is the motive for the administration’s continued efforts to make vaccination mandatory? Good luck getting straight answers to that question. My cynical suspicion is that the attempt to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory is just a payoff for the gigantic pharmaceutical companies that are manufacturing the vaccine.

What the censors obviously fear about Dr. Malone is not “misinformation” (because anyone can look at the number of so-called “breakthrough” infections in vaccinated patients and see the problem with these vaccines), but rather that his discussion of “mass formation psychosis” is giving people a clue about how powerful institutions have been manipulating public opinion. Those engaged in that manipulation — including the executives at Twitter — don’t want the public to become aware of the propaganda techniques being used by the elites to promote their preferred narratives. And this is why this Thursday is “Everybody Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day.”

Simply put: They can’t de-platform everybody.



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