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‘Complicit in Oppression’

Posted on | February 3, 2022 | Comments Off on ‘Complicit in Oppression’

Sarah Hoyt called attention to this take on the Whoopi Goldberg incident:

It wasn’t enough to talk about black people’s oppression. White people – all of them, every single one – had to be demonized. And it couldn’t matter that some individual white people had even joined in the historic struggle against discrimination of blacks. They were oppressors too.
The root of much of this is the Marxist idea that people are marked solely by their membership in certain groups, that the individual actions don’t really matter to that designation because it’s all about groups, and that there is always an oppressor group (or groups) and always a victim group (or groups), and that the former are bad and the latter good no matter what they actually do, either as individuals or together.

We tried to tell you it wouldn’t stop at Confederate generals, but because you didn’t want to defend Confederate generals, you now see how far it has gone, and can estimate how much further it’s likely to go.

One imagines a sort of time-travel science-fiction plot in which someone from 2022 goes back to 1992 and warns well-meaning moderates: “You must defend the Confederate flag. Trust me on this one.”

A quote from a 2018 academic journal article:

Over the past twenty years or so, in American scholarship on racism, with ever growing intensity, it has become fashionable and even mainstream to assert that Jews are white, that is, that they belong to the dominant majority. This means, that as a collective, due to embedded racialized structures in society, they benefit from their dominant position and are complicit in oppression.

In other words, if “whiteness” is synonymous with social dominance, and if everyone who is non-white is an oppressed victim of white domination, then “systemic racism” makes individual action irrelevant to either domination or victimhood, which are determined on a collective basis, according to the position of one’s group. It’s the “one-drop rule” approach to social justice, and these soi-disant critical theorists are arguably more dogmatic about racial categories than Jefferson Davis.

And honestly, I’m happy we’ve reached this cul-de-sac, where everyone is either a Hutu or a Tutsi, so to speak, and our choice is either to fight to the death or, as I would prefer, decide to drop the subject altogether.

Either you follow the totalitarian logic to its conclusion — revolutionary genocide, to liquidate the oppressors — or else, realizing that this logic can lead to nothing less than bellum omnium contra omnes, you abandon the utopian fantasy of “equality” that inspires the totalitarian project.



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