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In The Mailbox: 02.07.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Things ought to be back to normal on the blogging front since I’ll be in Reno from now until the 18th. This is subject to change, of course, depending on how my district manager feels about her staffing levels.
Silicon Valley delenda est. (Now more than ever.)

Apropos of the current lawsuit

357 Magnum: The Looming Food Crisis
EBL: Hey, Joe Rogan – It Was A Big Mistake To Apologize To The Woke Mob, also, What’s The Over/Under On Brian Stelter Staying At CNN?
Twitchy: “Are They Children?”, also, Ted Lieu Goes For Gold In The Gaslighting Olympics
Louder With Crowder: The Commercial Featuring An NBA Star That NBC Won’t Show You, also, Russell Brand Mocks CNN’s Brian Stelter For All His Misinformation
Vox Popoli: I Told You Joe Rogan Was Soft, Still Pushing The Killshot, and Why The GOP Must Die
Gab News: Now On Gab – Kyle Rittenhouse, The Canadian Trucker Convoy, and the American Freedom Convoy

Adam Piggott: What’s Your Conspiracy? also, Slow Truck To Nowhere
American Conservative: Safety Third, also, Onward Christian Soldiers
American Greatness: Time Is Running Out For The COVID Coverups, also, Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million To Ditch Spotify & Move To Their Platform
American Thinker: Why Ivermectin Was Disappeared, also, Has The U.S. Government Declared War On Its Citizens?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuba’s Apartheid Tourism Industry Hit Hard By 91.7% Decline In Visitors, also, Tons Of Food Spoils In Cuba Thanks To Inefficient Government Farm Control
BattleSwarm: Scenes From The Trucker Revolution, also, The Silence Of The PIIGS
Behind The Black: Pushback – Huge Increase In Homeschooling In Virginia, Russian Soyuz-2 Rocket Launches Milsat, and Astronomers Organize Lobbying Group To Block Satellite Constellations
Cafe Hayek: Putting Kids Last, also, Once Again, Being Worthwhile To Incur Does Not Turn Costs Into Benefits
CDR Salamander: Gaming Out WWIII On Midrats, also, The FORD’s Helmets-Only Football Practice
Da Tech Guy: My 1969 Pilots Go All In – Wombat’s Senators Hardest Hit, I’m Old Enough To Remember…, and Report From Louisiana – Random Thoughts
Don Surber: Sarah Palin Has The Goods On The NYT, Chris Wallace Gets Trumpenfreude, and The Press Rides In To Rescue Stacey Abrams
First Street Journal: The Truth Shall Set You Free…From Your Job, also, Carjackadelphia
Gates Of Vienna: Those Who Tell The Truth About Islam Must Die, The VVD Is A Criminal Organization, and We’re On To You, Commissar Trudeau
The Geller Report: Facebook Loses $322 Million Overnight – Zuckerberg Loses Another $2 Billion In Net Worth, Cowboys Join Alberta Trucker Blockade, and DeSantis, Republican AGs To Launch Probe Into GoFundMe
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Beginning To Follow Some Science, and Multi-Messenger Astronomy
Hollywood In Toto: Joe Rogan Is Suddenly Doing Everything Wrong, Adam Carolla – VP Harris Is “A S***show”
The Lid: Biden Makes Huge Concession To Get Iran Back To Nuke Deal, also, Horrendous Genocide Games Ratings Damage NBC, Advertisers
Legal Insurrection: New Documentary To Focus On Famously Woke (And Now Broke) Hampshire College, GoFundMe Backs Off Seizing $9 Million In Donations To Truckers After Elon Musk Calls GFM Thieves, and GOP Senators Question Qualifications Of “Woke” Fed Nominee, Get Accused Of Racism
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Sunday Miscellany
Outkick: America First, In Foreign Policy & The Olympics (By Hershel Walker), Dolphins Hiring 49ers OC Mike McDaniel As Head Coach?, and Coca-Cola Remains Silent On Uyghur Genocide, Sponsors Beijing Olympics 
Power Line: Crisis For The Climate Models?, Trudeau Vs. Reality, and The Lonesome Death Of Amir Locke
Shark Tank: DeSantis Says NGOs Should Be Held Accountable For Smuggling Illegals, also, Loomer Outraises Webster For Second Straight Quarter
Shot In The Dark: It Was Twenty Years Ago…Saturday, also, For It Before Against It
STUMP: Mortality Nuggets
The Political Hat: Unwoke Black History Month
This Ain’t Hell: Another Six Accounted For, Navy IDs SEAL Candidate Killed During “Hell Week”, and F-35 Crash Video
Transterrestrial Musings: From The Truckistan Hellscape, SSTO Hype, and A Lesson From Kari Lake
Victory Girls: Biden – Let’s Wag The Dog In Ukraine, Palin Vs. NYT – She Deserves To Win, and Joe Rogan Attacked Again, And It Was All Planned Out
Volokh Conspiracy: Learning The Lessons Of The Horrific Beijing Olympics, also, “The Trouble With Court-Packing”
Weasel Zippers: Despite Buying $1.2 Billion In COVID Tests From Chicoms, Biden Insists We’re Only Buying American, Chris Wallace Thinks CNN Tricked Him, and Bad Orange Woman Insists Biden Is Not Pro-Lockdown, But…
The Federalist: NCAA Touts Female Achievements While Erasing Them, How Green Energy Fantasies Have Brought The World To The Brink Of War, and Angry, Defiant Stacey Abrams Is The “New Normal”
Mark Steyn: Ten Cents A Dance – Doris Day & Love Me Or Leave Me, Of Conspiracies, Constitutions, & Commies, and The Cavalry Rides Into Covidstan

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