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In The Mailbox: 02.08.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: A Restraining Order Is Only A Piece Of Paper
EBL: St. Josephine Bakhita
Twitchy: Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board Just Mad Because They Can’t Date Christina Pushaw
Louder With Crowder: Black Pro Wrestler Drops Bombs On How Media, Not Joe Rogan, Are The Racist Ones
Vox Popoli: That Which Doesn’t Kill Russia, The Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing, and The Gamma Postures
Stoic Observations: Joe Rogan & Kayfabe

Adam Piggott: The Sheep Getting Feisty With The Shepherds
American Conservative: Saying What No One Wants To Hear, also, Stuck Under The Food Pyramid
American Greatness: IG Begins Investigation Into Whether Capitol Police Have Been Illegally Spying On GOP Lawmakers
American Power: Majority Of Americans Say It’s Time To Live With The Virus
American Thinker: The Inconvenient Truth About Electric Vehicles, also, FDA Duplicity On COVID Vaccines
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Alaska Freedom Convoy News
Babalu Blog: Get Woke Go Broke, Olympic Edition, also, Archbishop Of Havana Defies Dictatorship, Meets With Parents Of Imprisoned Cuban Youth
BattleSwarm: Congressional Republicans Say Zero Funding For Jab Mandates, also, Remember When Eric Adams Was The Sane One?
Behind The Black: LockMart Wins NASA Contract To Build Mars Rocket, Dmitri Rogozin’s In The Money, and Pushback – Conservative Latina Student Defeats Effort To Blacklist Her
Cafe Hayek: On Skepticism Of COVID Vaccines
CDR Salamander: The Battle For Friends & Influence In Our Own Backyard
Da Tech Guy: The Single Biggest Giveaway On The Trucker Convoy, also, Student Power & The End Of Reason
Don Surber: The Voting Rights Act Seems Unconstitutional, also, Why Not Talk To The Truck Drivers?
First Street Journal: And The Fearful Shall Control The Rest Of Us
Gates Of Vienna: Bavarian Culture-Enrichers Ae Skeptical Of The Vax, Culture-Enriching Soccer Madness In Turin, and The Ascendancy Of Green Ignorance In German Politics
The Geller Report: Virginia Supremes Side With Gov. Youngkin On EO Against Mask Mandates, also, College Undergrad Enrollment Falls More Than One Million Since 2019
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Political Science Vs. The Real Thing, and Bode’s Galaxy
Hollywood In Toto: HiT Drawing Board – Reeducating Rogan, also, Masculine Reacher Earns Swift Second Season
The Lid: Biden To Distribute Crack Pipes To Minority Communities In The Name Of Racial Equity
Legal Insurrection: U. Washington Student Gov’t Demands 24% Indian Enrollment, Prof Apologizes After Being Recorded Calling Gov. Youngkin A “Trumpist Retard”, and Andrew Cuomo Claims He’s Been “Vindicated”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Unity, Eh? also, The Federation Of Free States
Outkick: Ivy League Rules “Lia” Thomas Eligible To Swim Against Biological Females At Conference Championship, LeBron James Nominated For Worst Actor,  and American Sports Media Being Used To Spread Red China’s Ridiculous Lies
Power Line: Whose Future?, Felony Murder In A Good Cause – Questions For Merrick Garland, and Canadian Truckers Receive The Tea Party Treatment
Shark Tank: Florida Stands Up For State Water Rights
Shot In The Dark: Our Bully-Girl Social Superiors, also, Interest
The Political Hat: Woke Rape, also, The Mayor Of NYC – “I Kicked Those Crackers’ Ass”
This Ain’t Hell: Tuesday FGS, And This Just In…, and Air Force Ordered To Pay Over $230 Million In Texas Church Shooting
Transterrestrial Musings: Being Dragged Into The 21st Century, The Horrific Beijing Olympics, and This Explains Much
Victory Girls: Biden Admin Asks For Recount On COVID Deaths
Volokh Conspiracy: Today In Supreme Court History
Weasel Zippers: Judge Orders Police To Return Fuel They Took From Canadian Truckers, Dem Rep Hakeem Jeffries Claims “Biden Has Crushed The Virus”, and Pennsylvania Joins 12 Other States In Calling For Constitutional Convention
The Federalist: Democrats Are Struggling To Defend High Energy Prices, Mask Bullies Have Tormented Kids For Two Years But Parents Are Done, and Where Not Wearing A Mask Gets Punished Faster Than Rape
Mark Steyn: All Of Me, The Permanent Abnormal, and Elite Contempt & Bouncy Castles

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