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Aspiring Rapper Update: Bloods Gangster Arrested for Shooting Atlanta Cop 6 Times

Posted on | February 11, 2022 | Comments Off on Aspiring Rapper Update: Bloods Gangster Arrested for Shooting Atlanta Cop 6 Times

We’re going to disregard standard journalistic practice in this case by omitting the customary “alleged” about the felony charges against aspiring Atlanta rapper Christian Eppinger, a/k/a “Big Bhris”:

A 22-year-old rapper who goes by the moniker Big Bhris was reportedly arrested for shooting an Atlanta Police Department officer six times on Monday (February 7). According to 11 Alive, Big Bhris (real name Christian Eppinger) is a member of the Bloods sect Young Slime Life and now faces attempted murder and street gang activity charges in relation to the shooting.
As noted in the warrant, Officer David Rodgers was attempting to take Eppinger into custody on an armed robbery warrant from 2021 when the shooting occurred. Rodgers caught four bullets to the shoulder, one to the knee and another in the side of his head. He was rushed to the Emergency Room at Grady Hospital in serious condition. . . .
Young Slime Life reportedly operates out of strongholds along Cleveland Avenue and the APD says the gang is known for its “ruthless pedestrian and home invasion style robberies” as well as “drive-by shootings resulting in death and serious injury.” Members are also “known to sell and possess illegal narcotics ranging from marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and liquid promethazine/codeine cough syrup.”
Eppinger appeared in court on Tuesday (February 8) and was denied bond on charges related to the shooting as well as the original armed robbery charges. A judge ruled he was likely to reoffend if out on the street and imposed a flight risk. . . .
A quick search of the Big Bhris YouTube channel pulls up videos with titles such as “Homicide” and “Murder On My Mind.”
The warrant states, “Numerous videos featuring ‘Big Bhris’ have been posted on YouTube of which Mr. Eppinger and other documented YSL gang members wearing YSL clothing can be observed displaying firearms and throwing up YSL gang hand signs pledging their allegiance to the gang and taunting rival gang members.”

Hey, aspiring rappers: Please keep recording these videos to provide police with conclusive evidence of your gang membership. Between this evidence and the bodycam video when you shoot a cop, your attempted murder conviction will be a cinch. That’s why I’m not even bothering to use “alleged” in describing this aspiring rapper’s crimes, because (a) there’s not any real doubt about his guilt, besides which (b) he’s got too many problems to even be thinking about a libel suit.

Atlanta Police Officer David Rodgers

I mean, obviously Atlanta’s a lot more liberal than most of Georgia, but when you shoot a black cop in Atlanta? Oh, you’ll be a very old aspiring rapper before you can ever hope to get out of prison.

By the way, the October robbery that “Big Bhris” Eppinger was being sought for when he shot Officer Rodgers? Quite a caper:

According to the warrants, Eppinger had been originally wanted for allegedly robbing someone who’d been filming a rap video at the park behind Cleveland Avenue Library in October. In that incident, Eppinger and another man allegedly stole someone’s Rolex watch, iPhone, Gucci wallet and diamond earrings, then later posted about it on social media.

So you were robbing other rappers and bragging about your crimes on social media? Way to go, “aspiring rapper”! This is an agenda I fully support: Criminals ripping off other criminals, then making evidence of their crimes publicly available on Facebook and Instagram. Just next time, don’t shoot the cops when they show up to arrest your stupid ass.



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