The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

CAPTURED: Othal Wallace Arrested at Black Militia Compound in Georgia

Thursday we reported on the shooting of a Daytona Beach police officer by Othal Wallace. Last night, we updated with the $200,000 reward for the capture of Wallace, who was believed to be in the Atlanta area and reportedly associated with the NFAC, a radical anti-white hate group. Now the story takes a predictable turn, […]

Two Criminals Die in High-Speed Crash

How do you want a police chase to end? Fatal crash is the correct answer. After months of watching police pursuit videos on YouTube, I’ve developed a thorough hatred of these criminals, so when one of them slams into a tree, that’s what I call a happy ending: Investigators have released a video of the […]

Atlanta: The Backstory Emerges

The bottom line is that anti-Asian racial prejudice was not the motive for the shooting rampage at three Atlanta-area massage parlors. The Washington Post assigned a team of reporters to do a full background profile on gunman Robert Aaron Long. The resulting article is nearly 2,000 words, with four bylines and five other reporters listed […]

Atlanta: The ‘Yellow Fever’ Theory

Of the many kinks, fetishes and perversions with which I’m familiar, the one I’m sure I never suffered is “yellow fever.” It is true that some guys are into that whole “exotic Orient” trip, obsessed with the idea of allegedly “docile” Asian women, but I was never one of those guys. De gustibus non est […]

Georgia Massage Parlor Massacre

When my brother mentioned this story to me this morning, my reaction was: “Massage parlors? In Cherokee County? WTF?” I’m old enough to remember when that area was largely rural, and the idea that you would have Asian massage parlors there is just mind-boggling to me. Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds just said at a […]

Georgia Bank Executive Commits Suicide After Being Charged in Capitol Riot

Christopher Stanton Georgia, 53, was a regional portfolio manager at BB&T, who lived in a fine home in the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta. He was a cum laude graduate of Georgia State University. After he was charged in connection with last week’s riot at the Capitol in D.C., leftists began barraging his employer’s Twitter account […]

Georgia: Mail-In Vote-Harvesting Election Theft Succeeds Again for Democrats

Mail-in voting has proven to be an unbeatable trick for Democrats, who captured both U.S. Senate seats in Georgia in Tuesday’s runoff, thus making Chuck Schumer the de facto Senate Majority Leader. It happened almost exactly as predicted last night. At 11 p.m., Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler held small but significant leads. […]

Georgia: Republicans Perdue, Loeffler Lead, But Democrats Still Cheating

UPDATE 11 p.m. ET: At this hour, both Republicans are leading by significant margins, Sen. David Perdue up by about 100,000 votes over Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff, and Sen. Kelly Loeffler leading Democrat Raphael Warnock by about 70,000 votes, with a little more than 90% reporting. However . . . Fulton and DeKalb counties are […]

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