The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘We May Never Learn the Full Story’

No sooner do I finish one long rant about media bias than another egregious example comes to my attention. The phrase in the headline comes from the last paragraph of an obtuse article in The Nation about the Jan. 18 death of Manuel Esteban Paez TerĂ¡n, a/k/a “Tortuguita.” In case you missed it, “Tortuguita” was […]

State of Emergency: Gov. Kemp Issues Order to Deal With Atlanta Rioters

He’s ready to call up 1,000 National Guard troops: In the wake of a shooting between Antifa terrorists and law enforcement at the site of a future public safety training facility and domestic terrorist activity in downtown Atlanta, Gov. Brian Kemp (R-Ga.) declared a 15-day state of emergency that allows him to call up the […]

THE ATLANTA RIOT: Out-of-State Anarchists Torch Police Vehicle

Chris Carr is Georgia’s attorney general, and his sense of indignation is widely shared by the law-abiding citizens of Georgia, who have never experienced the kind of left-wing extremism represented by the “protesters” who rioted Saturday night in downtown Atlanta. The city’s mayor, Andre Dickens, made clear where he stands: Atlanta is safe, and our […]

Dear Antifa Terrorists: Please Go to Georgia, So Cops Can Kill All of You

Georgia ain’t Oregon and Atlanta ain’t Portland, OK? So if the unbathed terrorist mobs of Antifa want heroic martyrdom, Atlanta’s the place to be, because cops down in Georgia shoot to kill: Seven militants have been arrested and charged with domestic terrorism following a deadly shootout with law enforcement at their “autonomous zone” in a […]

Crime Scene: Atlanta

Being a native of Atlanta, I can only shake my head in sorrow at what’s happened to that once-great city. Basically the entire city and most of the suburbs have become a shooting range in recent years. Perhaps Atlanta is not yet as bad as Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis or some of our nation’s other […]

‘President of United Earth’ Stacey Abrams Insults Georgia Sheriffs in TV Debate

Liberals in Hollywood decided that election denier Stacey Abrams (who lost to Brian Kemp by 55,000 votes in 2018) would be perfect for the role of “President of United Earth” in the Star Trek Discovery series, but without explaining exactly how she might obtain such a lofty position. Fortunately, politics in the real world is […]

Media Shocked: Stacey Abrams Is Unpopular With Black Men

Of course, by “unpopular” they mean she only gets 75% — Democrats normally get more than 90% of the black vote, but the gap-toothed water buffalo is struggling significantly below that level: In 2018, Abrams came within 55,000 votes of defeating Republican Brian Kemp thanks to a surge of votes from Black Georgians. She energized […]

The Mayor of CrazyTown, U.S.A.

Politico has a lengthy feature about the political turmoil in “America’s Blackest City.” South Fulton didn’t even exist as a municipality until 2016 when the unincorporated area south of Atlanta in Fulton County decided that it should become its own city. From the beginning, South Fulton had problems, due to its lack of a commercial […]

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