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In The Mailbox: 02.15.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Too wiped to post after eight hectic hours in the tax mines yesterday. Not sure if I’ll have time to post Friday, either, since it looks like I’m driving home to Tonopah right after work.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Much like Joe Biden

357 Magnum: Everything You Learned Watching Cop Shows Was Wrong, also, The 37th America’s Cup
EBL: Valentines Day With Angie Dickinson, also, P.J. O’Rourke & Ivan Reitman, RIP
Twitchy: Twitter Suspends Defiant Ls, also, “The Definitive Happy Warrior”
Louder With Crowder: Family Of Cinematographer Slain By Adam Baldwin Suing Him For Reckless Conduct, also, Five Most Soviet Things PM Zoolander Said While Declaring Insane “Emergencies Act”
Vox Popoli: Empire’s End, The Benefits Of Imposed Protectionism, and The Hate Is Real

Adam Piggott: Russia! Russia! Russia! also, Pushing Rubber Podcast Update
American Conservative: “Go Home, America”, also, The Nazis Globalist Liberals Prefer To Ignore
American Greatness: The January 6 Pipe Bombs Look Like Another FBI Hoax, also, “I Was Proven Right About The Spying And I Will Be Proven Right About 2020!”
American Power: The World’s Workers Have Arisen! also, Sarah Palin’s Libel Claim Against NYT Rejected By Jury
American Thinker: The Silent Coup, also, We Are All Truckers Now
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye Blue Monday, also, Animal’s Daily Cultural Relativity News
Babalu Blog: A Cuban-American Valentine, also, Why Hispanics Reject Leftist Policies
BattleSwarm: Audiences Know CNN Is Lying To Them And Joe Rogan Isn’t, also, Clinton’s Crimes Are Worse Than We Thought
Behind The Black: The Lie That Was COVID, LockMart Cancels Merger With Aerojet, and FAA Delays Boca Chica Approval Again
Cafe Hayek: Tyranny Isn’t Excused By Good Intentions, also, In Respectful Disagreement With Alex Salter
CDR Salamander: The Untold Story Of The CIA Mission To Avenge 9/11, also, Summary Thoughts On The U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy
Da Tech Guy: Five Things The Left Would Have Gained If They Didn’t Steal The Last Election, She’s A Nun All Right, and Malice Toward Malice
Don Surber: Justin Castreau’s Approval Hits 16%, NYC Locks Up Toothpaste Not Thieves, and Biden Won’t Get A War To Save His Presidency
First Street Journal: The Neo-Cons Beat The Drum For War, also, A Prayer Vigil For Officer John Pawlowski
Gates Of Vienna: The Muslim Brotherhood In Sweden Part 11, The Year Of The Jackpot, and Austria Having Second Thoughts About The Mandatory Jab
The Geller Report: Ottawa Police Chief Resigns, also, “Multiple Indictments”
Hogewash: Breitbart Unmasked, Rust In Pieces, Nothing To See Here, Move Along, and Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day
Hollywood In Toto: Why Marry Me Won’t Bring Back Rom-Coms, Is Russell Brand The New Joe Rogan?, and You Better Buckle Up For The Cursed
The Lid: LBJ Turned U.S./Israel Casual Friendship Into Strong Alliance, also, SD Senate Bill Supporting Gun Industry Up For Hearing
Legal Insurrection: Jon Stewart Defends Joe Rogan, GWU Student Government Demands Firing Of Two Professors, and CBC Ties The Word “Freedom” To “Far-Right” Groups
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Sunday Miscellany
Outkick: ESPN Allows Hosts To Appear On Joy Reid’s Show, CTU Leader Insists On Masking Kids – Attends Super Bowl Maskless, and Alabama Football Completes Its Staff
Power Line: Inside The Bizarre Hellworld Of Minneapolis – Andy Brehm Brings The News, Who’s Wagging Whose Dog?, and The Dirtiest Trick Gets Dirtier
Shark Tank: FL Rep Smith Calls “Putting Parents First” A Political Attack, also, Rubio Leads Effort To Allocate More National Guard Funds
Shot In The Dark: “Captain Obvious? Your Promotion To Admiral Came Through,” also, Putin A La Poutine
STUMP: Homicide Trends 1968-2020
The Political Hat: Flannel Is Now Racist, also, Public Education – Another Day, Another Assault 
This Ain’t Hell: Another Accounted For, You Call That An Insult? and Sub Steel Test Falsifier Sentenced
Transterrestrial Musings: Our Greatest Domestic Threat, News For The Elite, and Rockets Vs. Airplanes
Victory Girls: Super Bowl? More Like Hypocrisy Bowl, also, Palin Libel Case Tossed During Jury Deliberations
Volokh Conspiracy: Why Efforts To Throw Rep. Cawthorn Off The Ballot Are Likely Unconstitutional
Weasel Zippers: Pelosi Claims Nobody Is Better At Strategic Thinking Than Biden, also, 30th Democrat Congressman Says She’s Not Running For Reelection 
The Federalist: Why Abraham Lincoln Still Towers Over His Critics, Biden’s DHS Announces It Will Investigate Thought Crimes, and Press Calls Trump Fascist For Opposing Violent Riots, Meanwhile Trudeau…
Mark Steyn: For The Duration – The More The Merrier, As Time Goes By, and “Freedom” Is Just Another Word For, Er, “White Supremacism”

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