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Exposing Gender, Inc.

Posted on | February 20, 2022 | Comments Off on Exposing Gender, Inc.

Through the magic of the YouTube algorithm, last night I came across feminist Isabella Malbin’s “Whose Body Is It?” channel. As I’ve been chronicling since 2014, radical feminists are waging war against what can fairly be described as the Transgender-Industrial Complex. Of course my readers know me as a staunch opponent of feminism, per se — the concept of “group rights” is at the heart of the radicalism destroying our civilization. Nevertheless, “truth is great and will prevail,” and radical feminists have tenaciously grabbed hold of an important truth — men and women are different, in ways that are socially significant.

Malbin did an interview with activist Alix Aharon:

Alix Aharon returns with updates on her research into the dangerous dichotomy facing young girls today: either hypersexualize or de-sex altogether. We get into who specifically is being targeted by gender corporatism and media, who’s resisting the propaganda, and the organized grooming of women and girls of all ages into the mass psychosis of gender dysphoria. We also cover the recent craze of so-called non-binary surgeries, the trans movement’s desecration and appropriation of faith and religious heritage, the perverted limitlessness of hentai, the insidious ways in which child sex abuse is being normalized, and the push against healthy human sexuality toward a non-human, alien-like future.
Alix is an activist and journalist building important real-time documentation and awareness of the everyday violence committed by the gender industry via the Gender Mapper Project. Her candid articulations regarding these medicalized atrocities inspire women to come out of the gender critical closet, ask questions, and escape the dizzying mind control sweeping society.

Aharon is addressing something very important: Social media is fueling this “dangerous dichotomy” in which young girls receive the message that the ideal is to be a hypersexualized bimbo — aspiring to become a “Real Housewives” cast member, basically — or else they must reject womanhood altogether, chasing the transgender fantasy, getting their breasts amputated, injecting themselves with testosterone, etc.

This is a formula for madness, and radical feminists are correct to criticize it, but they’re getting little support from the so-called “progressive community,” and are actively smeared by the liberal media. Just this past week, for example, Time magazine ran an article depicting opponents of the transgender agenda as dangerous terrorists intimidating providers of “lifesaving care.” On her Twitter account (@GenderMapper), Aharon called out Time:

Every conservative understands what it’s like to be smeared this way. If you advocate for limited government, fiscal sanity and maintenance of the Constitution — just basic common-sense traditionalism — you will inevitably find yourself depicted by the media as some kind of “extremist,” lumped in with neo-Nazis, etc. And this is what is happening now to feminists. Whenever liberals have an agenda, everyone who is against must be Hitler, according to the media. If liberals want war, anyone who wants peace will be labelled a “right-wing extremist.”

First Amendment freedom of speech is under attack.

What is happening is that opposition to the liberal agenda — regarding transgenderism or anything else — is categorized as “hate,” and thereby made subject to “de-platforming,” so that you can’t use common online communications channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) to express dissent. Activists collaborate with Silicon Valley insiders to suppress opposition, to block opponents from fundraising sites, which means that while any liberal can use PayPal, Google Adsense or whatever to fund their activism (e.g., pro-transgenderism), opponents of the liberal agenda do not have the same freedom (because “hate”).

This is why the reporter who reached out to Alix Aharon for her views on Time‘s celebration of transgenderism was Neil Munro of Breibart:

“All of a sudden, all is better because Jack is really Jackie,” said Alix Aharon, an advocate for child safeguarding who is a member of the Women’s Liberation Front: “It’s a girl! Not a gay boy, not a sissy! Society is not going to shake your hand and say, ‘Well done, you’ve got a sissy boy.’ But if you say you have a transgender girl, well, there’s a parade for you, you get all of this attention from wider society, you’re praised as a wonderful mother, a great person.” . . .
“Traditionally, if somebody didn’t like their gay kid, they would just tell them to leave home, they wouldn’t castrate them,” said Aharon. She continued:

It might be hard to accept that your child is gay and does deviate from the norm. But it is a much brighter outcome for you and your family to accept whatever that is than to encourage them to embark on a dangerous journey of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries that damage their healthy genitalia. . . .

A surprising number of prominent gays encourage this “trans-the-gay-away” process, Aharon said:

I find it really quite mind-boggling that prominent, famous gay men support the idea of Kai [Shappley] and Jazz Jennings [going through this process] because they don’t see themselves in that whole story. It’s very well for Elton John, for example, to be sitting there in his 60s with his intact penis and his intact body, and then to be watching this … Have you no sympathy for yourself and the way this turned out for you as a kid?

Research studies show that almost 9 of 10 kids who initially claim a different-sex identity soon reclaim their own sex.
Feminine behavior by young boys can be common, Aharon said. “Young boys often try to wear their mother’s clothes because they love the mother, so it’s often a sign of boys being very close to their mothers,” she said.
Girls are also getting transubstantiated into boys, especially girls who are shocked by puberty and unwanted sexual attention from aggressive, porn-watching boys.
Porn indirectly pressures girls to display themselves as sexualized women — but the transgender ideology allows them to escape the pressure by declaring themselves to be “non-binary” non-females, Aharon said. The “dangerous dichotomy facing young girls today [is] either hypersexualize or de-sex altogether,” she said, noting that many girls beg for money to surgically remove their breasts.

Now, there are many topics on which Aharon and I may disagree, but the connection between the online inundation of pornography and the alarming increase in teenage transgenderism is not one of them. Immersion in a hypersexualized culture is certain to produce all kinds of craziness, and middle-school girls declaring themselves “non-binary” is just one flavor of 21st-century sexual insanity. People are getting into all kinds of weird kinks and fetishes that were once scarcely mentionable, college girls are selling porn selfies via OnlyFans or getting murdered by “sugar daddies,” and a certain number of dudes are joining the “incel” world where Elliot Rodger is regarded as a heroic role model.

Nobody in “mainstream” journalism would give Alix Aharon a platform to discuss these issues, and we have to ask, “Why?” Could it be because Silicon Valley profits from this sex-crazed sickness? Whatever the explanation, the fact is that feminists opposed to “Gender, Inc.” are being subjected to the same kind of smears and silencing tactics that we on the Right have experienced for years. In terms of defending liberty, then, we have become de facto allies, in much the same way as we have become allies of Asian parents in San Francisco who recalled their school board.

Raise high the banner of liberty, and welcome all who will fight for it.



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