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Sweet Payday for Jeff Zucker

Posted on | March 10, 2022 | Comments Off on Sweet Payday for Jeff Zucker

You remember when the malignant dwarf Jeff Zucker was forced out at CNN last month because he was shtupping the last-place network’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer Allison Gollust?

And do you also remember when Gollust, whose main job qualification as a network executive was being Jeff Zucker’s girlfriend, later exited CNN blabbering nonsense about “journalistic integrity”?

Guess what it cost CNN to get rid of these two lovebirds?

Former CNN President Jeff Zucker allegedly reached a multimillion-dollar exit deal with parent company WarnerMedia prior to resigning in February.
According to people familiar with the situation, Zucker was owed $5 million from his 2021 bonus, The Wall Street Journal reported. The agreement was finalized before Zucker announced his resignation when it was revealed he was involved in an extra-marital, consensual relationship with Chief Marketing Officer Allison Gollust. . . .
Deadline reported Tuesday that Zucker had received a $10 million, one-time payment upon leaving the company, citing their own sources. Zucker will receive the payment in the approximately seven to 10 days. Gollust also received $1 million after she left the organization, Deadline continued.

Imagine paying out $11 million to be done with these people, whose tenure at CNN basically wrecked the network, both in terms of ratings and its reputation. But I’m probably just jealous I didn’t wangle a sweet deal like that. Heck, I could have ruined CNN for half that price.



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