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Crazy People Are Dangerous

Posted on | March 16, 2022 | Comments Off on Crazy People Are Dangerous

Say hello to 30-year-old Gerald Brevard III, a suspected serial killer who was arrested Tuesday, accused of murdering two homeless men and wounding three others in a series of shootings in D.C. and New York.

Longtime readers will not be surprised by this part of the story:

The suspect’s father, Gerald Brevard Jr., told The Daily Beast on Tuesday he was “crushed” to hear the news about his son’s arrest. He said they spoke on Monday, and Brevard “did not say anything out of the ordinary.”
“It was a normal conversation,” the father, who lives in Las Vegas, said. “But he was dealing with mental illness for the longest time. He has been in and out of mental hospitals.”
The father added that his son had never made disparaging comments about the homeless community, and now the family was “shocked, feeling so many different emotions” as they tried to understand what was going through the 30-year-old’s mind the last few weeks.
“This has all come as a surprise. I never thought he would be violent,” Brevard Jr. added. “He was always mild-mannered.” In a separate statement issued to reporters, Brevard Jr. also stressed that despite many encounters with the justice system, his son’s mental illness was never really addressed — which he said showed “how the system has failed regarding the treatment of so many.” . . .
While family expressed shock at his allegedly carrying out targeted—and lethal—attacks, Brevard has a long criminal history.
That history includes allegations of violent crimes, such as in July 2018, when Brevard was charged with assault after allegedly brandishing a knife and attempting to stab another individual during a dispute. In 2019, records show that Brevard was found mentally incompetent after a court-ordered exam and was temporarily committed to a city-operated psychiatric hospital.
In December 2020, Brevard was charged with assaulting a woman in Virginia. A month prior, police said, Brevard pushed a woman against a hotel hallway and assaulted her. When the woman, who suffered minor injuries, yelled for help, Brevard allegedly ran away.

Crazy People Are Dangerous.



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