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In The Mailbox: 03.15.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

It’s all in the coding.

357 Magnum: The Real Possibility Of A Russian Nuclear Exchange
EBL: Ides of March, also, From 15 Days To Two Years
Twitchy: President Biden Announces “The First Lady’s Husband” Has The Coof
Louder With Crowder: Finally, Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Make DST Permanent
Vox Popoli: Foreign Fighters In Ukraine, You’re The Insurgent Now, and The Coming False Flag
Granite Grok: From Divine To Disgusting

Adam Piggott: A Few Good Men
American Conservative: Fed Goes Green As Oil &  Inflation Spike
American Greatness: Military Doctor Testifies Under Oath Superior Ordered Her Not To Discuss Data Showing Massive Post-Jab Spikes In Illness
American Power: Putin’s War Is Fortifying The Democratic Alliance
American Thinker: Chernobyl & The Lies Of COVID
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Shellacking News
Babalu Blog: Another Cuban Defector From State-Run Media, also, Cuba Reports Worst Shortfall EVER In Food Production For 2021 
BattleSwarm: The Problem With That “Russia Sought Military Aid From Red China” Story, also, Why Russia Can’t Achieve Air Superiority
Behind The Black: Entire Russian Comsat Industry Threatened By Ukraine Invasion, Today’s Blacklisted American, and Launching A Rocket Using Atomic Explosions
Cafe Hayek: Remember, Much Government Debt Is Monetized, also, Would You Invest In A Company Run In This Manner?
CDR Salamander: Good Staffs Matter
Da Tech Guy: The Sad Decline Of Ballet, It Only Took Two Months Of Tom Being Home…, and Report From Louisiana – Dispatches From The Facebook Hoosegow
Don Surber: Xi Is An Actual Hitler Noone Calls Out, “Ukraine Is A Done Deal – It’s Flattened & They Lost”, and 60% Of Blacks Want To Eliminate Race On Government Forms
First Street Journal: The Patricians Are Just Different From Us!
Gates Of Vienna: “We Need Not Celebrate Our Own Disintegration”, Soros Issues Blueprint Of Globalist WW3 Propaganda, and ISIS Mujahidette Returns To Germany
The Geller Report: Israel Reportedly Decimated Iranian Drone Fleet In February, also, Virginia Pediatric Office Has Message For Student Athletes About The Jab
Hogewash: I Was Told There Would Be No Math, Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, and The Usual Suspects
Hollywood In Toto: Bill Maher – How “Woke” Became An “Eyeroll”, also, Blistering Documentary Whose Children Are They? Takes On Teachers Unions
The Lid: Philadelphia Child Shot, Media Silent For Specific Reason
Legal Insurrection: Did The Denver Shooter Of A Right-Wing Protester Just Get Away With Murder?, University Of Oklahoma Devotes A Week To DIE, and Amazon Relocates 1800 Workers Due To Violent Crime Surge In Seattle
Nebraska Energy Observer: What If? also, Conspiracy Theory My ***
Outkick: Skip Bayless Says Wife Fears Charles Barkley Will Kill HimDid Rachel Maddow Veto Keith Olberman As Her Replacement?, and LeBron Melting Down As Lakers Continue Losing
Power Line: Rescue Me, Today’s Satire Is Tomorrow’s Woke Dogma, and Quotations From Chairman Kamala
Shark Tank: DeSantis Eliminates FSA Testing In Florida Public Schools
Shot In The Dark: Color Me Shocked, also, Modern Journalism – Not Just Dead, But Rotting So Hard It’s Bubbling
The Political Hat: The Ides Of March
This Ain’t Hell: Day of The Soldado Sentenced, VA Fraud – It’s A Family Affair, and “First!”
Transterrestrial Musings: Ethanol, also, Kamala Harris Quotes
Victory Girls: Roundup Time – Behold The Beclowning
Volokh Conspiracy: Rhode Island Stun Gun Ban Struck Down
Watts Up With That: Aussie Kids’ Climate Change Suit Rejected, also, Study Claims Climate Change Boosted Plant Growth Is Bad
Weasel Zippers: Bad Orange Woman Now Says Nobody Thought Russia Sanctions Would Be “100% Effective”, also, Lara Logan’s Brains Turn To Scrambled Eggs On Live TV
The Federalist: Justice Thomas Wants A Section 230 Reckoning, Here’s What The GOP Needs To Do To Truly Take On Big Tech, and Missouri Sues School Board Association For Hiding Details About Biden’s War On Parents
Mark Steyn: The Mark Steyn Show – Live Tuesday To Thursday, also, Steyn In Ukraine

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