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Ukraine: Fighting in Nemishaeve?

Posted on | March 25, 2022 | Comments Off on Ukraine: Fighting in Nemishaeve?

The biggest hint of what’s happening in the fight northwest of Kyiv, where Russian forces hold Bucha and Hostomel, is this report:

Bucha, Irpen, Hostomel, Makariv are the most fierce points in Kyiv region . . . head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Pavliuk has said.
“Over the past 24 hours, the enemy has not been successful in any of the directions. There is a fight against sabotage groups. The defense forces have been able to improve positions in some areas. The most violent points are Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, Makariv, the villages of the Nemishaeve community. Constant mortar and artillery shelling,” he wrote on his Telegram channel on Friday.

Now, it happens that I have seen a Radio Free Europe video in which a reporter accompanied a Ukrainian reconnaissance crew to Makariv and, as far as I could tell, there were no Russian forces there. But if you look at the map, you see that Nemishaeve (also spelled Nemishajeve) is 20 miles northeast of Makariv, and six miles northwest of Bucha. So if Ukrainian forces have retaken Makariv, and are now fighting near Nemishaeve, the Russians around Bucha are now facing a threat to their western flank and rear — the “encirclement” that was widely discussed in news accounts earlier this week. Another report I saw today said Kyiv itself is no longer being shelled, which suggests either that (a) the Russians have been pushed back out of artillery range or (b) they’re saving their limited supply of ammunition to fend off the Ukrainian counterattacks.

Of course, it is impossible to ascertain exact information about a battlefield situation on the other side of the globe, but these limited reports indicate that the Ukraine counter-offensive is making progress. If that is the case, we should soon begin hearing about fighting around Borodyanka, a key crossroads that would logically need to be taken by Ukrainian forces seeking to surround the Russian force at Bucha.




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