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Russian Invaders Retreat From Kyiv

Posted on | April 2, 2022 | Comments Off on Russian Invaders Retreat From Kyiv

The key town of Borodyanka, 45 miles northwest of Kyiv, is now back in Ukrainian hands, after Russian forces retreated from the areas west of Ukraine’s capital, including Bucha:

Dead civilians still lay scattered over the streets of the Ukrainian country town of Bucha on Saturday, three days after the invading Russian army pulled back from its abortive advance on Kyiv to the southeast.
The smell of explosives still hung in the cold, dank air, mingling with the stench of death.
Sixty-six-year-old Vasily, who gave no surname, looked at the sprawled remains of more than a dozen civilians dotted along the road outside his house, his face disfigured with grief.
Residents said they had been killed by the Russian troops during their month-long occupation. . . .
Local officials gave Reuters reporters access to the area, and a policeman led the way through streets now patrolled by Ukrainian tanks to the road where the bodies lay.
It was not clear why they had not yet been buried.
Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk said more than 300 residents of the town had been killed, and a mass grave at one church ground was still open, with hands and feet poking through the red clay heaped on top.
Several streets were strewn with the mangled wrecks of burned-out Russian tanks and armoured vehicles. Unexploded rockets lay on the road and, in one spot, an unexploded mortar shell poked out of the tarmac.
A column of Ukrainian tanks patrolled, flying blue and yellow national flags. One resident who had survived the ordeal hugged a soldier, and gave the military battle-cry: “Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes!”

It remains to be seen whether Russia can or will regroup and make another attempt to capture Kyiv, although this seems unlikely. Their first onslaught was made with the advantage of surprise, including an airborne assault at the Hostomel airfield, and yet failed. Putin’s commanders underestimated the ferocity of Ukrainian resistance, and the Russian invaders experienced logistical failures that made their further advance impossible. For now, at least, the scene of fighting will shift to the east and south, while the citizens in and around Kyiv begin the work of rebuilding what the Russians destroyed.

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