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CNN+ Suddenly Becomes CNN-

Posted on | April 21, 2022 | Comments Off on CNN+ Suddenly Becomes CNN-

It took barely three weeks for the CNN+ streaming service to get shut down by the last-place cable news network’s new ownership. Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav is known for running a tight ship — he’s all about the profits — and from the moment that CNN+ launched, it was obviously doomed. The report was that the streaming channel had barely 10,000 daily viewers, an audience that might be enough to sustain a YouTube channel. But was anyone surprised by this failure? Was there any reason to believe that clowns who have ruined CNN could make a go of it in the online streaming market? As if there were an unsatisfied demand for more Brian Stelter out there somewhere?

This is a delusional level of denial. What was “incredibly successful” about it, Mr. Licht? Could you be specific? Because absolutely nobody who knows anything about the business thought it was successful, let alone “incredibly successful.” And the fact that Brian Stelter repeats this dishonest and/or delusional claim as if it were true tells us everything we need to know about Stelter’s journalistic abilities. CNN+ was one of the most spectacular failures in the history of the industry.

CNN+ was to media what the Fyre Festival was to luxury concert events. If there were any accountability, everybody involved in CNN+ would be permanently unemployed, persona non grata in journalism.



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