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In The Mailbox: 04.26.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Day 2 of the ongoing Leftist meltdown over Elon Musk’s Twitter buyout.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

More of the current “wisdom”.

357 Magnum: Not Quite Summer In Chicago
EBL: The Elon Musk Song
Twitchy: Twitter Engineer Insists Suppression Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story Wasn’t Targeted Censorship
Louder With Crowder: @Jack Completes Selling Out The Left
Vox Popoli: NATO Is Already At War, also, Good Thing He Doesn’t Fly Planes For A Living

Adam Piggott: The Russians Wear Ties, also, The Queering Of Male Friendship
American Conservative: The Rising Storm Disney Can’t Wish Away
American Greatness: Google Launches New “Inclusive Language” Feature, also, The Ruling Class’ Pantheon Of Lies
American Power: Why I Love Watching The Meltdown Over Musk & Twitter, also, Amazon Employees Melt Down Over Matt Walsh’s Best-Selling Kids’ Book Johnny The Walrus
American Thinker: Fraud Is The Only Issue, also, The War America Should Be Fighting
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Twitter News
Babalu Blog: Are We Cubans As Alone As We Think? also, SIGN THE PETITION: Expel Cuba From The UN Human Rights Council
BattleSwarm: Disney Fallout Roundup, also, Musk Twitter Fallout Roundup
Behind The Black: Pushback – Judge Rules Lawsuit From Professor Suspended For Refusing To Favor Black Students Can Proceed, SLS Rocket Rolls Back To VAB, and SpaceX Signs Up Another Airline For Starlink’s In-Flight Internet
Cafe Hayek: Crowding Out Private-Sector Success
CDR Salamander: Have The Russians Restarted The Odessa Offensive?
Chicago Boyz: What Would YOU Do With Twitter?
Da Tech Guy: The Conservatives At Disney, Dynasty 1970 League Expansion Draft, and I Like Ike!
Don Surber: Biden Heads For The Bunker And Democrats Scramble, The First 2024 Primary, and Only 3% Of Its Subscribers Actually Watched CNN+
First Street Journal: A “Solution” From A Democrat Stuck In The 1930s, also, Killadelphia
Gates Of Vienna: The Struggle Against The Deep State In Slovenia, also, We Want More Administrative Bloat!
The Geller Report: Jeff Bezos Prods Red China To Exert “Leverage” Over Elon Musk At Twitter, also, Federal Judge Blocks Biden From Ending Title 42 At Border
Hogewash: Much Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen, I Haven’t Changed My Twitter Avatar Yet, and An Irregular Dwarf
Hollywood In Toto: Mark Twain Prize Honors Propagandist Jon Stewart, also, Hatching Brings Body Horror To A New, Disturbing Level
The Lid: Libs Pooping Their Pants Because Musk Bought Twitter
Legal Insurrection: Bama Conservative Students Discuss Wokeness On Campus, MSNBC’s Ari Melber Frets Musk Will Target Democrats On Twitter, and Bad Orange Woman Blames Texas For Guardsman’s Death On Border
Nebraska Energy Observer: Ukraine, also, It’s Too Much
Outkick: After Postseason Disaster, Nets Keeping Steve Nash As Coach, Don’t @Me – What’s The Difference Between Ben Simmons & Simone Biles? Novak Djokovic Eligible To Play At Wimbledon Without Jab
Power Line: The Melber Foresight, also, More Evidence That Masks Don’t Work
Shark Tank: Gov. DeSantis Signs Election Integrity Bill Into Law
Shot In The Dark: Where Will You Be In Nine Years? also, Chilling Effect?
The Political Hat: Neural Implants Mean One Thing – Cyborg Catgirls With Brain Modems
This Ain’t Hell: How To Successfully Pull Off Stolen Valor, MCPON Tells Sailors To Lower Their Standards, and GOP Rep Madison Cawthorn Accused Of Stolen Valor
Transterrestrial Musings: Is Ukraine Our Spanish Civil War?What Elon Should Do About Twitter, and Zero Tolerance For Tolerance
Victory Girls: Taylor Lorenz Whines About Her Own Consequences
Volokh Conspiracy: Why Does Google Hate Mothers? also, What Is Church Autonomy?
Watts Up With That: Comedy Gold – How To Cope With Your “Climate Anxiety”, also, Earth Day Protest A Bust
Weasel Zippers: Slow Joe Has $5 Million In Unexplained Income, also, Fauxcahontas Claims Musk Buying Twitter Is “Dangerous For Our Democracy”
The Federalist: The Depp-Heard Trial Reminds Us Toxic Feminism Is Real & Horrifying, Egg McMuffin Is The Utah Democrats’ Senate Candidate, and The Democrats Are Banking On Smearing & Censoring Their Opposition Because They Have Nothing To Offer
Mark Steyn: A Death In Exile, also, A Sudden End To Self-Government

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