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‘Democrats Like to Pretend …’

Posted on | May 7, 2022 | Comments Off on ‘Democrats Like to Pretend …’

“. . . that it’s always 1963, because that’s the last time they can remember being the good guys,” says Professor Glenn Reynolds.

It’s not just black Republicans like Wesley Hunt who are dunking on the idiot Swalwell, who apparently has not considered the irony that the most conservative justice on the Supreme Court is Clarence Thomas, a black South Carolina native whose wife is white. Swalwell represents the 15th District of California, which is only 6.1% black, whereas South Carolina — represented in the Senate by two Republicans and in the House by six Republicans and two Democrats — is 24.8% black. The prejudices upon which the Democratic Party operates have somewhat changed since 1963, but one thing has not changed, namely the common belief of Democrats that they are The Party of Moral Virtue, engaged in a life-or-death struggle for the survival of “Our Democracy.”

My point is that, contrary to what is commonly said, there never was really a Good Old Days in which Democrats were the party of common sense, before they went drifting leftward. Go back and consider the idiocy of William Jennings Bryant’s quixotic crusade for “free coinage of silver,” or the various “progressive” whims of Woodrow Wilson, including his own quixotic crusade for the League of Nations. Even if Republicans of that era had some bad policy ideas, were Democrats a bastion of “common sense”? And then you dogtrot forward through history, with the various failed schemes of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and on through the unfortunate presidency of Harry Truman (who is ridiculously overrated by historians), the futile liberalism of Adlai Stevenson, the endless crises of JFK’s presidency and utter catstrophe of LBJ — where do we locate the Good Old Days of “common sense” Democrats?

Trust me, I’m the guy who wrote the book — well, I co-wrote it, anyway — demonstrating that the Democratic Party was rotten from the start, when Jefferson struck his deal with Aaron Burr and Tammany Hall to form the national party in opposition to John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists. Despite my own sympathies for the Jeffersonian ideal, and my opposition to the Adams/Hamilton axis representing northeastern hegemony and centralization of power in the early Union, nevertheless the seeds of corruption were present from the conception of what eventually became the Democratic Party.

The reason why most people are unaware of this history is simply because Democrats have such overwhelming control of the education system and the media, so that from their earliest school lessons onward, most Americans are steeped in Democratic Party propaganda that celebrates the Great Myth of The Party of Moral Virtue. Some of the worst disasters inflicted on America by the Democrats came at the very apex of their power and prestige (and “common sense” reputation), as anyone who has studied the 1960s must understand. Go read David Halberstam’s The Best and the Brightest, if you want to get a glimpse of what went wrong with “The New Frontier” and “The Great Society.” It must be understood that the JFK/LBJ debacles, including failure in Vietnam, were a delayed consequence of mistakes made during the FDR/Truman era. And we had minor sequels to that episode in the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. The Great Myth that inspires the hubris of Democrats is apparent in so many things, of which Eric Swalwell’s ridiculous tweet is just one tiny star in a vast constellation of moral arrogance.

It is easy to laugh at a clown like Eric Swalwell, until you pause to consider that we may be on the brink of nuclear war with Russia, while the presidency is occupied by a notorious fool who wasn’t qualified for the office even before he began his descent into incoherent senility.



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