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In The Mailbox: 05.09.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

The state of American public education, 2022

357 Magnum: Where Would We Be Without Researchers?
EBL: Democrats Send Out Antifa, also, Bill Kristol Goes Full Democrat
Twitchy: MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace Blames Ukraine Invasion On January 6, also, WaPo Reporters Applaud Themselves For Award-Winning 1/6 Coverage
Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk Blasts Twitter’s “Obvious” Left-Wing Bias, also, Teacher Put On Leave Following Video Where She Brags About Inappropriate Conversations With Students
Vox Popoli: The Importance Of Bedsheets, Black Doctor Who, and The Revolt Against Big Evangelical

Adam Piggott: The Traditional Man Is Christian
American Conservative: The President Can Terminate Treaties Alone
American Greatness: A Heartland Battle For The GOP’s Soul, also, DOJ Threatens Oath Keepers With Life In Prison
American Power: Will The Roe v. Wade Leak Upend Orange County Midterms? also, Twitter, SCOTUS, & The Progressive Revolution
American Thinker: Why Would Rural Americans Vote For Those Who Hate Them? also, The Roe Demonstrators – Where Did They Get That Idea?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Havana’s Hotel Saratoga Explosion Death Toll Hits 32 With 19 Others Still Missing, also, Cuba Sending 500 More Slave Doctors To Mexico & More Migrants To The U.S.
BattleSwarm: Update – 6.8×51 Yes, TVCM No, also, Anti-CRT Candidates Stomp Leftists In Texas School Board Elections 
Behind The Black: Pushback – Lawsuit Forces RI To Let Oral Surgeon Reopen Practice, Red China Launches Tianzhou Freighter To Space Station, and Curiosity Climbing Out Of Gordon Notch Hollow
Cafe Hayek: Offending A Defender Of The Laughable “1619 Project”, also, No Serious Person Accepts Protectionism’s Implications
CDR Salamander: A Victory Day
Da Tech Guy: No Future For Mothers Day For The Left, The Left Won’t Like The New Rules On Protests & Molotov Cocktails, and Report From Louisiana – Soaring Costs 
Don Surber: MSNBC Chucks Todd, PR Firm Goes From Woke To Nope, and More Proof Abortion Is A Loser For Democrats
First Street Journal: Unhinged Abortion Supporters Protested In Churches Sunday, also, People Who Understand Foreign Policy Say The Administration Needs To Shut Up About Ukraine
Gates Of Vienna: The Anti-Narrative On Ukraine, The Wild One Comes To Duisburg, and Life After The Great Reset
The Geller Report: True The Vote Announces They’re Releasing All The Addresses Of All The Ballot Trafficking Stash Houses, also, Conservatives Sweep Texas School Board Elections – CRT & Mask Mandates Hardest Hit
Hogewash: Sonification Of A Couple Of Black Holes, Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, and Whoda Thunk It?
Hollywood In Toto: Everything Everywhere All At Once Is Worth The Hype, Is Hollywood Reaching The Final Stages Of Cancel Culture? and Full Frontal Gives Thumbs Up to Protest At Justices’ Homes
The Lid: Chuck Todd’s Daily MSNBC Show Exiled To Streaming Service, also, Biden’s DGB More Frightening & Dangerous Than We Originally Thought
Legal Insurrection: Justice Thomas – “We Can’t Be An Institution That Can Be Bullied”, Syracuse U. Students Upset About “Fatphobic” Campus, and The Birth Of Abortion Tourism
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday Scribbles, also, A Bit Of American Military History
Outkick: Days After Mask Virtue-Signaling, Warriors Coach Will Miss Game 4 Thanks To Corona-chan, Woke Illustrated Releases WNBA Swimsuit Model Photos, and Chris Paul Yells “I’ll See You Later” After Mavs Fan Messes With His Family
Power Line: Antifa Attacks Wisconsin Pro-Life Office, Liberals Are Evil, and Trust “The Science” They Say
Shark Tank: Webster Campaign Accused Of Dirty Tricks To Knock Loomer Out Of CD-11 Race
Shot In The Dark: Russia & Ukraine, The Drawing Board, and Democracy Dies In Democracy
This Ain’t Hell: Nurses Sentenced After Hidden Camera Showed Vet Gasping For Breath, Crying For Help, Roe v. Wade Hysterics Now Involving The Military, and Illinois Veterans Home COVID Audit Faults IDPH
Transterrestrial Musings: Biden’s Absurd “Cut The Deficit” Claim, also, Statins
Victory Girls: Schmidt Unleashes Bizarre, Spiteful Twitter Rant, also, Media Realizes The Baby Formula Shortage Is Real
Volokh Conspiracy: WaPo Reports On More SCOTUS Leaks
Watts Up With That: The Coldest April In The Satellite Record Over The Pacific Northwest, also, Lights Out – The CLCPA & New York’s Energy Future
Weasel Zippers: A Decade After His Death, NYT Cruelly Outs Mayor Ed Koch As Gay, also, Georgetown Law Prof Endorses Mob Violence Against SCOTUS
The Federalist: Spygate Judge Tries To Protect Hillary With Latest Pre-Trial Rulings, Indiana GOP Pawned Social Conservatism For Economic Growth & Got Neither, and Biden’s New Press Secretary Is A “Stolen Elections” Conspiracy Theorist
Mark Steyn: Love & War – Jimmy Stewart And Strategic Air Command, The Dance Of Time, and “I’ll Never Smile Again”

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