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In The Mailbox: 06.16.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Even 2d girls despise the new Ken.

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Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Ohio Arms Teachers & The Left Has Kittens
EBL: Molly Bloom & Bloomsday
Twitchy: Glenn Greenwald Gives An Appreciation Of Jen Rubin’s Live Tweeting Of The J6 Show Trial
Louder With Crowder: Doocy Corners First Black Lesbian Press Secretary On Biden’s Latest Inflation Lie, And…Dang, She’s Bad At Her Job
Vox Popoli: He Was Doing So Well, also, Running On Empty

Adam Piggott: Server Side Timeout
American Conservative: National Conservatism – A Statement Of Principles
American Greatness: What The J6 Committee Might Have Been, also, Over 2000 Cattle Die From “Heat, Humidity” In Kansas
American Power: Governor Ron DeSantis Celebrates Flag Day, also, GOP Primaries Test Limits Of Trump’s Influence
American Thinker: Who Decided David Hogg Is Newsworthy? also, The GOP Is Preparing To Learn The Wrong Lesson This Year
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Energy Bills News
Babalu Blog: Canada, Your Tourist & Corporate Dollars Fund Human Rights Abuses In Cuba, also, Prolonged Blackouts In Cuba Spark More Anti-Government Graffiti
BattleSwarm: Everyone Hates Soros’ LA DA George Gascon, Including His Own Prosecutors 
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, Rock Growths On Mars, and SLS Dress Rehearsal Countdown Set For June 20 With Launch Postponed Again
Cafe Hayek: A Textbook Case Of Government Overreach, also, Refining The Argument
CDR Salamander: SECNAV Promotes An Official Religion
Chicago Boyz: “Red Flag” Laws
Da Tech Guy: I’m Old Enough To Remember When Merrick Garland Was Called A “Moderate”, also, Why Is Mitch McConnell Trying To Scuttle The Midterm Red Wave?
Don Surber: The Uselessness Of A Fox News Poll, also, Biden Discovers Sanctions Don’t Work
First Street Journal: The Philadelphia Inquirer & The J6 Show Trial
Gates Of Vienna: Arab Culture-Enrichers Abuse Ukrainian Boys In Sweden, Turkey’s Bizarro World, and Joakim Lamotte Throws In The Towel
The Geller Report: DNC Reschedules Kamala Harris Dinner Over Lack of Ticket Sales, also, WHO To Rename Monkeypox Because “It’s Racist”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, An X-Ray Speed Trap, and How Can I Afford…
Hollywood In Toto: Could Kyle Rittenhouse Sue Bill Burr? also, Terror On The Prairie Blazes Trail Outside Hollywood, Inc.
The Lid: How Low Can You Joe? also, “That’s Not Science, That’s Conjecture!”
Legal Insurrection: DIE Proposal for Faculty Fails At U. Wash., One Of America’s Most Rich & Powerful Familes Is Behind The Progressive Gender Agenda, and  Nork Defector Terrified Of Leftist Indoctrination Coming From Public Schools
Nebraska Energy Observer: You Should See This
Outkick: The Athletic‘s New Ownership Lays Down The Law – No Politics, Slimeball MLB Commish Increases Pressure On A’s & Rays To Get New Parks, Threatens Moves, and Jabbed & Boosted NBA Commissioner Misses Second Straight Finals Game Due To Coof Protocols
Power Line: Coup’s Next, “My Dinner With Hunter Biden”, and Rolling Blackouts On The Way
Shark Tank: Rep. Mast’s Everglades Bill Becomes Law, also, DeSantis Says State Guard Will Receive Weapons Training
Shot In The Dark: Dysfunctional, Days Of Future Past – Obama’s Fourth Term Edition, and Compare & Contrast
The Political Hat: The Madness Of Rebalancing Society – Worldwide Racial Equity Chief, Women Choosing Not To Work, & Freedom For A Knife-Wielding Robber
This Ain’t Hell: Michigan AG Suggests A Drag Queen In Every School, also, Bloody Week For Navy Leaders
Victory Girls: Lauren Boebert Targeted By Same Group That Nailed Madison Cawthorn, also, Gascon’s Soft On Crime Policies Led To Deaths Of Two Police Officers
Volokh Conspiracy: And Roberts Was His Name-O, also, “Some Individuals Quoted…Appeared To Be Fabricated”
Watts Up With That: Climate Propaganda Award Winners, also, Just When You Thought Biden Couldn’t Get Any Dumber
Weasel Zippers: Is Susan Rice Biden’s Puppet Master?, Nancy Pelosi Thinks We’re Still At War In Iraq, and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms Admits She’s Defunding Police
The Federalist: J6 Show Trial Ignores Capitol Security Failures, Focuses On VP Pence, Colonial Williamsburg Destroys Its Reason For Existing, and With Nebraska’s Withdrawal, 25 States Have Now Ditched The NSBA For Targeting Parents
Mark Steyn: Resisting The Digital Handcuffs, also, The Contempt Of Our Rulers – A Case Study

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