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Guess Who Is Lying Again?

Posted on | June 22, 2022 | Comments Off on Guess Who Is Lying Again?

More blatant dishonesty from our alleged president:

[On Tuesday], President Joe Biden admitted, for the first time, “We need more refining capacity,” in reference to the gasoline, diesel, and other energy shortages that are contributing significantly to inflation. But he then added, “This idea that [the oil and gas firms] don’t have oil to drill and to bring up is simply not true.”
In fact, as I have been reporting, Biden killed a major oil refinery expansion on May 14, just five weeks ago, and killed a one million acre oil and gas lease proposed for Alaska on May 12. Some might dismiss Biden’s refusal to open up one million acres in Alaska, but Biden has yet to hold a single onshore lease sale and delayed multiple oil and gas lease sales a second time last week.
It would be great news if Biden has actually changed his mind, and is now planning on licensing the refinery that he killed. But he didn’t promise to do that. And, either way, he should stop gas-lighting the public about what he did.
If Biden and his aides are going to keep demanding that Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies censor “misinformation,” those companies should start by censoring Biden’s claim that he has issued sufficient oil and gas licenses. He hasn’t. If he had, he wouldn’t be going to Saudi Arabia next month to beg them to produce more oil. , , ,

You can read the whole thing. Every word Joe Biden says is a lie, including “and” and “the.” No intelligent person believes him, but we must remember that 50% of the population is below average.



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