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In The Mailbox: 07.11.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Silicon Valley delenda est.

It is known.

357 Magnum: Civilization Was Nice While It Lasted
EBL: Did 4 Chan Just Break Hunter Biden’s iCloud Password?, also, Save Jose Alba
Twitchy: Ohio’s AG Hasn’t Heard “A Whisper” About Alleged Pregnant 10-Year-Old From Ohio, also, NYT Hears Democrats Whispering That Biden Shouldn’t Run In 2024
Louder With Crowder: Unruly Customer Gets Served A Beatdown At Waffle House, also, Analyst Explains How Elon Musk’s Latest Move Could Destroy Twitter
Vox Popoli: The Real Challenge, What Insurrection Looks Like, and On the Inversion of Science
Gab News: The Old Testament Belongs To Christ & His People Alone

Adam Piggott: Dutch Farmers Vs. Globalism
American Conservative: The Second Great Inflation , also, They Don’t Trust Us – We Don’t Trust Them
American Greatness: Trumped Up J6 Hearings Pump Trump Up, also, Buttigieg Announces Investigation into Airlines as Customer Dissatisfaction Rises
American Power: Twitter Says It’s Going to Sue Elon Musk for Trying to Back Out of Takeover Deal, also, The Democrat Party Pox
American Thinker: Anatomy of a Really Vile Bit of Propaganda, also, The Age of Trump
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Over the past year, 15 generals from Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces have suddenly died, Brutal crackdown on protesters in communist Cuba hurts poorest Cubans the most, and Lourdes and Mayra driving the left crazy
BattleSwarm: Jose Alba The Latest Victim In The Democratic Party’s War On Self Defense, also, Democrats Behaving Badly
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches another 46 Starlink satellites, Today’s blacklisted American, and Collapse pits on Mars
Cafe Hayek: Defending My Drivel, Risks Are Inescapable – The Only Question Is Whether to Assess Them Accurately or Inaccurately, and Desperate to Keep Humanity Alarmed
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday, also, What to do With America’s Maritime Disinterest
Da Tech Guy: Don’t Believe a Word of The Left’s Critique of Biden, Building solid products, and Merrick Garland is America’s worst attorney general since Harding’s Harry M. Daugherty
Don Surber: We didn’t go to hell, David French -you did, 42% avoid the news, and Abortion backfires on Democrats
First Street Journal: Killadelphia, The Washington Post tells us that we are not fearful enough, and I love a green lawn!
Gates Of Vienna: On To Rome!, Disarming the AfD, and Dutch Intelligence is Investigating Filip Dewinter for Talking About the Great Replacement
The Geller Report: New Christian School Gets Thousands of Applications as Families Flee Public Schools in Droves, also, Trump Thunders Into Alaska For Record-Breaking Rally
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Carbon Star, and Massive Resistance Redux
Hollywood In Toto: Jeff Dunham’s Fireside Shat with Biden: ‘Nobody Likes Me’, From Joke to Cosplay to Comic Book – The Birth of Sporkman, and FLASHBACK – When Hollywood Celebrated Free Speech
The Lid: Arizona Passes Landmark Legislation For School Choice, DHS Employees Indicted for Aiding Red China’s Repression of US Residents, and Thomas Jefferson Slimed By Woke Caretakers Of His Monticello Home
Legal Insurrection: Leftist SCOTUS Stalker Group ‘ShutDownDC’ Offers Bounties For Conservative Justice Sightings, Glenn Youngkin Wins Battle to be Involved in Search for New Head of State’s Community Colleges, and Florida Being Invaded by African Giant Snails 
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Dutch Farmers Resisting One World Government
Outkick: Baker Mayfield’s Wife is Happy He’s Finally Out of Cleveland, Tennessee Sophomore Zakai Zeigler’s Family Moves Into House Bought By Vol Fans, and NYT Reporter Served By Novak Djokovic’s Wife After Calling Wimbledon Champ ‘Anti-Vax Posterboy’
Power Line: Guest Post: Gratitude and America, Protests, Theirs and Ours, and Inside the Biden family business (again)
Shark Tank: Lauren Book Launches Explosive Reelection Ad
Shot In The Dark: A League Of Their Own, Over & Over, and Don’t Even Bother Today
This Ain’t Hell: Columnist calls for Atheist backlash in response to SCOTUS rulings, Marine scout sniper has promotion ceremony in the mud, and Pearl Harbor Vet Passes
Transterrestrial Musings: The “Party Of Freedom”, Good Luck With That, and “Move Over, SpaceX”
Victory Girls: Biden’s Age Is Now A Political Problem, Army Medic Rants About Roe On TikTok, and Jill Biden: Hispanics Are As ‘Unique As Breakfast Tacos’
Volokh Conspiracy: Right to Videorecord Police Clearly Established, Violated by Blocking Camera and Shining Light Into It
Watts Up With That: NPR Spreads Misinformation About Climate Change and Models (Again!), also, “Climate Change is not a financial risk”: HSBC Responsible Banking Head Resigns
Weasel Zippers: Bounty Placed On Conservative Justices, Kamala Harris Is A Scholar, and Biden Heckled On Yet Another Vacation To Delaware
The Federalist: With Shinzo Abe’s Death, Japan And Taiwan Have Lost A Strong Advocate, Godfather Actor James Caan Was Tough On And Off-Screen, and Studies Show The Electric Vehicles Democrats Insist You Buy Are Worse For The Environment And Lower Quality
Mark Steyn: This Butcher’s Yard – Michael Caine & Zulu, Centre Court Short, and The Peasants Are Revolting

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