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In The Mailbox: 07.14.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Is Ukraine about to go on the counter offensive?, also, Ivana Trump, RIP
Twitchy: Don Lemon says journalists aren’t doing their jobs if they don’t portray Republicans as dangerous to society
Louder With Crowder: Enes Freedom Dunks on LeBron James After Latter’s Idiotic Comments About America, also, Twitter Includes Poop Emoji Tweet as Legal Evidence Against Elon Musk, So Elon Responds With More Poop
Vox Popoli: Russia Won the Oil War, The Unvaxxed Shall Inherit the Earth, and Backings Old and New

American Conservative: Anti-Gay Telescope Tyranny!
American Greatness: Federal Judge Sentences 69-Year-Old Grandmother With Cancer to 2 Months in Jail For ‘Parading’ in the Capitol on January 6, also, Judge Grants Missouri & Louisiana AGs Discovery in Collusion Case Against Top Biden Officials & Social Media Companies
American Power: Inflation’s Still Screaming
American Thinker: Snack and Die Early, Where the Rednecks Roam, and The Party of Violence
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Underground Bunker News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship pays prison guards nearly 50% more than they pay doctors, also, Reports from Cuba – Havana, a dead city with ‘more police than people on the street’ and no lines
Baldilocks: My Free Substack Content, also, My Paywall Content at Substack
BattleSwarm: Two Doses of Neil Oliver, also, SIR! You have CROSSED THE LINE!
Behind The Black: New Hawaiian law takes control of Mauna Kea away from astronomers, Today’s blacklisted Americans, and Falcon 9 launches cargo Dragon to ISS
Cafe Hayek: Some Links
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: The Supreme Court finally strikes a blow against the Administrative State, also, Why the Democrat Left in General and Elizabeth Warren in Particular hate Pregnancy Centers in five words: No opportunity for Government Graft
Don Surber: Don’t bail out Ukraine
First Street Journal: Bidenflation!, also, I wonder how many Philadelphia workers used this to get around the city’s #VaccineMandate?
Gates Of Vienna: Marx and the Banning of Elements in the Periodic Table, Ukrainians Say – Germans Must Freeze to Death For Our Sake!, and Cultural Enrichment Among the Homeless in Austria
The Geller Report: Democrats Unanimously REJECTED Amendment to Increase Penalties For All Child Sex Trafficking offenses, also, “Too obscene to describe”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Southern Ring Nebula, and Not Everything Is About Your Sexual Orientation
Hollywood In Toto: Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks Wobbles on Woke Humor, Shreds Feminism, also, Will She Said Include ‘They Knew?’
The Lid: Biden Appointee Resigns for Unethically Making $1 Million with University During White House Stint
Legal Insurrection: LA County DA Gascón Closing Unit That Tells Victims of Assailant’s Parole Hearings, The Great Realignment, and After Sri Lanka, Globalist Green Agenda Pushes Ghana To Brink of Collapse
Nebraska Energy Observer: Clarity
Outkick: Deion Sanders Shares Why He Thinks There Are So Few Black Players In The MLB Today, White Sox Fans are Desperate to Get Tony La Russa Fired, and Freddie Freeman’s Former Agent Casey Close Files Libel Suit Against Doug Gottlieb
Power Line: What Did Socialists Use For Lighting Before Candles?, also, Fact-checking: The final frontier
Shark Tank: Florida GOP Poll Shows Mills Leading Sabatini
Shot In The Dark: Recruitment, also, WaPo – “Poor Poor Pitiful We”
The Political Hat: Killing Babies: Leviathan Takes Baby From Parents To Kill; Flanders Kills 10% Of Its Babies; Euthanasia Saved Babies?
This Ain’t Hell: Military Times Foundation’s Soldier of the Year is a Stud, Fake Marine Pleads Guilty in Stolen Valor Case, and Aftermath of the Good Idea Fairy
Transterrestrial Musings: The Bar Exam
Victory Girls: Roundup Time: Desperate Times, More Desperate Democrats
Volokh Conspiracy: It Must Be Nice To Have John Marshall On Your Side, Except for Indian Law
Watts Up With That: Aussie PM Faces Defeat on First Major Climate Bill
Weasel Zippers: Man Accused Of Plotting To Kill Progressive House Chair Pramila Jayapal, Dazed And Confused: Joe Biden Is Led Off Stage Following His Speech In Israel, and Biden Backs Canada Restarting Russian Pipeline After Killing US-Based One
The Federalist: Even Occasional Cortex Is Doing A Better Job Questioning Capitol Security Features Than The Theatrical J6 Committee, American Press Is Ignoring The Dutch Farmer Protests Because They Hurt Its Climate Fearmongering Campaign, and Courts Squash Democrats’ ‘Most Secure Election’ Lie
Mark Steyn: Victims of the Vaccine, Orange in the Age of Protocol, and Partying in the Palace Pool

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