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In The Mailbox: 07.18.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: What’s The Opposite Of Diversity? University
EBL: The Iranian Bomb, Willis Haviland Carrier Invents Air Conditioning, and How Stable Is Red China Right Now?
Twitchy: Cope – Biden Knows How To Fix Our Problems, It’s Just Out Of His Immediate Control, also, U.S. Attorney’s Office Decides Not To Prosecute Colbert’s Crew
Louder With Crowder: TikToker Virtue Signals Over Pronouns, Gets Slapped By Her Cat , Weird Al Yankovic Gets Canceled by Woke Reviewer Over… January 6?, and Chris Pratt Shares Original Pitch for The Terminal List
Vox Popoli: “All Hell Will Break Loose”, No Gas for Germany, and On the Assassination of Shinzo Abe
Stoic Observations: Full Humanity For All
Gab News: Christians Need To Support Doug Mastriano

Adam Piggott: Across the Rhine and into the Alps
American Conservative: The Battle Ahead, also, Worshipping Dead Horses
American Greatness: Regime Propaganda, Ray Epps, and the New York Times , also, Blame it on the Rain
American Thinker: Don’t Bang on My Teakettle, also, How the NAACP Lets Down American Blacks
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship tries to hide the reasons behind the massive protest in Los Palacios Thursday night, Pregnant woman loses baby after she’s injured in assault by Cuban police on residents standing in line for food, and The disgrace that is Pope Francis’ close relationship with Cuba’s murderous dictator
BattleSwarm: Nepotism And Official Oppression in Neches ISD, also, HIMARS vs. Russian Logistics
Behind The Black: SpaceX completes 31st launch in 2022, matching its entire output in 2021, Red Chinese university tests hypersonic space plane, and Pushback: PA school board settles lawsuit and will pay $300K for censoring critics
Cafe Hayek: About Climate-Change’s Economic Cost, also, Retailing Nonsense
CDR Salamander: It’s a Mid-Summer Midrats Melee!!, also, On D+0 on the Opening of the Next Pacific War – we Will Regret not Having This
Chicago Boyz: Starvation and Centralization, also, How to turn a recession into a Depression
Da Tech Guy: The Navy’s “punishments” for the Bonhomme Richard fire explained, Review: Season 2 of Capitani, and Virtue Signaling and Victim Envy
Don Surber: Why we don’t like Fox, also, 14 years after Obama won, Iran gets a nuke
First Street Journal: “She snuck out that night and been with some bad friends.”, also, Hold them accountable!
Gates Of Vienna: Ve Haf Vays of Making You Comply, The Boy Rapist of Skellefteå, and Tough Luck for the Potatoes
The Geller Report: Leaked Audio: Biden Threatened Ex-Ukraine President Poroshenko With Assassination If He Cooperated With Trump, Starbucks CEO Blames Woke Elected Officials For 16 Store Closures In Dangerous Cities, and Hate Group Southern Poverty Law Center Helping Out with the J6 Witch Hunt
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, M33 in Infrared and Radio, and Dealing with Incompetence
Hollywood In Toto: 35 Years Later RoboCop Is as Fresh, Raw and Relevant as Ever, Andrew Schulz: “The Future is Ownership, Not Censorship”, and Woke Is Just Part of the Problem Plaguing the MCU Now
The Lid: More Kamala Harris Staff Escapes Abusive Boss
Legal Insurrection: Elon Musk Lawsuit Response, The Woke Left is Destroying American History at Founders’ Homes, and Liz Cheney Trailing Harriet Hageman By 22 Points In Poll of Wyoming House Primary
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is good, also, Reflections on a Train Trip
Outkick: Suspected Murderer of Former NASCAR Driver Bobby East Shot and Killed By Police, Former WWE Ring Girl Set to Challenge Longtime Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Deshaun Watson Reportedly Intends To Sue NFL If He’s Suspended The Full Season
Power Line: Breaking Free From China?, Sympathy for Ray Epps, and Guest Post: Welcome to Soviet America
Protein Wisdom: Patrick J. Carroll Might Be A Psychopath
Shark Tank: Jake Hoffman Crushes “Fake News” Blog & Gonzalez-Pittman’s Bogus Attacks
Shot In The Dark: Had Enough Of WOMPWAs, also, Just The News!
STUMP: The Death of Ivana Trump: Falls are Dangerous for Seniors
The Political Hat: There Is Nothing More Discriminatory Than “Anti-Discrimination Laws”
This Ain’t Hell: Left-wing group lands big $$$ to help illegals avoid deportation, Culpability Found in USS Bonhomme Richard Fire, and Thomas Wayne Hudson – Even After Death, The Hits Just Keep on Comin’
Transterrestrial Musings: Filling A Vacuum, My Groucho Moment, and Rebooting The Moon
Victory Girls: Fauxcahontas Claims Pregnancy Centers Torture Women
Volokh Conspiracy: New Wave of Russian Emigration is an Opportunity for the West – but one we Seem Likely to Flub
Watts Up With That: John Christy Debunks Climate Models and Extreme Weather Hysteria With Laura Ingraham on FOX News, also, Germany’s Running Out Of Energy: Wind Turbine Construction Stalls, Firewood Becoming Scarce!
Weasel Zippers: Joe Biden Demonstrates Why He’s Totally Fit To Be President, U Mad, Bowser?, and Hunter’s Laptop Shows Dozens Of Meetings With Dad, Business Partners
The Federalist: MSNBC Regular Malcolm Nance Wants You To Kill Your Neighbor, Sri Lanka Is Just The First To Topple In Globalists’ Green Energy House Of Cards, and Fake News Board (Commonly Known As Pulitzer Prize) Defends Award To 2018 Russia Hoaxers
Mark Steyn: The More You Drive: Repo Man and Punk Cinema, Hard to Get Through on the Phone, and (Ah, the Apple Trees) When the World Was Young

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