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In The Mailbox: 07.27.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Paul Sorvino, RIP
Twitchy: Gov. DeSantis Drops The Hammer On ESG Funds, also, WaPo Bummed By New Poll On Gov. Youngkin
Louder With Crowder: Rapper Shot Dead After Post on Instagram Telling Anyone Who Wants to Smoke Him, ‘I’m at My Crib’, also, Kid Gets Excited for First Paycheck…Until His First Lesson on Taxes
Vox Popoli: The Abyss Stalks Back, Monkeypox Joe Defends Homogamy, and The Perfect Convergence
Gab News: Gab On The Rachel Maddow Show
Stoic Observations: Nope – A New American Gothic?

Adam Piggott: The real smoking ceremony that Australia needs to see
American Conservative: Three Cheers for the Patriarchy, also. Viktor Orbán’s Ukraine Realism
American Greatness: Major Military Academies Have Been Teaching Critical Race Theory for Some Time
American Power: January 6th Hearings Succeeded Not Just through Good Intentions but With Teasers, Previews, Recaps, and Diagrams to Turn Congressional Inquest Into Great Television
American Thinker: The Final Months of a Bad Employee
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Grifter News
Babalu Blog: What ‘economic growth’ looks like in communist Cuba, also, Cuban exile baseball players say MLB commissioner is complicit with the Castro dictatorship
BattleSwarm: Russia Signs Grain Export Corridor Agreement With Ukraine, Then Promptly Attacks Export Port, also, Dispatches From The Burning Land
Behind The Black: OneWeb and Eutelsat sign merger deal, New boss of Roscosmos confirms decision to leave ISS in 2024, and Today’s blacklisted Americans: Pro-abortion terrorists vandalize 77 churches and pregnancy centers in last ten weeks
Cafe Hayek: In Defense of Consumer Sovereignty, also, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Minimum questions about minimum wage”
CDR Salamander: Making a Great Maritime Partnership Better, with Emma Salisbury, also, A Ship Adrift is Never an Accident
Chicago Boyz: Out Of All Patience
Da Tech Guy: Pritzker meddled in GOP gubernatorial primaries, 5 Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora, and Answer:  $425,308,966 and $180,734,472
Don Surber: Thugs vandalize 77 churches and centers over abortion, DeSantis rewrites media rules for Republicans, and AOC ’24
First Street Journal: Have Pope Francis and Cardinal Wilton Gregory forgotten the duty of pastoral care?
Gates Of Vienna: Migrants Storm the Trains at Peschiera del Garda, Nice Work If You Can Get It, And You Can Get It If You’re Ukrainian, and They Know the Pitchforks and Torches are Coming
The Geller Report: Doctor Punished For Questioning COVID Vaccine and Using Therapeutics Sues Hospital for $25 Million, also, Why Democrats Have Waged War On Pregnancy Centers
Hogewash: I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, Sauces, Geese, and Ganders, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Chappelle Joins Rock, Hart to Tell Cancel Culture to Pound Sand, Russell Brand: Mainstream Media Think That You Are Stupid, and Joyce Carol Oates: Yes, White Authors Face Discrimination
The Lid: Two Huge Republican Senate Primaries Set For Next Week
Legal Insurrection: NYC Mayor Adams Still Trying to Blame Other States for the Influx of Illegal Immigrants, Harvard and Other Ivy League Schools Push Congress for Special Tax Cut on Endowments, and ‘Full Frontal’ With Samantha Bee Gets Canceled by TBS
Nebraska Energy Observer: Facing the Beast, also, Lupus Tenebrosus: Chapter 22
Outkick: Brittney Griner Speaks To The Media, Defense Makes New Argument About Her Cannabis Use, The Best Reactions To Aaron Rodgers’ Con Air Look, and Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh Doubles Down On Abortion Stance, Offers To ‘Raise That Baby’
Power Line: Grassley’s FBI whistleblowers, “Far Right” Favored to Win Italian Election, and Recessional
Shark Tank: Angie Nixon Doubles Down On Vote-Buying Allegations
Shot In The Dark: Your Lying Eyes
This Ain’t Hell: Which one do you chose, Army, readiness or wokeness?, Army Chief Warrant Admits Stealing Millions, ‘Jarheads’ killer’s trial finally starting, and Chechens reportedly want to step up
Transterrestrial Musings: Academia Is Neglecting Its Most Basic Function, Weird Fedora Problem, and The 1619 Project
Victory Girls: Alaska Senate Race-Murkowski, RINO V. Tshibaka, Trumper, also, DOJ, FBI Accused Of Burying Hunter Biden Laptop Info
Volokh Conspiracy: Breaking Down Joan Biskupic’s Latest Reporting On The Dobbs Leak
Watts Up With That: Get Ready for the 100 Year Long Climate “Emergency”
Weasel Zippers: Fauci: I Never Said To Lock Anything Down, also, Multiple Intelligence Sources Indicate FBI Helping To Bury Hunter Biden Stories
The Federalist: FBI Agent Who Failed To Vet Steele Dossier Is Named As One Who Helped Paint Hunter Biden Exploits As ‘Disinformation’, The Left’s Response To Failure Is To Redefine It As Success, and Make Baseball Great Again
Mark Steyn: At Last/Serenade In Blue, also, Known Unknowns

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