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In The Mailbox: 07.29.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts. May have a book & comics post as well.
Video of the day
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

357 Magnum: Sparky Bus Fire Sends Three To Hospital
Twitchy: KJP Explains How States Busing Illegals To DC Is Very Different From Feds Flying Them Around the Country, also, Special K Also Explains How Inflation Reduction Act Will Fight Inflation (It’s Right There In The Name)
Louder With Crowder: “Stop Sexualizing Kids”
Vox Popoli: Excess Death in Australia, A Warning Within the Warning, and Send in the Boomers
According To Hoyt: Going Backwards, also, On Being A Flea
Monster Hunter Nation: July Update Post, also, WriterDojo S3 Ep3: Writing Action (Round 3/2)

American Conservative: A Life in the InfoWar, also, State-Sanctioned Anarchy
American Greatness: House GOP Vows to Subpoena Hunter and James Biden Under New Majority
American Power: They Can’t Let Him Back In, The Frictionless Politics of the Social Technocracy, and Definition of a Recession
American Thinker: Biden’s Cabinet: Let us Count the Ways, A Corrupt and Rigged Government, and Why Satire Unhinges the Left
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Oil Bonanza Friday
Babalu Blog: Three children arrested during last year’s July 11 protests in Cuba remain imprisoned, Top Latinx socialist advocate for Cuban dictatorship caught wearing un-socialist garb, and Cuban dictatorship forces workers to become spies, snitches, and paramilitary thugs
Behind The Black: Long March 5B core stage crash window narrows to 12 hours, Update on status of first orbital Starship/Superheavy, and Pushback: Teacher wins victory against R.I. school district that tried to blacklist her
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: The Best Argument For Trump I’ve Ever Heard
Don Surber: West Virginia Takes On Black Rock, also, Let Trump Be Trump
First Street Journal: Telling the people most at risk for contracting #Monkeypox how to avoid it is just way, way, way too politically incorrect!
Gates Of Vienna: The Greens Troll for the Preschool Vote, Knife Jihad in Le Mans, Tilting at Windmills, and What’s Missing From This Picture?
The Geller Report: In the Past Year, Chinese Investors Purchased $6.1 BILLION Worth of Property in The US, also, Zuckerberg’s Edsel: Meta FAIL, Loses 2.8 Million Dollars
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, Gravitational Lensing
Hollywood In Toto: Thirteen Lives Could Use Some Hollywood Razzle Dazzle, also, Resurrection Is Way Too Desperate to Shock Us
The Lid: For Party’s Sake, Trump Must Wait Until After Midterms To Declare Intentions
Legal Insurrection: Special K – Biden Isn’t Finishing the Border Wall, We’re Cleaning Up Trump’s Mess, Biden Nominates Lawyer Who Represented Mississippi Abortion Clinic to Appeals Court, and Yale Law School Shuts Down Listserv Tied to Disruptive Student Protests
Nebraska Energy Observer: Wars and Rebirths
Outkick: NBA Finally Follows Science – Won’t Mandate Jab Next Season, Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) Flips Off Republicans During Congressional Baseball Game, Major League Football Members, Players Left Stranded At Unpaid Hotels By League Speak With OutKick, and Cleveland Guardians Struggling To Attract Fans, Ratings After Name Change
Power Line: Everybody’s Talking About the Bird, News You Can Use on . . . Naked Biking?, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Florida Democrats Mobilize To Push Moderates/”DINOs” Out Of The Party, also, Bilirakis – Democrats Doubling Down On Radical Green Agenda
Shot In The Dark: You’ll Get Nothing And Like It, also, Antisocial Contract
STUMP: Middle-aged Massacre (too!): Increase in Mortality for Ages 40-59 in the U.S. for 2020-2021 Mainly Driven By COVID
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: Is Big Business Out of Hand?
This Ain’t Hell: WWII Navy ship found more than 4 miles down, Retired Coastie and wife – identity thieves, and KGB officers?, Army to train up recruits – to become recruits, and Valor Friday
Transterrestrial Musings: Another Trump Presidency, Bad Newspace News, and Magical Thinking
Victory Girls: Monkeypox By Any Other Name Is Still Gay
Volokh Conspiracy: West Virginia v. EPA: Getting to Actual Delegation
Watts Up With That: Uncivil Society: Climate Alarmists’ Last Stand?, also, The Bright Side of the Manchin/Schumer Climate Deal
Weasel Zippers: Special K On The Recession: “We Are In A Transition”, Tucker Carlson Renames “Monkeypox” And Liberals Freak Out, Red China Threatens To Shoot Down Nancy Pelosi’s Plane If She Flies To Taiwan, and Households Spending $6,000 More Per Year Because Of Joe Biden And His Climate Religion
The Federalist: Here’s What Wyoming Voters Really Think Of Liz Cheney And Her Sham J6 Committee, Pay Attention To The Dutch Farmer Protests Because America Is Next, and Youngkin-Era Law Forces Election Integrity Group To Take Down Its List Of Virginia Voter Rolls
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet: Friday July 29th, also, Rule by Experts

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