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In The Mailbox: 08.02.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Hard to disagree.

357 Magnum: How Social Justice Warriors Hurt Minorities
EBL: Nice When Old Friends Can Reconnect
Twitchy: Robber Upset That 80-Year-Old Store Owner Shot His Arm Off, also, Eric Feigl-Ding Thinks Schools Will Need More Safety Mitigations Because Of Monkeypox
Louder With Crowder: Doocy Smokes White House Over Inflation “Reduction” Act
Vox Popoli: The Price of Popularity, Arktoons 8 Million, and Were the Chinese Bluffing?
Stoic Observations: He Looked Just Like You

Adam Piggott: The best way to tell if she’s worth a second look
American Conservative: Against Public Atheism, also, Catholic Readers Respond To TLM Post
American Greatness: Port of Los Angeles Clogs Up Again Due to Railroad Worker Shortage, also, Soros Vows to Continue Supporting Soft-on-Crime DAs Despite Backlash
American Power: Fit to Print? UNC’s Settlement with Nikole Hannah-Jones is Bad News, also, The Left’s Assault on the Middle Class
American Thinker: Democrats Are Learning That Hating Trump Is Not The Same As Governing
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Nuclear News
Babalu Blog: Who knew we’d be talking about the misery index again?, Cuba’s Largest Power Plant Closes Down Again Due To Breakdown, and Looming blackouts in Havana a reminder of the failure of communism in Cuba
BattleSwarm: Lebanon Seizes Ship Loaded With Stolen Ukrainian Grain, also, Peter Zeihan: World Agricultural Output Is Screwed, US Output Is Not
Behind The Black: 500 healthcare workers, fired for refusing COVID jab, win $10.3 million lawsuit, Russia launches military satellite, and Long March 5B pieces crash near villages in Malaysia and Indonesia
Cafe Hayek: Geoff Brennan, R.I.P., also, Goods and Services With Price Ceilings of $0
CDR Salamander: The USA Thinks in Domains; the PRC Thinks in Dominances, also, How Many Fireboats Can You Buy for $1.2 Billion?
Chicago Boyz: The Light of Rutupaie Going Out
Da Tech Guy: Fact-checkers are gaslighting Americans over definition of a recession, The Left in General and the Transgender Groomer Left in one Image (and some advice), and Report from Louisiana: Back to School Wish Lists
Don Surber: Biden got the recession he wanted, Let Trump be Trump, and Tossing away 246 years of progress
First Street Journal: Killadelphia
Gates Of Vienna: Afghan Culture-Enricher Punches Out a Girl Soldier, We’ve Got to Beat the Meat, and Imagine There’s No Religion
The Geller Report: No Media Coverage: Biden’s Baby Formula Shortage Worsens, Wreaking Havoc On American Families
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, What’s Up for August, 2022
Hollywood In Toto: Broadway Star: Hollywood Ended My Career for Not Getting Vaccine, Wayne’s World at 30: Even More Excellent!, and Dunham’s Sharp Stick Features Film’s First ‘Abortion Baby Shower’
The Lid: Tisha B’ Av: The Day God Gave The Jews A Reason To Cry, also, Rampant Fatherlessness Leads To Tragedies
Legal Insurrection: The Battle Over Wokeness in Higher Ed is Hitting Conservative Colleges Too, Republicans Don’t Believe New CNN CEO’s Promise to End Partisanship, and Air Force Base Hosts Drag Show During Its Diversity Weekend
Nebraska Energy Observer: Looking Back, also, Part One Of Three
Outkick: Enes Kanter Freedom Says He Has No NBA Offers After Speaking Out Against Red China, Exclusive: Allison Williams Joins Fox Sports, Kurt Warner Defends Coordinator Who Said Patrick Mahomes Plays ‘Streetball’, and White Sox Manager Tony La Russa Caught Sleeping on the Job!
Power Line: Living hell in Minneapolis, also, I Scream, You Scream, Reuters Screams
Shark Tank: VP Harris Says Resiliency Money Coming To South Florida
Shot In The Dark: Justice, also, The Mother Of All Debacles
The Political Hat: Anti-Prayer Zones In Ireland
This Ain’t Hell: Outrage over toxic waste burn pit bill, Nan Arrives!, and Navajo Code Talker Passes
Transterrestrial Musings: The FBI And The Democrats, Why America Can’t Build, and George Soros On Criminal Justice
Victory Girls: Joe Manchin’s Tone Deaf Victory Lap, also, Germany Energy Shortage Should Be Warning To U.S.
Volokh Conspiracy: The Conservative Case for Sanctuary Cities and States
Watts Up With That: Climate Scientist Andrew Dessler Proves Renewable Energy is Useless
Weasel Zippers: Biological Man Booted From Girls Cheerleading Camp After Choking Out A Biological Female, Liz Cheney Thinks “Water World” Actor Can Save Her, and Governor Hair Gel Declares State Of Emergency Over Schlong COVID
The Federalist: Russell Moore And Evangelical Elites Can’t Let Go Of Their Jeremiad Against Conservative Christians, Inside Liz Cheney’s Coordinated Effort To Prevent Troop Deployment Before Jan. 6, and It’s Not A “Loophole” Just Because Democrats Don’t Like It
Mark Steyn: It’s Not a Fair Cop, also, Making Plans For Us

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