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He’s Not Making This Up, You Know

Posted on | August 6, 2022 | Comments Off on He’s Not Making This Up, You Know

My podcast partner John Hoge calls attention to this story:

A Baltimore ex-gang member who uses graffiti to designate ‘no shoot zones’ to discourage gun violence around the city was shot in his back, neck and jaw on Wednesday.
‘I was shot three times,’ Tyree Moorehead, 46, told reporters on Wednesday. ‘A bullet went through my jaw, my neck and one is still in my back.’
He is known for creating over 250 ‘no shoot zones’ across Baltimore in places where someone was shot and killed to raise awareness for the issue.
A former gang member himself, Moorehead has admitted to shooting up to 20 people as a teenager before serving 11 years in jail following a shootout with police at age 15.
In a video posted to what appears to be Moorehead’s Instagram page, he said he was shot near Monument Street while going to the store in central Baltimore.
Moorehead apparently made it home after the shooting before police arrived, and the injured 46-year-old can be heard saying to medics ‘I’ve been shot in my neck and my back, I think.’ . . .
Moorehead was then taken to hospital before leaving without being discharged. A video recorded by Fox45 showed him walking down a Baltimore street in hospital scrubs and a blue hair net.
He told a reporter he was ‘good,’ and also said ‘nothing went wrong, you just have someone that’s trying to protect a community that obviously doesn’t want to be protected.’

There may be cities in America that are worse than Baltimore, but it’s a damned short list. Be sure to tune in to The Other Podcast for more.



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