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In The Mailbox: 08.25.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Someday Companies Will Take Security Seriously
EBL: Spring Break will be lit next year
Twitchy: Someone Got A Photo Of The Dangerous Ben Shapiro Inside A Podcasting Convention, also, Zuckerberg Says FBI Warned Facebook That Hunter’s Laptop Was Russian Disinformation
Louder With Crowder: Lady Gaga poker faceplants claiming Texas is going to ‘turn blue’ in November, also, ‘That’s not right’: Ron DeSantis defends middle class, goes beast mode against Biden’s student loan plan
Vox Popoli: A Good Start, WW3 Mobilization Math, and Shut Up, He Explained
Stoic Observations: Living In A Material World

American Conservative: Farm or Die
American Greatness: California to Ban New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035, Texas Bans BlackRock for Anti-Oil Agenda, and The White House Is Creating A Texas-Border Patrol Standoff 
American Thinker: What Would the Devil Have to Do Today to Destroy America?, also, The Second American Civil War, and Ways to Win It
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Student Loan News
Babalu Blog: Cuba Libre: Civic Commitment for a Transition to Democracy, HRF report exposes Castro dictatorship’s modern-day slave trade in Cuban doctors, and Cuban regime claims $255 million cost to repair 4 of its power plants as more protests erupt during blackouts
BattleSwarm: School District by School District, Critical Race Theory Is Being Defeated
Behind The Black: How SLS reveals the difference between state-run propaganda and real journalism, Pushback? BLM murderer of retired black St. Louis police captain found guilty, and Eroding glacial ice on Mars, dipping in the wrong direction
Cafe Hayek: The (Il)logic of Retaliatory Industrial Policy, also, ‘Following the Science’ – My &(Y#
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: I’m Old Enough to Remember When “Death Panels” were a Punch Line for the Left vs Palin and not Policy in Canada, also, Social and Emotional Learning is the latest front in the war the political left is waging on individualism
Don Surber: Finland is not a serious country. Kick it out of NATO, also, Dump the National Archives and Records Administration
First Street Journal: In Philadelphia, Black Lives Don’t Matter!
Gates Of Vienna: The Revenge of the Moors, You Never Know When the Gun Might Go Off by Accident, and Jew-Hating Workers of the World Unite!
The Geller Report: Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis Sweeps School Board Elections with 25 Wins
Hogewash:  Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, An Isolated, Irregular Dwarf, and Disinformation Governance Board Sent Down the Memory Hole
Hollywood In Toto: Stallone’s Samaritan Shows Limits to Icon’s Screen Presence
The Lid: American Voters Are Moving To The Right
Legal Insurrection: U. Washington Never Corrected False Reporting on a Transgender Study Due to Positive Coverage, El Paso Sector Border Patrol Have Picked Up Hundreds of Illegal Immigrant Adults Posing as Children, Whistleblowers: FBI Leadership Told Agents ‘You Will Not Look at That Hunter Biden Laptop’, and Triple Crown Winner: Italian Man Goes to Spain, Returns With Monkeypox, HIV, and Covid
Nebraska Energy Observer: The scales
Outkick:  Jacoby Brissett Says It’s ‘Easy’ For Him To Not Be Like Deshaun Watson, Deion Sanders Rips Players Focusing On NIL, South Carolina Has To Rename Its Rooster And Fans Want ‘Cock Commander’, and Dennis Rodman No Longer Visiting Russia To Free Brittney Griner
Power Line: Facebook Censors Flag Power Line, also, Walz Failed
Shark Tank: Rubio Calls Out Demings For Supporting Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Proposal
Shot In The Dark: Stumble Of Faith, also, Buying Time
STUMP: Childhood Mortality Trends, 1999-2021 
The Political Hat: Republicanism And Conservatism
This Ain’t Hell: NJ VA home Covid death suits, Gov Ron DeSantis Mocked by ex-Navy Pilot – Accused of Stolen Valor, SEAL Training Priorities, and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene swatted a second time
Transterrestrial Musings: Ukraine’s Attrition Strategy, also, Ukraine
Victory Girls:  Biden Team Dodges All The Money Questions
Volokh Conspiracy: Latest Order Regarding Unsealing of Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Affidavit
Watts Up With That: ‘There is No Climate Emergency’ (1,107 Signatories and Counting)
Weasel Zippers: Fauxcahontas Tells The Truth: Biden’s Student Debt Bailout Is About The Votes, DNC Chair: Republicans Are “Misreading The Landscape” On Talk About Crime, Inflation, and Europe’s Largest Power Plant In Ukraine Now Disconnected From Power Grid Over Meltdown Fears
The Federalist: No, Killing People Is Not A Humane Solution For The West’s Epidemic Of Despair, Democrats Accuse Crisis Pregnancy Centers Of Manipulating Women — But That’s Planned Parenthood, and Dems Ask Taxpayers To Fund More Living Expenses For Lawbreaking Migrants
Mark Steyn: Cockroach Bolognese, also, Broken Britain

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