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In The Mailbox: 08.26.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

It’s Friday, and the usual weekend deadlines are in effect for the usual weekend posts.
For those of you who have been bedeviled by this week’s Taylor Swift memes, I hope today’s meme explains everything to your satisfaction; given that Ms. Swift made the mistake of coming out of the political closet and supporting Democrats, who are acting a lot like a certain former Austrian art student’s followers, she deserves all the mockery she can stand.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

EBL: Marcha Real, also, Fakebook Zuckerberg Admits FBI Told Them To Quash Hunter Biden Laptop Story
Twitchy: The IRS Is Leaking Information About Conservative Donors Again, also, Dee Snider’s Not Happy About “MAGAT Fascists” Using His Song – Reality Checks Ensue
Louder With Crowder: Watch: Drew Barrymore is being race shamed for frolicking in the rain. No, really., also, Stripper goes viral giving little kid a ride on her pole at a parade while other grown adults celebrate
Vox Popoli: Gavin McInnes Arrested, Proxy War 2.0, and It Tolls for DC
According To Hoyt: Rains of Spiders and Women Birthing Snakes
Monster Hunter Nation: WriterDojo S3 E7: Supporter Spectacular (Round V), also, No Game For Knights – Out in September

Adam Piggott: The Last Village
American Conservative: History Is History, also, The Secret Of Latin Mass (And Divine Liturgy)
American Greatness: Morning Greatness: Critics Say Biden Student Loan Plan Illegal, also, Trump Calls DOJ’s Heavily Redacted Affidavit For Mar-A-Lago Raid a ‘Total Public Relations Subterfuge’
American Thinker: The Senate is Very Much in Play for the GOP, also, The Man Who Won the War
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Man Test Friday
Babalu Blog: Cuban doctors sent to Mexico working under slave conditions, When it comes to Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, Pope Francis sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil, and While some Cubans hex their dictatorship through witchcraft, a Catholic priest calls for active resistance by the people
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for August 26, 2022
Behind The Black: T-Mobile and Starlink to team up, FCC commissioner questions legality of FCC cancellation of SpaceX’s $900 million subsidy, and Today’s blacklisted American: Blacklisting is not enough, leftists now aim to get conservatives killed by police
Cafe Hayek: The Mad Witch Hunting Intensifies
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: Here comes the Predicted MSM’s “Trump Vaccine” Pivot ( #Unexpectedly of course )
Don Surber: Take the language back, also, Student loan ingrates yawn at $10,000 gift
First Street Journal: The problem is not mass incarceration
Gates Of Vienna:  The Wayward Bus, Thai Premier Placed on Non-Active, and Party Like It’s 2015
The Geller Report: Mark Zuckerberg Tells Joe Rogan: FBI Pressured Facebook To Censor Hunter Biden Story Just Weeks Before 2020 Election, also, Wall Street Journal: The Trump Warrant Had No Legal Basis
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, NGC 7027, The Actual Cost of Electric Cars, and Main Basis for Probable Cause for the Mar-a-Largo Search Warrant Revealed
Hollywood In Toto: Three Thousand Years of Longing Is Nothing Like You Expect, Bill Maher: I Still Believe Trump Colluded with Russia to Beat Hillary, and Orphan: First Kill Laps the Original (Faint Praise Alert!)
The Lid: Joe Biden, How Dare You Compare Me To Hitler
Legal Insurrection: SCOTUS Affirmative Action Reply Briefs: Harvard and UNC Make Arguments Similar To Segregationists, ‘Viewer Discretion is Advised:’ Podcast Movement Organizers Mocked After Apologizing for Ben Shapiro’s ‘Presence’ at Expo, and Minnesota Proposing Teachers Integrate ‘Racial Consciousness and Reflection’ to Receive License
Nebraska Energy Observer: Legends and Freedom of Speech
Outkick: Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Is Ready For The Weekend, ‘I’ll Whip Yer Ass’, Lee Westwood Torches ‘Hypocrites’ Tiger, Rory And PGA For ‘Copying’ LIV, and Colorado Baseball Team Cancels Family Night Event With Pro-Life Groups
Power Line: The O’Keefe Project: Footsteps getting closer, Did the FBI Rig the 2020 Election?, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Demings Calls Rubio An “Anti-abortion Extremist” Despite Her Own Extreme Pro-Abortion Record
Shot In The Dark: The Best Of Hands, Let It Be Noted, and Never Forget
The Political Hat: Stealth Veganism
This Ain’t Hell: Valor Friday, Christian schools as an answer to public school woke agenda, and Spambot Attack
Transterrestrial Musings: The Lunacy Of The Left, also, The Wonders Of Obamacare
Victory Girls: The White House is having a Twitter meltdown comparing Student Debt to PPP, also, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Quickly Backtracks On School Vaccine Mandate
Volokh Conspiracy: Heavily Redacted Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Affidavit Now Available
Watts Up With That: Green Energy Fail: Germany Imposes Strict Winter Rationing on Individuals and Companies
Weasel Zippers: Biden Loan Student Loan Give Away To Deadbeats Could Cost $6,000 Per Taxpayer Or Over $1 Trillion, Mark Zuckerberg Tells Joe Rogan The FBI Told Him To Censor Hunter Biden Story, and Radical Group Trying To Transition Your Kids Now Operating In 4,000 Schools Nationwide
The Federalist: Judge Denies Michigan Secretary of State’s Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit Removing 26,000 Dead Registrants From Voter Rolls, After Proclaiming The Opposite, Medical Pros Quietly Admit Mutilating Trans Kids Doesn’t Fix Depression, Ranked-Choice Voting Is A Nightmare — And It’s On The Ballot In Nevada, and FBI Is So Committed To Transparency Nearly Entire Trump Raid Affidavit Is Redacted
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet: Friday August 26th, also, Woke Welfare

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