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In The Mailbox: 08.29.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Did a little work on Wombat’s Bookshelf yesterday and brought it up to date through the end of 2021, so if you missed any of the review posts last year or just need a quick guide to some worthwhile SF and history books, there you are.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Meanwhile, in Reno…(from the r/Reno subreddit)

357 Magnum: Wisconsin Media Seems Confused About Self-Defense
Director Blue: SpyGate The Graphic Novel Chapter 9 – When Lisa Met Pete
EBL: Will Trump Get A Special Master?, also, When The Shiite Hits The Fan
Twitchy: Taylor Lorenz Has The Vapors Over Libs Of TikTok Again, also, Allow Democrat John Fetterman To Explain Why He Opposes Voter ID
Louder With Crowder: Mike Tyson shares why he turned from an ‘all-out liberal’ to a conservative, also, Jason Aldean’s wife makes joke about gender and being a tomboy
Vox Popoli: Very Correct Indeed, The Devil’s Pride, The Death of Davos Man, and Definitely Fake, Probably Gay
Stoic Observations: Bull, Boss, & Big Black

Adam Piggott: Sanctions are the Briar Patch of our times, also, I get Suspicious when a Famous Jew converts to Catholicism – UPDATED
American Conservative: Tired Of The Trump Drama, also, American Babylon & The Kolakovic Moment
American Greatness: The Strangest Thing About ‘Semi-Fascist’ Trump, Lawyer: January 6 Clients Are Being Tortured, and Lindsey Graham Says There Will be Riots if Trump is Prosecuted
American Power: Washington State Patriotism, The Mar-a-Lago Affidavit: Is That All There Is?, and Student Loan Plan Will Feed Inflation, Hurt Dems Politically
American Thinker: The Raid on Mar-A-Lago: A Desperate Act by the Deep State, Conventional Wisdom is an Oxymoron, and The FBI: A Campaign Arm of the Democrat Party
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Charlie Crist picks running-mate who tweeted how Cubans ‘mourn’ the death of dictator Fidel Castro, Reports from Cuba: After milk and beef, bread disappears from the Cuban table, Farts and alloys: Florida Democrat for U.S. Senate Val Demings tries to campaign in Spanish, fails miserably, and Blockade Schmockade: All-purpose excuse for failure repeated ad nauseam for dupes in Cuba and abroad
BattleSwarm: The Crazy Smart Felon Who Lived In A Toys “R” Us, also, San Francisco Shop Owners Reach Their Breaking Point
Behind The Black: Federal court rejects lawsuit by Dish/Viasat against Starlink, SLS launch scrubbed, Today’s blacklisted American, and Quick space links
Cafe Hayek: Meaningful Jobs are Productive Jobs – Not Protected Jobs, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Scale of state”, and To Advocate Industrial Policy Is to Pose As a Fortuneteller
CDR Salamander: The Use and Misuse of our Military Attachés , also, The Eeyore Leadership Model for Our Navy
Da Tech Guy: MORE Navy manpower woes!!, Good News and Bad News for kids in DC, and As Van Morrison turns 77, here are his ten best albums
Don Surber: Now they admit we were right, Bill Maher’s laptop problem, and Lesbians served their purpose. Men take over LGBT
First Street Journal: If “Black Lives Matter,” why do black killers of white victims get more severe sentences than black killers of black victims even in very liberal cities?
Gates Of Vienna: Criminal Lunacy All Across the West, Stop Waiting For WW3, We’re From the Climate Police, and We’re Here to Help You, and Masks for Thee, But Not for Me
The Geller Report: 1,100 Scientists and Professionals Declare: ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Don’t Panic!, and On the Bus? Or Under It?
Hollywood In Toto: Me Time Marks New Low for Modern Comedy, Tim Pool’s Only Ever Wanted Rockets Up iTunes Music Chart, and Rob Schneider: ‘Western Civilization Is Under Attack’
The Lid: Michigan Democrats Fought to Keep 26,000 Dead People ON Voting Rolls, Judge Said No Way
Legal Insurrection: Utah Sues Biden Over His Restoration of Two National Monuments, Politico Reveals IRS Leaks In Their Big “Scoop” That Republican Nikki Haley Is Getting Donations From Republicans, Operation Demoralize Is Back, and Critical Race Theory, Anti-Racist Math Pollutes Kentucky School District Teacher Training Materials
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is good, also, Thoughts
Outkick: Rod Carew Confronted Rob Manfred on the State of Baseball, Northwestern’s Offensive Line Coach Trolls Nebraska In Brutal Fashion, Aaron Rodgers Tells Joe Rogan The NFL Sent In ‘Stooge’ To Enforce COVID Vaccine Policy, and Commanders RB Brian Robinson Shot ‘Multiple Times’ As Target Of Attempted Robbery
Power Line: King of the Wild Frontier, Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill . . . Wait, What?, and Facing the Truth About Lockdowns
Shark Tank: Local Florida GOP Headquarters Vandalized By Anarchists, also, Rubio Calls Demings “Do-Nothing Congresswoman”
Shot In The Dark: Data Point, Fermented, and The Media’s Loving Embrace
STUMP: More on the Mystery Death Spike of CT and NC (that is totally bogus)
The Political Hat: Woke Indoctrination Of Children: Private Organizations; Public Schools
This Ain’t Hell: Media and “vets”, Survivor of communism warns Americans about socialism, Missing M240. Ooops., and Putin orders over 100K increase in military headcount
Transterrestrial Musings: The Space Industrial Base, Android Weirdness, and How The Middle Class Views Their Current Rulers
Victory Girls: Biden’s Unity Message: Republicans Are Semi-Fascists, Suddenly Elizabeth Warren Is Worried About Recession, and CO Dem Says U.S. Will Lose Right To Vote If Republicans Win
Volokh Conspiracy: The “Good Government Trilemma”: Why We Can’t Have Democracy, Accountability, and Big Government all at Once, also, “It’s Illegal for People Under 21 to Buy Canisters of Whipped Cream in NY”
Watts Up With That: The Science of Snowfall and Climate Snowjobs, also, The British Energy Horror Story
Weasel Zippers: Zuckerberg Says FBI Pressured Facebook To Censor Before 2020 Election, DNC Chair Defends Biden’s “Semi-Fascist” Smear As Example Of Biden Being “Consistent”, and Joe Rogan: “Vote Republican”
The Federalist: Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Rewards Loyal Democrats And Punishes Everyone Else, Shia LaBeouf’s Conversion Is The Story Of A Real Encounter With God, Arizona Supreme Court Smacks Down Democrats’ Election Takeover Ploy, and At Democrats’ Bidding, Google And Yelp Censor Searches For Life-Saving Pregnancy Centers
Mark Steyn: Up the Greek, Best Western: Lee Marvin and Burt Lancaster in The Professionals, and The Transfiguration of Diana

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