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In The Mailbox: 09.02.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts. Probably going to take Monday off, as one does on Federal holidays. We’ll see.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

The best of the memes from last night’s speech. Fight me.

357 Magnum: Feminist Hollywood & Unlikable Female Characters
EBL: Ahoy, Allahpundit! Fascist Joe Biden, also, The Rings of Power
Twitchy: “You Should Be Embarrassed”, Yale TDS Victim Sues To Get Job Back, Loses, and Best Of Memes From Last Night
Louder With Crowder: ‘He pretended to be a man for 30 years’, ‘I Am Cornholio’, and Kari Lake Wrecks Reporter Who Claims She’s “Dividing The Country”
Vox Popoli: Five-Month Peak, Thank You For Your Service, and It’s a Mystery
According To Hoyt: Victory!, Radio Free Colorado (In Exile), and The Problems of Bureaucracy
Monster Hunter Nation: WriterDojo S3 E8: Beta Readers and Writer Groups, also, Word Counts
Gab News: Gab Community Update For September [Has interesting traffic numbers.]

Adam Piggott: It’s all fake and gay, all of it
American Conservative: Biden, Forerunner Of Soft Totalitarianism, also, German Foreign Minister: ‘Let My People Freeze’
American Greatness: Biden Walks Back Attack on MAGA Republicans, also, Senator Chuck Grassley Warns DOJ Against Interfering with FBI Whistleblowers
American Power: Allahpundit Out at ‘Hot Air’
American Thinker: America: In the Midst of a Communist Color Revolution, Biden’s Semi-Fascist America, and Ten Ways to Change a Liberal’s Mind
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Chump Effect Friday
Babalu Blog:  An absolutely perfect Fidel Castro analogy to Biden’s Orwellian hate-filled prime-time speech, Cuban dictatorship’s refusal to relinquish power will lead to its violent downfall, and ‘Assassination attempt’ on rabid Argentinian supporter of Cuban dictatorship fails due to jammed weapon
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for September 2
Behind The Black: NASA is paying Boeing twice as much as SpaceX for its manned flights, SLS countdown resumes, and Pushback: Maine parent wins lawsuit against school board for attempting to ban him
Cafe Hayek: Tech Central Station: “Dobbs’s Disciples (Why America is Growing Richer, Not Poorer, From Free Trade)”
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: The Imperial Japanese Surrender in Tokyo Bay, Sept. 2, 1945…Plus 77 Years
Da Tech Guy: The Biden Speech: It’s not Persuasion, it’s Justification
Don Surber: Libs boycott CNN. Ratings may rise, also, Mr. Ed is smarter than Colbert
First Street Journal: Killington, also, (Allegedly) murdering a 97-year-old man because you are frustrated is the epitome of stupidity
Gates Of Vienna: Greenhouse Gas Pollution by Wind Turbines, Rent-a-Sheeple for a Phone, The Burning of the Bills, and Electric Shock
The Geller Report: Despotic Joe Biden Rages, also, Experts blame green energy policies for Europe’s full-scale energy crisis: ‘A warning to the US’
Hogewash: This Guy Called Me a Half-Fascist, The First-Ever Direct Image of an Exoplanet, How Did the Greens Heat Their Houses Before Wood Stoves?, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: My Son Hunter Shows Flashes of What Hollywood Missed, In the Company of Men Still Shocks, but That’s Not the Whole Story, and Glorious Gets Lost at the Worst Possible Time
The Lid: 5 Reasons Joe’s Psycho Rant Was GOOD News For A November Red Wave
Legal Insurrection: Why is the Gibson Family Still Waiting to be Paid by Oberlin?, Study Finds Only 9% of Law Professors Identify as Conservative, The ‘Antiracist’ Movement Has Roots in Soviet Communism, and Biden Walks Back “MAGA Republicans Are a Threat” Claim, Beclowning Sycophantic Media And Never-Trumpers
Nebraska Energy Observer: Truth to Power
Outkick: Pittsburgh Coach Rips ESPN On Live TV After Beating West Virginia, Hooters Under Fire For Sponsoring Kids Soccer Team, Tennessee Football Looks Hypocritical After Offensive Lineman Delivers Oscar-Worthy Flop, and Aaron Rodgers Offers Wise Advice On How To Heal America
Power Line: Triumph of the shill, The Great Dictator: The Common Man’s View, and Biden’s Repulsive Speech
Protein Wisdom: When Turnips Attack
Shark Tank: Smith vs. Plasencia – HD37 Starts To Heat Up
Shot In The Dark: Semi, also, Hamilton
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: Dump Nixon?
This Ain’t Hell: Army JAGOff claims trying to give stuff to the Rooskies, Valor Friday, and Darkest Before the Dawn
Transterrestrial Musings: Frank Drake
Victory Girls: Biden Speech Goes For Full Dystopian Optics, also, Trump Floats Pardoning J6 Rioters; Left Explodes
Volokh Conspiracy: “The Pleading Needs More Hemingway, Less Faulkner”
Watts Up With That: CNBC: Amazon Rooftop Fires Prompted Solar Panel Shutdown, also, California to Cover Canals With Toxic Solar Panels
Weasel Zippers: WH Implies Pro-Life Americans Are “Semi-Fascists” According To Biden Administration, Education Sec. Cardona Thanks Same Union Bosses Who Kept Schools Closed, Forced Masks On 3-Year-Olds, and European Union: Civil Unrest And Riots This Winter Over Oil And Food Prices
The Federalist: Michiganders Blast Secretary Of State Who Claims Her Hands Are Clean In 2020 Election-Funding Scheme, Biden’s Declaration Of War On Half The Country Is A Cynical Election Ploy, As America Self-Destructs With Green Energy, China Preps For War With Coal, and Let’s Talk About Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Looming Gas Pains 
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet: Friday September 2nd, also, Dropping the Pretense

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