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In The Mailbox: 09.12.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

SOTD: Sabaton – Winged Hussars

Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: How Old Do You Have To Be To Defend Yourself?
EBL: Father Mychal Judge, What is the strategy?, , King Charles and his Consort, and Charge of the Winged Hussars
Twitchy: Taylor Lorenz asks Libs Of TikTok for help, also, Keith Olbermann Big Mad At NYT’s Maggie Haberman
Louder With Crowder: Gay Floridian Speaks Out Against LGBTWTFBBQ Indoctrination In Public Schools, also, Man impersonating a police officer pulls over off-duty police officer
Vox Popoli: Patreon Fires Security Team, China is Next, The Emergency Continues, and The EU Lost
Stoic Observations: Abuse Of The Infinite

Adam Piggott: The Mushroom Hunters
American Conservative: The Corporate Culture War Against America
American Greatness: America Delira, also, Republicans Attempt to Crack Down on Mail-in Voting Ahead of Midterms
American Power:  Policies Pushing Electric Vehicles Show Why Few People Want One, Ukraine Takes Its Counteroffensive All the Way to the Russian Border, and Our Elites Desperately Want Us to Hate Our Fellow Americans, We Absolutely Have to Resist
American Thinker: The DoJ Argues that the Intelligence Community Overrides the Judiciary, Electoral Fraud Goes Mainstream, and The FBI’s Apex Bureaucracy Is Dangerous
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship deploying children as informants for the State, In addition to practicing apartheid, Spanish hotel chains in Cuba serve as agents of repression, Communist Cuba has purchased $152 million of chicken from the U.S., and Reports from Cuba: Rice waste used to stretched rationed bread dough in Sancti Spiritus
BattleSwarm: Holy Crap, Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory is Huge, also, Breaking: Ukraine Retakes Izyum
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches 34 Starlink satellites plus commercial satellite for AST Mobile, Blue Origin suborbital flight aborted during ascent, Defense to help Commerce create its own ability to track orbital objects, and The Ukraine’s big victory this past week was no accident 
Cafe Hayek: On Intellectuals and the ‘China Shock’
CDR Salamander: Looking West to the Taiwan Strait, with Dean Cheng, also, 21-years
Chicago Boyz: 9/11 and the Attrition Mill
Da Tech Guy: Five King Chuck (Charles III) Thoughts Under the Fedora, Why LGBT voters should be prolife, and 9/11 vs 12/7
Don Surber: Sonia Sotomayor, conservative hero?, Looks like the FBI wants another raid, and The ‘Trump indictment nears’ game
First Street Journal: Is justice a matter of color in Lexington? Part 2, also, Another dead in the Philadelphia Badlands
Gates Of Vienna: The Philadelphia Address, No Demonstrating Without Permission!, The Unvaccinated Should Just Die!, and Blood and Horror
The Geller Report: Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2021 Than on Food, Clothing and Health Care Combined, also, 400 Doctors and Professionals Declare International MEDICAL CRISIS Due to Covid Vaccine Injuries and Deaths
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, You Can’t See This From Here, 21 Years Ago Today As Seen From the International Space Station, and Overlapping Galaxies
Hollywood In Toto: Dumb and Dumber Director: We’re F***ing Starving for R-Rated Comedies, Meta Storytelling – Inspired or Just Lazy?, and Confess, Fletch Can’t Conjure Chevy Chase’s Iconic Laughs
The Lid: Was In Manhattan 9/11/01, The Sights And Smells Are Still Fresh In My Mind, also, Negotiating Plea Deal With 9-11 Conspirators To Take Death Penalty Off the Table
Legal Insurrection: Chancellor of Syracuse University Considering Revoking Rudy Giuliani’s Honorary Degree, Oregon Gov. Signs Law Allowing Students to Graduate Without Proving They Can Write or do Math, NY Times Hit Piece On Hasidic Education Published On Eve Of NY Regents Vote To Undermine All Religious Schools, and The Radical Left Has Taken Over Many of Our Historic Foundations and Museums
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is good 1, also, Stand and Never Yield!
Outkick: Nick Saban Goes Nuts As Alabama Players Show ‘Horns Down’ After Barely Beating Texas, Unsuspecting Referee Gets Bulldozed As Sad Notre Dame Fans Mourn $1.25 Million Upset Loss To Marshall, App State Shocks No. 6 Texas A&M And College Football World, Again, 75% Of Desmond Howard’s Laughable Playoff Picks Already Have A Loss, and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Says Texas Too ‘Patriotic’ For Cowboys To Sign Colin Kaepernick
Power Line: Down With Electric Vehicles!, The Vile Jayapal, and “The border is secure”
Shark Tank: Crist Compares Himself To Jesus In Campaign Speech
Shot In The Dark: Energieschock, also, Polled
STUMP: World Suicide Prevention Day: U.S. Suicide Trend Update 1999-2021
The Political Hat: Twenty-One Years Ago Today – NEVER FORGET, also, Children’s Hospital Promotes Intersectional Gender Ideology And BDSM Sex Toys For Minors
This Ain’t Hell: Lawmakers who supported booting healthy servicemembers lobby DoD to allow HIV+ recruits, MG Patrick Brady jumps out of a perfectly good airplane at age 85, Afghan crew attempts to fly Black Hawk, they crash, and Personnel issues
Transterrestrial Musings: Thoughts On Human Progress, Twenty-One Years On, Blue Origin, and The Intelligence Community
Victory Girls: Guest Opinion: Sarah A. Hoyt – The Dividing Line, Credit Card Companies Capitulate To Anti-Gun Lobby, and Tinder Generation Can’t Find Love
Volokh Conspiracy: A Stroll Through The Times Square Gun Free Zone, also, Do the Supreme Court’s Low Approval Ratings Show it is Undergoing a “Legitimacy Crisis”?
Watts Up With That: BRICS Starts Sidestepping the Tragedy of Western Energy Policy, also, OUTED: Climate Industrial Complex: Emails Show ‘Urgent’ Media Role in ‘Climate Disinformation’ & Hill Hearings
Weasel Zippers: Biden Jets Away On Another Weekend Vacation To Delaware; He Has Spent 40% Of Presidency On Vacation, Kamala Harris: “Imagine If We Lost Our Democrat Majority In The Congress”John Fetterman Is The Perpetual Scarf Wearing Beta-Male You Wish You Didn’t Know, and Tucker Carlson Confirms 30+ Trump Supporters And Insiders Raided/Subpoenaed By FBI In One Single Day
The Federalist: Vulnerable Nevada Democrat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto Attacks Charitable Women’s Care Centers, Cruz: GOP Will Win Senate, And Unraveling Biden’s Assault On Religion Will Be First Priority, Bombshell: DOJ Conceals Records About Biden’s Use Of Federal Agencies To Influence Elections, and GOP Sues North Carolina Elections Board For Allegedly Breaking Mail-In Balloting, Election Observer Laws 
Mark Steyn: Her Majesty’s Public Private Life: The Queen Onscreen in The Queen, Live Around the Planet: Sunday September 11th, and The Final Straw

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