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In The Mailbox: 09.20.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Screw college. Follow the Way of the Forklift.

EBL: Saints Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang, and Companions
Twitchy: Special K Short-Circuits Trying To Spin Sleepy Joe’s COVID Comments, also, Wretched Loser David Leavitt Gets Dragged For Claiming People Hate Capitalism
Louder With Crowder: Ron DeSantis has a plane of migrants (allegedly) landing near Joe Biden’s house in Delaware today, also, ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chants make a triumphant return
Vox Popoli: I Suspect They’re Dragging Their Feet, He Paid the Price, Europe Strangles, and How to Trigger Trauma
Stoic Observations: The Proto-Stoic Observes

American Conservative: Don Lemon Squeezed Into Lemonade By British Woman, also, Washington Can Help Armenia’s Christians
American Greatness: One-Third of all U.S. Senators Call for Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden, also, Don Lemon Stunned to Hear Royal Watcher’s Thoughts on Reparations
American Power: Bookends to the Life of a Queen
American Thinker: George Soros: The Man Behind The Curtain, also, Are You Really that Smart If You Can’t Recognize B.S.?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Inflation/Recession News
Babalu Blog: Cuban priest slams Pope Francis for embracing leftist dictators, ignoring human rights abuses in Cuba, also, Cuban dictatorship admits that dengue epidemic is out of control throughout entire nation
BattleSwarm: This Is Your City On Chinese Construction Standards, also, China’s Chip Industry Is Doomed
Behind The Black: Webb instrument has technical issue partly preventing its use, First meeting of all 21 nations who have signed Artemis Accords, and Today’s blacklisted American: Republicans and conservatives increasingly unwilling to talk to pollsters out of fear
Cafe Hayek: Pictures – Well, Graphs – Worth Many Words, Production Occurs Only If It Increases Ability to Consume, and Cato Journal: A Review (co-authored with Adam Pritchard) of Leonard W. Levy’s ‘A License to Steal’
CDR Salamander: So, AUKUS is About Submarines Down Under, Right?
Chicago Boyz: Blackout
Da Tech Guy: A Cool Moment for a Dynasty Baseball Fan, Report from Louisiana: NOLA is the Murder Capital of America, and The Ultimate Tribute to Elizabeth II & England via Hong Kong
Don Surber: The lesson is the FBI can get away with murder, A blow against the Gun Control Act of 1968, and Shelley beats Manchin
First Street Journal: Clueless at the top, also, Killadelphia: A reason for hope?
Gates Of Vienna: The Blood Clots From Hell, The Idea of the Monarchy, and Affirmative-Action Mujahidette Gets Nine Years in the Loony Bin
The Geller Report: The British Empire Was A Force For Western Civilization
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Jupiter is Ready for Its Close Up, and Law Enforcement Priorities
Hollywood In Toto: Don’t Worry Darling Slams the Patriarchy. Again and Again, Patton Oswalt: ‘Sweet’ Joe Rogan Has Gone ‘Off the Rails’, and Lucas Black: ‘There’s an Attack on Men in Our Culture’
The Lid: How Socialism Conflicts With The Jewish High Holidays
Legal Insurrection: White House Walks Back Biden’s Stunning Taiwan Comments on 60 Minutes, EU Seeks Emergency Powers Over Europe’s Supply Chains, Soros-Funded Group Sues DeSantis On Behalf of Martha’s Vineyard Migrants, and Perhaps It’s Time That Fossil Fuel Industry Fights the Eco-Zealots
Nebraska Energy Observer: The World Turned Upside Down, also, Holy smokes!!!
Outkick: Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins Stink Up Monday Night Doubleheader, ‘Ridiculous’: Tom Brady Breaks His Silence On Mike Evans’ Suspension, Mormon Recruit Says He Left BYU-Oregon Game Early After ‘F-ck The Mormons’ Chant Broke Out, and Insane People Want To Eliminate Gender-Divided Sports, Allow Men And Women To All Play On One Team
Power Line: The European Disaster Yet to Come, The Daily Chart: Open Borders, and In free lunch fraud: The charges
Shark Tank: DeSantis Takes Victory Lap, Lands Endorsement From Key Democrat
Shot In The Dark: This Is Minneapolis, Chanting Points Memo – Giants In The Associates’ Washroom, and Don’t Forget
This Ain’t Hell: Theodore Kosin – The 49 Day Commando – No NDSM, Decline of all-volunteer force endangers America, and Army Inflation Fighters!
Transterrestrial Musings: What We’ve All Been Waiting For, The Student-Loan Disaster Continues, The Coming Russian “Mobilization”, and About That Creature In Canada
Victory Girls: “Crime is a construct” & Other Leftist Delusions, also, White House Blatantly Lies About Biden’s Pandemic Remarks
Volokh Conspiracy: The Way To Stop Worrying About Judicial Legitimacy Is To Stop Worrying About Judicial Legitimacy
Watts Up With That: Ronald Stein on the Huge Advantages of Fossil Fuels Over Wind/Solar Power, Tom Nelson Podcast, Virginia Child Climate Lawsuit Bites the Dust, and Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Lease Sale Update
Weasel Zippers: Dem Rep. Rashida Tlaib Calls Israel An “Apartheid State”, Day After Biden Says “Pandemic Is Over,” Fauci Says It Isn’t, Joe Biden, Who Spent Weeks Smearing Trump Supporters, Complains Politics Is “All Personal Attacks”, and Democrat Crushes An 18 Year Old Boy To Death With His SUV For “Being Part Of A Republican Terrorist Group”
The Federalist: Lawsuit – Clark County (NV) Election Officials Are Refusing To Disclose Poll Workers’ Political Affiliations, Whistleblower: FBI Is Dropping Child Sexual Abuse Investigations To Pursue J6 Witch Hunt, Biden’s New IRS Agents Should Investigate If This Partisan Teachers Union Is Dodging Its Taxes, and Leftist Groups Are Reportedly Bribing Influencers To Peddle Misinformation For 2022 Midterms
Mark Steyn: Vaya Con Dios, Of Kings and Catastrophes, and At the Back, but not on the Bus

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