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In The Mailbox: 09.22.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1847
357 Magnum: All Your Password Are Belong To Us
EBL: Ukrainians Make Progress
Twitchy: Wheels Widens Lead Over Beta*,  also, What Is Pelosi Smoking?
Louder With Crowder: Maren Morris still won’t calm down about Brittany Aldean, also, Guy who went bananas and smashed up a McDonald’s with an axe wants you to know he’s not a bad guy
Vox Popoli: Phase 2 Begins, The Pathway to Proof, and The Cancellation of Dilbert

American Conservative: The Atrocity At Vanderbilt, Gays Against Groomers Get Financially Deplatformed, and Why Does The NEA Want Kids To Learn Butthole-Licking?
American Greatness: Joe Biden Was Deeply Involved With Selling U.S. Natural Gas to the ChiComs, New Docs and Whistleblowers Reveal
American Power: ‘Crime Is a Construct’: My Morning With the Park Slope Panthers, also, Putin Orders Draft of Reservists for War in Ukraine, Threatens Nuclear Response
American Thinker: The Jab Put Me on a Journey I Didn’t Expect — Or Want, also, A Figurehead Fiddles While America Burns
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: DeSantis campaign launches ‘Cubans against Karla Marx’ t-shirts, Cuban dictatorship desperately trying to attract Canadian and Russian tourists to its apartheid hotels, and Rabid Cuban communist journalist who spewed propaganda and bullied colleagues now living in U.S. under new name
BattleSwarm: Republican Senators Ask For Special Prosecutor For Hunter Biden, also, Ian McCollum and Nicholas Moran Team Up To Talk About The German .50BMG (Or Lack Thereof)
Behind The Black: Russia launches three astronauts to ISS; China launches Earth observation satellite, OneWeb announces delivery of 36 satellites to India for launch, Ingenuity completes 32nd flight, and Pushback: NY cops fight city’s COVID jab mandate
Cafe Hayek: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Meet the real engine of equality”
CDR Salamander: What NATO Must Do 01JAN24
Chicago Boyz: 
Da Tech Guy: Prediction: If You Think the Cigarette Lawsuits & Settlements Were Something Wait Till the Transgender Suits Against Children’s Hospitals Start Coming, Philly: A Soros’ surrogate faces blowback, and An Army of Sollozzos and Barzinis at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Don Surber: Making VD great again, Harvard: 55% fear socialism, 45% fear MAGA, and Nine states Republicans can flip
First Street Journal: The Dummkopf from Delaware really doesn’t have a clue, also, What a surprise! Lithium prices are increasing as countries push electric cars
Gates Of Vienna: The Red-Green Fusion, also, Requiem for a Culture, Part 1: The Sentinel
The Geller Report: Google Rigged The 2020 Election, 950 Pages of Leaked Internal Documents Show, also, Democrat Who Murdered Teen Acted On Biden’s ‘Republican Extremism’ Rhetoric, Cited It To Justify His Act
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Fornax Dwarf, and When North Korea Is Embarrassed To Be Your Ally 
Hollywood In Toto: Conservatives Still Lagging (Way) Behind in Culture War Fight, also, Amy Schumer’s Cancel Culture Fears Are Fake News
The Lid: Nikki Haley Responds To Sunny Hostin’s Racist Attack On Her Name
Legal Insurrection: Mar-a-Lago Raid: 11th Circuit Grants Partial Stay of District Court Special Master Order As To Documents Marked Classified, PayPal, Venmo, & Google Purging Wrongthink, Biden Admin Plans to Regulate Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets, and Man Admits Running Down and Killing Teenager, Claiming He Was a ‘Republican Extremist’
Michelle Malkin: They’re All Open-Borders Hypocrites
Nebraska Energy Observer: Lupus Tenebrosus: Chapter 24
Outkick: Joe Burrow Says He Quit Social Media To Focus on Winning, Cringe Russell Wilson Is Back, Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver Intends To Sell Team, and Yankees Superstar Aaron Judge Hits Historic 60th Home Run; One Away From All-Time AL Record
Power Line: Take a Lemon, also, A Video Interlude: About Those Electric Vehicles
Shark Tank: Rick Scott & Others Call Out FDA For Ignoring Baby Formula Applications
Shot In The Dark: The DFL’s No Good, Very Bad Day Part I: Polled, The DFL’s No Good, Very Bad Day Part II: Police On My Back, and The DFL’s No Good, Very Bad Day Part III: Follow The Money
The Political Hat: Wokeness Sneaks In Sub Rosa, also, Michigan Schools — Out: Education. In: Dismantling Society
This Ain’t Hell: Army SMA says don’t do mandatory training. Huh?, Potential additional Russian military mobilization, Americans more concerned about socialist left than about MAGA Republicans, and Semper Supra- USSF Announces Anthem
Transterrestrial Musings: Ukraine Thoughts And Trends, also, Another Aspect Of The Genocide
Victory Girls: The Incredibly Brave Hijab Burning Women Of Iran, also, Andrew Cuomo Big Mad That Democrats Dumped Him
Volokh Conspiracy: Did Nina Totenberg Have a Conflict of Interest in Covering Justice Ginsburg?
Watts Up With That: Collapse Of Energy, Food, Transportation Systems Prompt Calls for Government Nationalization of Industries
Weasel Zippers: NTSB Says All Vehicles Need Device To Detect If You Are Drunk, DeSantis Reveals Consent Forms Illegals Signed BEFORE Going To Martha’s Vineyard, Poll: Americans Trust Republicans More Than Dems To Handle The Economy By 52% To 38% Margin, and Putin Admits His Army Too Pathetic And Ragged To Beat A Third World Hellhole Like Ukraine, Needs Nuclear Weapons To Win
The Federalist: Budget Analysts Conclude Biden Policies Will Add $4.8 Trillion To National Debt, McConnell Abandons Arizona Senate Race To Maintain A GOP He Can Control, Inside The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Young Adult Dystopian Genre, and Will Fake News Purveyor Catherine Cortez Masto Vote To Confirm Biden’s Radical FCC Nominee?
Mark Steyn: A Land of Selective Laws

*According to a recently seen banner, “0% Latino, 100% Pendejo”

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