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In The Mailbox: 10.17.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

This is going to be a busy week for me. Going to be down in Vegas for a couple of days doing the National Security Site (was Nevada Test Site) tour Wednesday and getting some tests in connection with a medical study on Thursday before I come home. All of this means I have to go down the day before the tour, so blogging may not be daily.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

…and the downside of this is what, exactly?

357 Magnum:  Hate Doesn’t Take the Sabbath Off
EBL: So who is next to get the boot at CNN?, Let’s Get Ready To Bumble!, and Russia Has Problems
Twitchy: Tim Allen Asks “Who Is The Face Of Woke?”, also, FBI Tweet Encourages People To Report Election Shenanigans, And Then It Gets Awkward
Louder With Crowder: Notorious ‘Defund the Police’ councilwoman demands police catch whoever is throwing poop on her house, also, Silly liberals glue their hands to the street in protest, cry when police aren’t gentle removing them
Vox Popoli: Boosted and Triggered, You Were Right, The Next Step for Red China, and Vaxx = Cervical Malignancies
Stoic Observations: Notes On Woke Racism

American Conservative: In UK, Cross Yourself & Go To Jail, The Dysfunction of Big Education, and Viktor Orban, Keeping It Realist
American Greatness: ‘Being an Eagles Fan Didn’t Save Her’, Hiding Hunter’s Laptop, and The Establishment is Still Terrified of Donald Trump
American Power: The Democrats’ Willie Horton Problem, also, Meet the Temporary Republicans Saving U.S. From the Left
American Thinker: Score One for True the Vote, also, The COVID Cult Proved How Desperate Westerners Are for Meaning
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: The religious in communist Cuba protest in Havana, launch campaign for freedom, Half the population of Cuba’s Pinar del Rio province still without electricity or water, and Democrats vehemently deny their party sympathizes with socialism, but a new poll says otherwise
BattleSwarm: Why Hasn’t Isopropyl Alcohol Gone Back Down In Price?, also, Drop Drones And A Blinding Flash Of The Obvious
Behind The Black: SpaceX successfully launches communications satellite, “Nice business you got here, shame if something happened to it.”, Red China launches military satellite, and Blacklisting in academia has been going on for decades unseen
Cafe Hayek: It’s Difficult to Believe That an Economist Can be So Terribly Clueless about Basic Economics
CDR Salamander: Can You be Realistic About the Real World?, also, So, we Have a National Security Strategy
Da Tech Guy: We won’t have quotas in the Navy…oh wait, I Guess We Skeptics Were Right, The Chosen Season 3 Disciple Pairings Some Thoughts, and Democrats’ inflation attacks ordinary Americans as Washington insiders are unaffected
Don Surber: Save the nation – MDTPA, “Trump is the first Hispanic president”, and The Dancing Vax media mocks the truth
First Street Journal:  2022 wins the Gold Medal in Lexington!, and Bad causes attract bad people
Gates Of Vienna: Pimpin’ for the New World Order, Losing Their Heads Over the Motoons (Again), A Vivarium for Jihad, and OSCE: An Organization on the Ropes After Failing at Its Primary Mission
The Geller Report: Vaccinated Suffering Strange, Terrifying New Illness, The ‘Best Friend Israel Ever Had in the White House’, and Obama Threatened Netanyahu With SLITTING THE THROAT Gesture
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Falling Into A Black Hole, and Which Side Is He On?
Hollywood In Toto: Shroud Doc to Merge Religion, Science, Is Tom Macdonald’s ‘Sheeple’ His Best Protest Song Yet? (Yes!), and Why Has Pop Culture Forgotten Dead of Winter?
The Lid: If Biden Cared About High Oil Prices, He’d Prioritize Additional Oil Drilling, also, We Are VERY Powerful- Ye Says So
Legal Insurrection: Gettysburg College Officials Organize ‘Solidarity’ Protest Ahead of Talk Critical of Transgenderism, Time To ‘Rebrand’ – Enthusiasm for ESG Crashing and Burning, Researchers at Boston U. Supposedly Claim They Developed a COVID Strain With ‘80% Kill Rate’, and Potential Candy Shortage Haunts This Halloween
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is good, also, Prayer
Outkick: Tennessee Was Never Going To Lose After Vols Lineman Turned Mid-Game Vomit Into Savage Intimidation Tactic, Tennessee Finally Breaks The Curse And Beats Alabama For The First Time Since 2006, Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson Get Into It After Crashing Out In Vegas, and  Boo Birds: Eagles Fans Let Jill Biden Have It
Power Line: Four Cheers for Tulsi, Truth & no consequences, and The Daily Chart: Long, Cold, Expensive Winter Ahead
Shark Tank: Parkland Dad Shames “Jerkoff” David Hogg & Other Antigun Activists
Shot In The Dark: Rochelle Olson – Still A DFL Flack After All These Years, also, Fake News
The Political Hat: Mandatory Racial Discrimination In Canadian Courts
This Ain’t Hell: Herky Bird update, Portland politician back in the news for Stolen Valor accusation, Raptor bites Army personnel, and DoD “Woke” School Administrator
Transterrestrial Musings: Our Mad Aristos, also, Getting Ready For Static Fire
Victory Girls: VA Democrat Wants To Criminalize Parents Opposed To Child Gender Transition, Democrats Realize Future Is Grim Post-Biden, and Boycott Ulta Trends After Trans “Girl” Podcast
Volokh Conspiracy: Sixth Circuit Rules Government Cannot Seize $300,000 in Home Equity to Pay $22,000 Tax Debt
Watts Up With That: Green British Academics Blast Politicians for Allowing Consumer Choice, Some Banks and Energy Companies Finally Starting to Get Some Backbone, and Robbing Grandma to Pay Gaia
Weasel Zippers: Biden Creeps On Another Young Girl, Fetterman Is Still A Mess, DeSantis Plans To Ship Illegals Off To Biden’s Hometown, Obama Rips Dems For Being “Buzzkills,” and California School District Fires Teacher For Refusing To Read LGBTQ Book To Children
The Federalist: Alaska Republicans Call On Kentucky GOP To Censure Mitch McConnell Over Party Interference, How Much Porn Do Libraries And Schools Have To Sponsor To Get Defunded?, WaPo ‘Journalists’ – The ‘Public Interest’ Isn’t The Same Thing As Your Political Preference, Fauci Can’t Whitewash His Disastrous Legacy, and Here’s A List Of Election Integrity Ballot Initiatives You Should Know
Mark Steyn: The Eagle Has Landed (in a Department Store), Low Dishonest Decade: Robert Aldrich, Hustle and the ’70s, and Naomi Wolf on Covid and Control

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