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In The Mailbox: 10.28.22 (Evening Edition)

Posted on | October 29, 2022 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
I didn’t think anyone could surpass the “It’s Free Speech Time!” Musk/Twitter meme. I should not have underestimated Hopalong Ginsburg.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

357 Magnum: Former NYPD Commish Slams Mayor Adams
A Bad American: Choose Your Own Theology, also, Liberal Heads Go Boom
EBL: Bond Girls – Goldfinger, Thunderball, and Diamonds Are Forever, also, Lucianne Goldberg RIP
Twitchy: Catturd Gets Reply From Elon; Olberman & Others Lose Their Shit, also, Harmeet Dhillon Has Lots Of Questions About Pelosis’ Security
Louder With Crowder: Media gets trolled by bro who claimed Twitter laid him off, also, Elon Musk rules Twitter and the sanctimonious leftist tweets about it are glorious
Vox Popoli: Signs of a Winter Offensive, also, On Returning to Twitter
According To Hoyt: The Writer Was kidnapped By Internet Hamsters, also, Bowl Of Red
Monster Hunter Nation: October 2022 Update, also, WriterDojo S3 E16: First Person Narrative
Stoic Observations: On The Necessity Of Critics

American Conservative: The Cost Of Waging World War Trans
American Greatness: Biden Claims Average Price of Gas Was $5.00 When He Took Office, How Can We Trust the CDC with Our Children’s Health?, and Arizona Is on the Cusp of an ‘America First’ Wave
American Power: 45% of Americans Say They Want a ‘Christian Nation’, FLAMING SKULL: ‘Florida *Democrat* Election Official Blows Whistle on Longstanding ILLEGAL Practice of ‘Ballot Harvesting’ by Paying Mostly African-American Residents $10 Per Ballot’, and F***ing Idiot Tom Brady Announces Divorce from Smokin’ Supermodel Gisele Bundchen
American Thinker: After the Elections
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Campaign Speech Friday
Babalu Blog:  Newest Cuban disaster: Dictatorship announces it has run out of oil, unable to supply gas stations, Twitter suspends Cuban dictatorship propaganda accounts, and Meme of the Day: Socialists trying to explain why communist Cuba is poor
BattleSwarm: Is China’s GDP Overstated By 60%?, also, LinkSwarm for October 28
Behind The Black: SpaceX successfully launches another 53 Starlink satellites, ULA breaks ground on new facility in Alabama, A glacier sea on Mars, and Paypal losing customers at an alarming rate, even as it blacklists Hong Kong pro-democracy group
Cafe Hayek: Protectionism Is An Affront to Non-Monetary Values
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Why I’m Not Pledging
Da Tech Guy: Head Exploding Time for the left In One Tweet
Don Surber: Calling out the Fetterman cult, also, Dems listen to RCP, not 538
First Street Journal: Joe Biden has earned exactly what he’s getting from Saudi Arabia, also, The Philadelphia Inquirer, which declines to print the photos of criminals who are black, sure is willing if the perp is white
Gates Of Vienna: Narratives
The Geller Report:  Zuckerberg’s Meta Fined $24.7M for Fraudulent Campaign Finance Disclosure Violations, also, “Chief Twit” Elon Musk Reportedly Prepping Major Changes– Including the Lifting of Lifetime User Bans (e.g. Pamela Geller)
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Helix Nebula in IR, and Meanwhile, on Twitter
Hollywood In Toto: Adam McKay Funds Group Behind Art Vandalism, also, Paul Schrader Attacks Elon Musk For Embracing Free Speech
The Lid: Biden Wars: The Pariah Nation Strikes Back, also, U2 Singer Bono Now Says Capitalism, not Wealth Redistribution, Gets People Out of Poverty
Legal Insurrection: Oregon Governor Race is an Ominous Sign for Democrats in Midterms, Newsweek Proclaims Antifa Doesn’t Exist in Bizarre Ted Cruz ‘Fact Check’, New Center at Columbia University Will ‘Reimagine’ the Economy to be More Inclusive and Fair, First Post-Debate Poll Puts Dr. Oz Three Points Ahead of Fetterman in Pennsylvania, and ‘The Bird is Freed’
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Constitution and Ukraine
Outkick: Players Association Head Blames MLB For ‘Lack’ Of Black Players In World Series, Why LeBron James Stopped Being A Cowboys’ Fan, New Camera Angle Shows Jermaine Burton Made Intentional Contact With At Least Three Different Tennessee Fans, Power-5 Coaches Discuss How Nick Saban Handled Non-Suspension Of Jermaine Burton At Alabama, and Confident Bo Nix Is Playing So Well He Wants Another Shot At Georgia
Power Line: The End of the World as Twitter Knows It, Thought for the Day: Bono Knows After All, and How Keith Ellison fed our fraud
Shark Tank: Eskamani & Book Forget That DeSantis Did Give Them Credit For The Diaper Tax Credit
Shot In The Dark: Coattails, Just In Time For Halloween, and Proud To Be A Minnesotan Today
STUMP: Friday “Fun”: U.S. Mortality Update, Podcast on iTunes, and Movember Launch
The Political Hat: Human-Animal Hybrid Brains: Is The Age Of Autistic Catgirls Near?, also, Firing Line Friday: Women’s Lib
This Ain’t Hell: What is Stolen Valor?, The U.S. to stop developing nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missiles, Valor Friday, and Updated gun-grabbers’ tactics
Transterrestrial Musings: The Two Parties, also, Newt’s Mid-Term Predictions
Victory Girls: Hobbs Blames Lake For Burglary, Then Dodges, also, White Terrorist Trump Has Dark Magic Powers
Volokh Conspiracy: Federal Judge Criticizes SEC “No-Admit-No-Deny Provisions” in Enforcement Action Settlements
Watts Up With That: Somalia Says Drought Is Due to Climate Change, As They Demand Billions, also, UN COP27 Blueprint: More Government, More Debt, More Taxes
Weasel Zippers: Musk Fires Twitter’s Top Lawyer, Who Censored Hunter Biden Story & Banned Conservative Accounts, Biden Suggests People Should Vote In The Midterms Based On Inflation … It’s At 8.2%, Fetterman: “I’m A Big Supporter Of Sanctuary Cities”, and Mayor Groot Asks For A Raise As City Crime Wave Rages On
The Federalist: Here Is Everything Democrats Claim Is ‘A Threat To Democracy, Why Are Virginia Students Studying Sexuality, Body Size, And Privilege In Spanish Class?, Elon Musk’s Twitter Buy Is The First Real Accountability Big Tech Censors Face For Their 2020 Election Meddling, Heritage Action PAC Pumps $1 Million Into New Hampshire After McConnell Bails On Bolduc, and Whistleblower: FBI Election-Meddles Again By Targeting Info Democrats Don’t Like Under ‘Election Crimes’
Mark Steyn: Our Betters and Our Fetters

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