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Gosh, Some People Seem Awfully Worried About Election ‘Misinformation’ Now

Posted on | November 5, 2022 | Comments Off on Gosh, Some People Seem Awfully Worried About Election ‘Misinformation’ Now

The “cabal” that bragged of foisting Joe Biden on us — because let’s face it, we’re talking about the same people — apparently feel that their power to control upcoming events has been impaired.

Twitter layoffs gutted
election information teams
days before midterms

Washington Post

What Twitter’s Shake-Up Could Mean:
Midterm Misinformation Run Amok

New York times

Days before the midterms,
Twitter lays off employees
who fight misinformation

NBC News

By “fight misinformation,” of course they mean, silence Republicans. And the fact that all these alleged “news” organizations are singing in unison from the same hymnal tells you an awful lot about how the media see their jobs nowadays, i.e., as propagandists for the Democratic Party.

What explains their fanatical obsession with controlling every channel of communication, punishing anyone who dissents from the approved narrative? Chris Queen at PJM gets close to it here:

To the left, when conservatives talk about free speech, it naturally means that we want racists to be able to spew their hatred anywhere and everywhere.
The left doesn’t understand why we on the right talk about free speech as much as we do. The reason they don’t understand is that they’re in control of most of the gatekeeping mechanisms of speech. The left controls much of the media, the vast majority of cultural institutions, and the lion’s share of academia, so its voices are amplified, while conservatives find themselves shut out.
People like Trevor Noah don’t have to worry about being canceled over their beliefs. Conservatives face losing their social media presence and sometimes even their jobs . . .
Leftists like Noah can’t grasp the notion that there are valid and salient perspectives that differ from The Narrative™ that the left pushes on everyone through all the cultural channels they control. The left doesn’t even listen to the concerns of those with whom they disagree, which is a huge reason why they pivot straight to racism and extremism when conservatives fret over freedom of speech.

Yes, but how did Democrats obtain control of all these institutions to begin with? By systematically purging their chosen enemies. While liberal bias in media, academia and other institutions has existed for many decades, it was in the late 1980s, after Baby Boomer radicals had spent some 20 years advancing to become tenured faculty, deans, senior editors and producers, that these institutions started imposing ideological conformity and excluding dissenters from their ranks. This was what gave rise to the earliest expressions of concern about “political correctness” on college campuses in the 1990s. Turning academia into an echo chamber, where only left-wing ideas could be expressed, was a precursor to doing the same in the world of journalism. Young people who attend universities where disagreement is forbidden as “hate speech” are not likely to become free thinkers after graduating and getting hired at, e.g., NBC News. You can be sure, of course,that if any young person expressed GOP sympathies while attending college, they could never be hired by NBC News, which employs only Democratic Party loyalists.

People who have spent so many years living inside an atmosphere of political conformity — really, have you tried watching CNN or MSNBC lately? — are simply unable to cope with diverging opinions, and are genuinely frightened by the prospect that somewhere, somebody might be saying something at odds with the Officially Approved Beliefs.

The media have become an army of Torquemadas, hunting heretics, and they absolutely can’t fathom why we don’t like them.



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