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Seeking Light Amid the Gloom: Thoughts on the Brain-Damaged Election Results

Posted on | November 9, 2022 | Comments Off on Seeking Light Amid the Gloom: Thoughts on the Brain-Damaged Election Results

What kind of people would elect John Fetterman? Short answer: The kind of people who live in Philadelphia, a city that has become America’s Mos Eisley, a “wretched hive of scum and villainy.”


Fetterman (D) …. 2,638,537 (50%)
Oz (R) …………….. 2,458,756 (47%)

MARGIN: D+ 179,781


Fetterman (D) …. 364,007 (82%)
Oz (R) ………………. 74,738 (17%)

MARGIN: D+ 289,269

Do you see my point? Philadelphia controls the whole state.

Fetterman’s margin in Philadelphia alone was nearly 110,000 voters more than his statewide margin, so that in the rest of the state, 51% voted Republican and 48% voted Democrat — a margin effectively nullified because Democrats got 82% of the vote in Philadelphia.

Say what you will about Oz’s qualities as a candidate, but the fact is that any Republican running in Pennsylvania begins with a 300,000-vote deficit caused by the Philadelphia Factor. If you want to understand the phenomenon of “election deniers,” this is a good place to start, because it’s not just Pennsylvania. This type of urban political domination is the rule in practically every state where Democrats hold a majority.

Without their disproportionate share of the urban vote, Democrats would seldom win any statewide election, yet they currently hold half the seats in the U.S. Senate because, in state after state, something akin to the Philadelphia Factor is at work. This is why Joe Biden is in the White House, and yet most Republicans are ignorant of these geographic/demographic realities, which nobody can be permitted to mention because “RAAAAACISM!” So never mind . . .

Difficult as it is to resist my urge to expend 3,000 words ranting about the stupidity of people who vote Democrat without considering that they are thereby empowering the worst elements of society — and nothing is worse than the scum of Philadelphia — nevertheless I must resist that urge, or my mood might become even bleaker than it already is.

John Hoge and I were here in the bunker doing The Other Podcast on Election Night, with Dianna Deeley phoning in from Valdosta, Georgia, when I switched the TV over to CNN to see what they were saying on the news channel with lower ratings than Spongebob Squarepants reruns.

Because you never watch CNN — don’t worry, almost nobody else does, either — you probably don’t know who David Chalian is.

He is an obese, bespectacled Armenian homosexual, and I say that without wishing to offend any of my gay friends. Or my fat friends. As for any offended Armenians — well, if David Chalian were typical of them, you could probably more or less forgive the Turks, but I digress . . .

After switching the TV to CNN, I noticed that David Chalian was smiling, which is when I knew we were utterly and hopelessly doomed. Anything that makes David Chalian happy is bad for America, and as the election results piled up on CNN, while that blubbery Armenian poofter kept grinning with sadistic pleasure, I began to feel a profound sympathy toward the authorities of the Ottoman Empire . . .

No, wait — I went off on another damned digression. Blame it on the sleep I lost because of that wretched election, but I should have known better than to let myself hope that the millions of decent people in Pennsylvania might somehow overcome the scum of Philadelphia.

In my Monday column for The American Spectator, I’d warned that Pennsylvania would be “too close to call” for most of Election Night, and had specified the Senate race in New Hampshire as the best early bellwether of whether Republicans would have a true “Red Wave” election. If GOP challenger Dan Bolduc could knock off incumbent Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan in the Granite State, I predicted, we’d know we were surfing the giant crimson tsunami.

About 11 o’clock, CNN called New Hampshire for Hassan, which confirmed the evidence I’d been seeing in other races — no “Red Wave.”

Despite the general disappointment, which produced such happiness for David Chalian and his CNN friends, there were nonetheless many bright spots across the electoral map, especially in Florida, where Ron DeSantis stomped Charlie Crist into tiny brown smithereens. As the liberal Sun-Sentinel newspaper editorialized, the “19-point blowout victory” by DeSantis had turned Florida into a “crimson hellscape”:

He carried 62 of 67 counties, including Miami-Dade and Palm Beach, leaving Broward isolated as a blue island surrounded by red. Besides Broward, the only counties that Democrat Charlie Crist carried were Orange and the medium-sized trio of Alachua, Gadsden and Leon, a sea of red reflecting an epic Democratic collapse.
DeSantis’ solid showing of 41% in Broward was 10 points better than four years ago. Statewide, he got 530,000 more votes than four years ago, and Crist got nearly 1 million fewer votes than Andrew Gillum in 2018.

Charlie Crist: Less popular than a bisexual Negro.

In addition to obliterating whatever political career Charlie Crist had left, Republicans in Florida also flipped three congressional seats — defeating Democrats Al Lawson, Eric Lynn and Karen Green — while winning the newly-created 15th District, turning Florida’s House delegation from 16R/11D to 20R/8D. Oh, and Sen. Marco Rubio was easily reelected, defeating Democrat Val Demings by a 16-point margin.

In Virginia’s 2nd District, Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria, a member of Nancy Pelosi’s J6 witch-hunt committee, got beat by Republican challenger Jen Kiggans. According to Reuters, Republicans also flipped GA-6, MI-10, TN-5, TX-15, WI-3, AZ-2, IA-3, NE-2, NJ -7, NY-3, NY-4 and, perhaps sweetest of all, NY-17. That’s where Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chairman Sean Patrick Maloney found himself in an unexpectedly competitive race after New York Democrats bungled their redistricting map, and GOP challenger Mike Lawler pounced and seized after Maloney suggested that people should cope with inflation by eating Chef Boyardee.

There were many places where Democrats who should have lost — as all Democrats should — ended up winning instead. However, among the list of winning Democrats, one famous name was missing Tuesday.


In addition to The President of United Earth, there was also the predictable defeat of three-time loser Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke.

So we have cause for cheer amid the general disappointment of a hoped-for “Red Wave” that turned out to be a minor splash. Many races have yet to be decided — e.g., Republican Neil Parrot leads in the 6th District of Maryland, but there are thousands of mail-in ballots that won’t be counted until Thursday — and if I had to guess, the final tally in the House will be somewhere around 226R to 209D, give or take a couple of seats, but that would be a bigger majority than the one Nancy Pelosi had when Democrats voted to impeach Trump, so let’s hope Republicans can get plenty of committee investigations rolling, subpoena a lot of administration officials as witnesses and, if they don’t cooperate, prosecute them for contempt of Congress. Payback time, baby!

Maybe we can’t do anything much to stop the Biden administration from wrecking the country, but we can make their lives miserable. I want to see David Chalian openly weeping on the CNN set, after Republicans vote to impeach Biden for . . . Well, whatever. It doesn’t matter.

Grind ’em into dust and call it “social justice.”

Philadelphia delenda est.

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