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Crazy People Are Dangerous: No Motive Yet in Colorado Springs Shooting
UPDATE: Shooter Is ‘Non-Binary’?

Posted on | November 22, 2022 | 5 Comments

Alleged gunman Anderson Lee Aldrich in June 2021.

In June 2021, Anderson Lee Aldrich was in an armed standoff with police at his mother’s home in Colorado Springs. He was charged with multiple felonies, but for reasons as yet unknown, the charges were dropped and records in the case were sealed. Seventeen months later, Aldrich was wearing body armor when he stormed into a local gay bar with a rifle and a pistol, shooting multiple people, five of whom died in the shooting rampage before bar patrons — one of them a former Army officer — tackled and disarmed him. People have questions:

Ring doorbell video obtained by the AP shows Aldrich arriving at his mother’s front door with a big black bag the day of the 2021 bomb threat, telling her the police were nearby and adding, “This is where I stand. Today I die.”
Two squad cars and what appears to be a bomb squad vehicle later pull up to the house, and a barefooted Aldrich emerges with his hands up.
Leslie Bowman, who owns the house where the mother lived and alerted police that day, said she was angry they didn’t do more to monitor Aldrich after the incident.
“If the justice system had followed through with something, anything … he wouldn’t likely have had access to be able to get a weapon and five people wouldn’t have died,” Bowman said.

Meanwhile, people are angry at Tucker Carlson for pointing out that we don’t yet know what the gunman’s motive was. It is easy to guess that some kind of anti-gay bias may be involved — he shot up a gay bar, OK? — but speculation is not proof. Unlike some other mass shootings, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of “manifesto” associated with the Colorado Springs shootings, and if Aldrich left any kind of clues to his motive on his social media accounts, we haven’t seen that yet. And given how eager the media seem to be to portray this as a “hate crime,” don’t you think somebody would have found evidence of Aldrich’s “homophobia,” if such evidence were posted somewhere on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.?

Meanwhile, we have some background on the killer:

Accused Colorado mass shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich had a troubled life growing up in California and Texas — one largely hidden by a complete name change before his 16th birthday.
Until he was 15, Anderson, now 22, was known by his birth name, Nicholas F. Brink, according to records obtained by the Washington Post. . . .
His parents, Aaron Brink and Laura Voepel, separated in July 2001 when he was still a baby, and he moved around between Orange, California, and San Antonio, Texas, before settling in Colorado, the records show.
His mom . . . also had several brushes with the law, including an arrest for arson in Texas in 2012, when her son was 12, the outlet noted. She also appears to have three outstanding warrants from earlier in California, according to the Gazette. . . .
When he was 15, Brink became a target of . . . “a particularly vicious bout of online bullying.” . . .
His grandparents also appear to have been central to his disturbing arrest in June last year when he livestreamed a four-hour standoff with police after being accused of threatening to blow up his neighborhood.
Relatives told the Gazette that Aldrich flipped after finding out that his grandparents planned to leave Colorado and settle in Florida.
In a livestream of the standoff — in which he threatened to “blow it to holy hell” — he also said, “This is the day I die. They don’t give a f–k about me anymore. Clearly,” the local outlet noted.

An emotionally volatile man-baby, it would seem. Which doesn’t mean he was not also a “homophobe,” but the real question is why he wasn’t prosecuted and sent to prison, instead of the charges being dropped.

Crazy People Are Dangerous.

UPDATE: Holy smokes!

“Nonbinary” is a synonym for crazy.