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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted on | December 17, 2022 | Comments Off on Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Click the link to order your T-shirt now, commemorating one of the worst terrorist attacks in American history. We all remember that fateful Christmas Eve in 1988, when the nation was gripped by fear as notorious international terrorist Hans Gruber (who was German, you know, despite speaking with a distinctly British accent) and his gang held dozens of hostages inside LA’s famous Nakatomi Plaza. Those of us who watched it still remember the feeling of shock — it was so incredible that we couldn’t believe it was actually happening — followed by the sense of relief and gratitude as we learned that the hostages (most of them, anyway) had been rescued by the heroic New York City Police Lt. John McClane (who, by an amazing coincidence, happened to be visiting his estranged wife Holly, a Nakatomi executive who was attending the party).

This is why, every year during the holiday season, patriotic Americans have been showing the documentary film Die Hard to our children, so that the memory of this night of heroism — when McClane, with the courageous help of LAPD Sgt. Al Powell, showed us all the true meaning of Christmas — will never be forgotten.

During our family’s annual commemoration of that historic night, one of the younger children — now including our grandkids — is sure to ask, “Grandpa, did it really happen that way?”

To which I answer, “Of course. And reindeer can fly, you know.”

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