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In The Mailbox: 12.28.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1945
357 Magnum: Tesla Won’t Charge At 19 Degrees
EBL: Mastodon is apparently not about free speech, also, How to prevent young people falling prey to socialism?
Twitchy: Ia. State Auditor Stunned Some Are Celebrating School Vouchers As A Means Of Ending Public Schools, also, Taylor Lorenz Handling Shout-Out From @LibsofTikTok’s Chaya Raichik As Well As You’d Expect
Louder With Crowder: Waffle House (again) descends into AEW-style brawl, employee blocks thrown chair with ninja-like reflexes, Kim Kardashian whines about being ‘canceled’ over Balenciaga sexually exploiting children, and Twitter loves the fact Chaya Raichik bears a striking resemblance to archnemesis Taylor Lorenz
Vox Popoli: Globalization Taketh Away, The Nature of Truth, “Private” Companies, and The Only Effective Opposition
Stoic Observations: The Intelligence Problem

American Conservative: History Is Tragedy, Not Melodrama
American Greatness: The Coming Split, White House Attempts to Blame GOP for Border Crisis, and Florida Investigates Christmas-Themed Drag Show for ‘All Ages’
American Power: In Response to the Twitter Files, Establishment Media Rushes to Defend the FBI, How Twitter Rigged the Covid Debate, and The Nihilism of the Ruling Class
American Thinker: The End of Free Elections?, also, Biden’s Unopposed Imposition of Stalinism
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: They write letters: Amb. Otto Reich corrects The New York Times on why Cubans flee the island, When you deny Cuban exiles are refugees, you deny the Castro dictatorship’s crimes against humanity, and Mexico buys another 119 Cuban slave doctors
BattleSwarm: Biden’s America: Buffalo Looters Sack Family Dollar, also, Twitter Lawsuit Against Ken Paxton Dismissed
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches 54 more Starlink satellites, Russian investigators conclude leak on Soyuz caused by external impact, A “What the heck?” glacier image on Mars, and Today’s blacklisted American: Computer maker Raspberry Pi boycotted because it hired a former policeman
Cafe Hayek: Judith Curry Counsels Calm About the Climate
CDR Salamander: Lanes, Lies, Power, and Politics – Biden’s NatSec Problem
Da Tech Guy: A Great Turning Point in The Chosen (Spoiler Alert), New Year’s resolution: Write your obit before you die, I Suspect it’s not just Mitch, and Santos the Pol vs Santos the Catholic
Don Surber: Looters do the government’s work, Make George Santos speaker, and A Christmas Story star speaks out
First Street Journal: Killadelphia, also, The American left go full neo-con!
Gates Of Vienna: Tear Down This Mosque!, Culture-Enriching Nightmare in Skellefteå, The Betrayal of Europe, and Germany Invites India to Come to the EU
The Geller Report: Drag Queen Performer: Time to “Kick Down Traditional Family Values,” “F**k Family”, also, Arizona Gov.-Elect Katie Hobbs Demands Legal Action Against Kari Lake
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, True But Inconvenient, Rings That Aren’t Saturns, and Moar Twitter Follies
Hollywood In Toto: ACLU Silent on McInnes’ Free Speech Lawsuit, Twitter Files, Russell Brand Shreds ‘Nepo Baby’ Pelosi Propaganda Doc, and Babylon Is a Future Classic … And Here’s Why
The Lid: Huge Gaps In El Paso Border Security-TX Busses 1000’s- DHS Chief Demands Amnesty
Legal Insurrection: #Twitterfiles Vindicate Dr. Andrew Bostom, Iranian Dissidents Charge Oberlin College with Whitewashing Professor’s Alleged Complicity in Crimes Against Humanity, Black Astrophysicist Targeted for Not Supporting Smears about NASA’s James Webb, and Democrats Get Reminded That Before George Santos, There Was Joe Biden
Nebraska Energy Observer: I can’t help it
Outkick: NFL Absolutely Demolishes NBA in Christmas Day Ratings, Rams Fan Is Pummeled On Christmas Day At SoFi Stadium By A Guy Wearing An Al Bundy Polk High Shirt, Luke Fickell Pulls Off Classy Move For Jim Leonhard’s Final Game With Wisconsin, Former Nebraska QB Tommy Armstrong Jr. Called A Hero After Saving Family From Burning House, Terrell Owens, 49 Years Young, Has Discussed Returning To Dallas Cowboys, and Shannon Sharpe Hates Russell Wilson And Wants His Parking Spots Removed
Power Line: A Twitter Files footnote, The Daily Chart: China’s Dependence?, and Root Cause of the Crime Problem
Shark Tank: Anna Paulina Luna Endorses Harmeet Dhillon For RNC Chair
Shot In The Dark: Two Plagues, , Paging Alan Dershowitz, and Good Riddance
The Political Hat: Blogroll Cleanup 2022
This Ain’t Hell: Culture Wars, Russians fled in panic, leaving lots of high value equipment behind, Army veteran improving shipyard competency, and Troops With Skills Walk
Transterrestrial Musings: A Wrap Up of 2022, Job Hunting For Ex-Twitter Employees, and Charlie Brown’s Inside Job
Victory Girls: Rachel Levine Demands Censorship, also, NY Times: Louisa May Alcott Was *Ackshually* A Trans Man
Volokh Conspiracy: Plagiarism and ChatGPT
Watts Up With That: Gas Power Saves Texas from Blackouts, As Wind Power Collapses Again!, US Grid Needs Fossil Fuels, Not Wind, and The Faux Urgency of The Climate Crisis Is Giving Us No Time or Space To Build A Secure Energy Future
Weasel Zippers: Feds Ban TikTok On All US Government Devices, MSNBC Claims Justice Jackson And Black Woman Harvard Prez Are Victims, DOJ Official Admits Targeting Pro-Lifers Is Response to Overturn of Roe, and Biden Heads To St. Croix For Another Vacation As Crises Ensue At Home
The Federalist: If Your Kids Are Unhappy, Take Them To Church, Harvesting Low-Effort Votes Is Working Great For Democrats, So They’re Going For More, and SEC Fakes Approval For New Climate Regulations From Activists, Foreign Investors While Ignoring American Companies’ Mass Opposition
Mark Steyn: The Post-Pandemic Order, also, An Ounce of Prevention

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